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XP Coins and Games

Looking to add a new level of excitement to your Minecraft gameplay? Check out the XP Coins and Games mod! These incredible mod bring a fun and rewarding experience to your Minecraft adventures. Let's explore the world of XP Coins, their benefits, and the exciting mini-games they offer.XP Coins are unique items that grant you experience points when used. There are four types of coins available: Copper, Silver, Golden, and Platinum. Each coin offers a different amount of experience points, ranging from 10 to a whopping 1000!But how do you obtain these precious XP Coins? Well, the good news is that they have a chance to drop when you defeat hostile mobs in Minecraft. The drop rates of these coins can even be adjusted to suit your preferences through the Config file. So, whether you're seeking a greater challenge or a more frequent reward, the choice is in your hands.What's more, XP Coins offer a unique feature: they can be "Down Graded" in the Crafting Table. This means that you can transform a higher-value coin into a lower-value one, allowing for greater flexibility and customization in how you manage your experience points.To upgrade coins, you'll need the Coin Press. For this, you'll first have to obtain an Uncured Coin Press. Once you have the Uncured Coin Press, simply cure it in a Furnace, and voila! You'll have your very own Coin Press, ready to convert your hard-earned experience into XP Coins. The Coin Press prioritizes creating the most valuable coin first.Now, let's dive into the exciting world of XP Coin mini-games! These seven thrilling games are designed to test your luck and strategic thinking. First up, we have "100," where you and the computer randomly choose a number between 0 and 100, and the player with the highest number wins. Can you outsmart your digital opponent and claim victory?Next, try your luck in "Lucky Dice." Roll a pair of dice, and if you manage to get Snake Eyes or Boxcars, you'll be rewarded with three coins! The suspense of the roll and the chance for a big win make this game truly captivating.If cards are more your style, "Card Draw" is the perfect game for you. Draw a random playing card, and the player with the highest value wins. Keep an eye out for the config file settings, as you can adjust whether Aces are considered high or low.For those who enjoy a bit of prediction, "High Low Cards" and "High Low Dice" are the games to try. In these games, the dealer draws a card or rolls dice, and you must predict whether your card or dice roll will be higher or lower than the dealer's. Can you accurately anticipate the outcome and come out on top?Excitingly, two new games have been added recently! In "21 or 9," a blackjack variant, the goal is to reach a total of 21 or 9 cards drawn from the infinite deck. If you succeed, you'll walk away with a massive ten times your initial wager! Take a risk and see if fortune favors the bold.If you're feeling particularly lucky, "Double or Nothing" is the game for you. Flip a coin and aim for "Heads" to win. The twist? You can keep pressing your luck by going for double or nothing! How far will you push your fortune?To participate in these exhilarating mini-games, you'll need to hold an XP Coin in your off hand. These coins can be found as random drops from defeating creatures in the game. The drop rates can be adjusted according to your preferences, so you can fine-tune the frequency of these exciting rewards.Remember, all Coin Games can only be acquired from the elusive GAMEBOT mob. The Gamebot roams throughout all dimensions of Minecraft, adding an element of discovery to your gameplay. Check the Config File for Gamebot options and spawning settings, and prepare yourself for an unforgettable adventure.Even if luck isn't on your side and you lose a Coin Game, don't fret! There's a chance you'll receive a Fortune Cookie as a consolation prize. These cookies are filled with ancient wisdom and might even award you something nice. So, even in defeat, there's always a glimmer of hope.In conclusion, XP Coins bring a new level of fun, rewards, and excitement to Minecraft. With their varying experience points and the thrilling mini-games they offer, you'll never have a dull moment in your gameplay. So, dive into the world of XP Coins, explore their potential, and let the adventure begin!Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions CAREFULLY to avoid any errors while using the mod.


Bee Themed Hotbar

Minecraft has gone through some massive game-changing updates in the recent years. While most aspects of the aspects have been tweaked in one way or the other, the GUI remains one of the only things that have stayed the same for a very long time. Bee Themed Hotbar changes the texture of the in-game hotbar, along with the textures of some other elements related to it. This includes the potion effect icons, hunger bar, hp hearts and the XP bar.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



Have you ever built an end based enderman XP farm? If you have, you might have noticed the heavy lag caused by the XP particles. In vanilla Minecraft, XP orbs have a cooldown. That means players will not pick up XP orbs immediately. There's a cooldown which will cause XP orbs to sorround the player and this results in a noticeable amount of lag and framedrops. The Clumps mod will help you overcome this issue by clumping the XP orbs into a single entity. Orbs that are near to one another will clumps into one. Also, these clumps are instanly picked up by the player upon contact as there is no cooldown. This reduces lag and improves your gameplay experience.This mod offers version for both Forge and Fabric. The download links given below will take you to the official curseforge files page from where you can download your required version of the mod.



Levelz is a mod that makes minecraft harder. This mod adds players skills such as strength, speed, resistance and harvesting. To upgrade these skills you will need to apply your hard earned xp to upgrade them. This means that you will have to sacrifice enchantments over upgrading these skills. These skills are necessary to upgrade because without them you won't be able to do the most basic things, such as using a stone sword or a stone pickaxe. The higher your level for a skill, the more things you can do. For example if you have a high level in strength you will be able to you a diamond sword. (edited)

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