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YDM's WeirdMobs

YDM's WeirdMobs is a mod that adds a variety of new mobs into the game. The fun part is that most of these mobs are based on already existing mobs. For example, the endercreeper is a "weird" mob that is a mix of the creeper and the enderman. This mob has four legs and the face of a creeper along with slender black coloured body and purple particles like an enderman. The endercreeper can charge at you very fast, but to keep thing balanced, it's explosion damage is comparitively lower than that of the regular creeper. Next, we have the Warden Dragon. It's a mix of the 1.19 warden mob and the ender dragon. They spawn in swamp biomes and has the body of a warden, along with scales and wings of the ender dragon. Take a look at the screenshots to see more mobs. The mod also adds a variety of armorsets and tools.Download links are given below.


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