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Clickable advancements[Forge/Fabric]

Clickable advancements[Forge/Fabric] is a mod which makes it so when you can an achievement/advancement you are able to click on it in the chat and go to the screen.In the vanilla game, despite the achievement notification looking like it would be clickable and the text in the chat looking like it would be clickable, they are not, so if you go to click on them nothing happens, this can be especially bad if you do not know where to look or wanted to know what the achievement is for or what you can do next and which can be even worse when a modpack you are playing has multiple achievement trees.This mod allows you to click on the achievement links in the chat, when you get an achievement you will often get a chat message telling you about it, and the chat message will often have the name of the achievement in a colour such as green. This is what you click and get there. Sadly the notification still does not seem clickable by default, but the chat message is often better anyhow as it stays for longer instead of disappearing after a few seconds as the notification does. By default there are some achievements which are not shown in the chat by default, this enables most of them to show in chat in the config, but the setting often needs to be turned on manually.This is a very good addition for many modpacks especially kitchen sink modpacks which add a lot of mods without a central theme which can be hard for some to navigate even with advancements. Often in modpacks advancements are ignored, partly because of their inaccessibility, but this lowers it just a little bit making it just a little easier to see the advancements, though it is not always worth the time to see every advancement though.


Vanilla Hammers

Vanilla Hammers adds a bunch of new hammers into your game. These hammers come in fourteen different variants, including wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond, netherite, emerald, lapis, quartz, obsidian, prismarine, fiery, slime and ender. These hammers can be used to mine a 3x3 area of blocks. When you use a hammer to mine a block, all of the eight blocks around that block will be mined too. You can see the block breaking animation on all nine of these blocks. A single block can be mined by pressing and holding down the keybind for crouch while breaking that block. The stats of the hammers grow as the material used to craft them gets rarer. Furthermore, this mod also adds a ton of new achievements associated with the hammers.This mod offers versions for Fabric and download links can be found below.


Better Advancements

The Better Advancements mod improves the advancements tab in Minecraft. The vanilla advancements tab is small and isn't very user friendly. This mod enlarges the tab to fill most of your screen. This mod improves the overall user experience for the advancements tab in Minecraft.The mod is helpful in a modded environment where you have custom advancements and achievements. There are separate tabs for the Nether, the End, Adventure advancements and general Minecraft advancements. The default in-game hotkey to open the advancements tab is 'L'.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod.This mod currently has a Forge version.


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