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Small Ships

Small ships mod adds a collection of ships to Minecraft. There are a few main ships: the Cog, the War Galley, the Drakkar, the Dhow, and the Rowboat. The main difference between them is in size, but they also have some feature differences among them, such as how many people each ship may hold. There are variants of boats for different types of wood, e.g Oak Cog, and Birch Cog. The wood variants however seem to act the same as each other.The boats control differently than your average vanilla boats. While vanilla boats just as you go forward and backward, Small ships require you to modify things like the sail. You press R to open and close the sale and then J to increase and K to decrease the sail which helps affect the speed. By default, the ships go very slow without using the sale, but with the sail, they can go very fast and can also go fast with more people. You may also change your 3rd Person (F5) view by using your scroll wheel. To dismount an entity from the ship, crouch(shift) and right-click the entity and if you want to dismount all the entities from the ship, you need to crouch and right-click the ship.Your Ships can have inventory, just press I to enter the inventory of your ship and store your items. You also use crouch and right-click to open the inventory from outside your ship.You can also have cannons on your ship. To add a cannon to your ship just right-click the ship with a cannon and the cannon will be mounted. To shoot the cannon you look towards the cannon and press space. You will need round shots (an item in the mod) and gunpowder in the ship’s inventory to shoot cannons. The number of cannons depends on the size of the ship you have.New versions of the Mod (2.x) is still in the alpha stage so has a lot to be added. The release (1.x) versions of the mod are still on 1.16.5, but there are newer alpha versions 1.16.5, 1.17.1, 1.18.2, and 1.19.2, for both MC Forge and Fabric.The mod is All Rights Reserved but you are allowed to put it in modpacks, but you must link back to the page and you are not allowed to make money on the modpack.


Just A Raft

Just A Raft mod adds rafts into Minecraft. These rafts are like boats but with difference in their appearance and their crafting recipe. Rafts are crafted using logs and strings. THe mod adds six rafts into the game, each for a wood type. Namely, these are the oak raft, birch raft, spruce raft, dark oak raft, and the acacia raft. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Pirate boats

This is a recource pack that ads flags to boats! This is a very simple yet cool texture packs and credits to Moustaki for this pack!  


Octavian Eclipse - Full Interior!

The ship includes a full interior from the keel to the top of the funnel and I know you will enjoy exploring! This ship was made with the help of; Dooku200(wing-man, kids clubs, crew, advice, shops, clubs), & 10cool kids(Keeping me sane)! Other credits are in the exact rooms in which people helped. Overall it took almost 12 months to create this fully packed and detailed ship that JaydenKing125 is proud to bring to you guys! Note! Do not distribute the map without the permission of author!


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