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Lil Wings

Lil' Wings is a Minecraft mod that adds a touch of beauty and functionality to your game. With this mod, you can explore a world filled with 12 new types of butterflies that can help you in various situations. Not only that, but you will also have access to more than 50 new items and several blocks that brighten up your Minecraft experience with butterfly-themed content.Each butterfly in Lil' Wings has a unique function that can be activated when captured and placed inside a glass jar. You can release them from the jar by right-clicking them with a net and then right-clicking the glass jar with the filled net. Once released, these butterflies can transform blocks, pick up items, or even heal surrounding players.Adding Lil' Wings to your Minecraft game is a great way to enhance your gameplay experience and bring new life to your world. With its beautiful and functional content, this mod is a must-have for butterfly lovers and Minecraft enthusiasts alike.

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