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Puzzles Lib [Forge & Fabric]

Puzzles Lib is a library designed for many mods made by fuzs_. It contains many abstractions designed to be used on many loaders. Most fuzs_ mods use it, such as Visual Workbench and many others.One of the top features is many abstractions across loaders, similar to Balm or Architectury or Moonlight Lib. This means that it will make it easier for him to make mods that work on both MC Forge and Fabric/Quilt.Some of the changes to the game added by the library are:An EventBus similar to MC Forge’s IModBusEvent for doing things based on events.Registries (MC Forge is known for their limiting of Vanilla registries making mods on multiple platforms harder without abstraction)Messages between client and server with sync and automatic serialisation based on Java’s record type (1.17 and newer).  Annotation-based configs based on MC Forge Config and its Fabric Port Custom Data for Entities, Block Entities, and Chucking with MC Forge’s Capability System or Cardinal Components (built-in on the Fabric  version)   Large changes to the biome and world gen configuration.This library is mostly meant for fuzs_ but other developers are allowed to use it for their own mods if they wish.If you are on fabric you need to install the unofficial Fabric port of the MC Forge Config API.Some mods which use it are:Air  HopBartering  Station    Better Animations Collection    Enchanting Infusor    Easy Magic    Death Compass    Death Finder    Better Tridents   More by Fuzs_All the mods we know of that use Puzzle API are by Fezs_ but many of them are very popular.


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