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Portable Mobs

The Minecraft mod Portable Mobs allows players to capture mobs and move them around the world. This mod adds a unique layer of interactivity, allowing players to collect and transport creatures with ease. The mod features two different types of capture cells - basic and master cells. The basic capture cell is perfect for those who only need a one-time use. This cell breaks after capturing and releasing one mob, making it perfect for short-term capturing. On the other hand, the master capture cell has the advantage of being able to be used multiple times. This cell can be used to capture and transport mobs infinite times, making it great for those who need to do a lot of collecting. The Portable Mobs mod adds a plethora of new options for players as it allows them to collect and move mobs with ease. This is a great feature for players who are creative and want to explore different ways to interact with mobs. Whether it be for creative building projects or simply to facilitate exploring, this mod is sure to be the perfect addition for many.Requires SuperMartijn642 Core and Config


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