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Visual Workbench

Visual Workbench is a simple Vanilla Plus QOL mod which adds a visual effect to crafting tables. When crafting, the items will appear on top of the crafting table just slightly hovering. The result item is in the centre above the rest of the items. This makes it look a lot like the crafting in the music videos where they show crafting stuff physically instead of undercover. One big thing that is actually different within the game is that by default you will need to manually take your items out of the crafting table, if you just leave the crafting table the items inside the crafting table stay within the crafting table.There is 1 big drawback though, that is of in-game security. This mod enables people around you to see what you are doing, this makes it possible for them to plot against you more easily and makes it not good. This mod is mostly an appearance mod but can cause issues with regards to security/privacy for the players. The mod is does work with other modded crafting tables. Many are built in, but you can still add new ones by editing a config file at .minecraft/config/visual_workbench.json and simply adding the id of the crafting table to the array. Other parts of the game can be configured in MC Forge in game if the mod “Config Menus for Forge” is installed. On Fabric (what we used to test) there is not currently a way to do any config in game. The main config file is just a TOML file which has a few fields such as flat rendering instead of 3D rendering and the ability to turn on or off the result display. Config is different on server.Visual Workbench is involved with LunaPixel studios who are involved in a lot of other big projects.The mod was influenced by RealBench for 1.12.2 and uses some code from Crafting Station.The mod also requires Forge Config API For Fabric for Fabric and Puzzles API.



Enderscape is an End enhancement mod designed to make the end more enjoyable with things like new biomes, items, mobs, blocks, decorations, and more. While the end is normally pretty boring, especially in newer updates with the islands, this mod tries to make the end more fun, a lot like the overworld but with more of an end theme.Some of the biomes include theCelestial Plains, which is kind of like a mushroom biome with lots of brown plants, tall blank mushrooms, and various end mobsCorrupt Depths is a biome found beneath the end islands with strange plants and glowing stalactites from top to bottom.And a lot moreThey contain a bunch of different items that can be used as decoration for your base; often with a purple or brown theme, the plants would make a good addition to the garden. There is also a new material called Nebulite which has special abilities, and a mirror, which also has special abilities. Both can be used in conjunction with the cauldrons. Lots of the stuff is celestial themed, like many other mods that add things at the end. This mod has different variations for its blocks, like the ability to build things like signs and doors.There are three main new mobs added; two of them are Drifters and Rubblemites. The drifters look like a combination of jellyfish and mushrooms and fly in the plains, while Rubblemites are brown creatures that are small and roam the floor.The mod in general makes the End look very nice, and it looks even nicer with shaders, such as Nostalgia Shaders.The content in this mod is much more quality of life based and is not as overkill as other end overhaul mods such as BetterEnd; you do not even get to the modded biomes until you venture out, and the mobs are not very powerful and easy to kill with vanilla gear, and the drops are also not overly powerful, making this a good Vanilla Plus Friendly end overhaul mod, though it can still be used in conjunction with other end mOutside of the Fabric API/Quilted Fabric API, BCLib is also required. BCLib has a lot of features, such as custom worldgen, especially in other dimensions such as the End via BetterX. When starting the game with BCLib for the first time, you will get a configuration screen giving you many options, such as the ability to turn off the BetterX world generator, the ability to turn off the Unsupported Settings Screen (similar to Shutup Experimental Settings! and Disable Custom Worlds Advice), and more, though it only comes up once.


Ring of the Enderchest

Light and straight to the point, this mod adds a ring that can be used to access your ender chest from a distance.This item is originally from the Gobber 2 mod, but the author has made a bunch of micromods that adds the multiple rings from Gobber 2 as standalone items for people who only want those specific ones.


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