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Zelda Sword Skills

Are you a nintendo fan? well look no further traveler! The Zelda Sword Skills+ Mod does more than simply add items and weapons from the Nintendo classic. This mod essentially recreates Zelda entirely within the Minecraft realm. This mod creates a whole new aspect of Adventure Mode. Now you can enjoy Minecraft but also enjoy the exploration of castles and inevitable destruction of clay pots. There is so much that goes into this mod and it really does justice to any fans of the Zelda series. Going so far as to add the Masks from Majora’s Mask, all of Link’s special attacks and abilities, weapons Link has used over the years, and even special armor that resembles Link, resists fire or allows breathing under water.


Too Many Weapons Mod | Gaia Edition

Too Many Weapons Mod - Gaia Edition Features: + New Creative Tab+ New Crafting Recipes+ Axe of Moros (Weapon)+ Blade of Chaos (Weapon)+ Blade of Gaia (Weapon)+ Blade of Tartaros (Weapon)+ Blade of Eros (Weapon)+ Blade of Nyx (Weapon)+ Blade of Aither (Weapon)+ Blade of Hemera (Weapon)+ Blade of Apate (Weapon)+ Blade of Moiren (Weapon)+ Every weapon has different abilitiesNew:+ Blade of Methis Download: Too Many Weapons Mod   Pictures Crafting Recipes Axe of MorosBlade of ApateBlade of NyxBlade of MoirenBlade of ChaosBlade of ErosBlade of GaiaBlade of HemeraBlade of AitherBlade of TartarosBlade of MethisYou got any ideas for a mod? Post them in the comments! :)   Credits: Seltak, MCreator: https://mcreator.net/


More Ores in ONE

More Ores In ONE adds new Tools & Armors from new Ores, found in the Overworld, Nether & End This Mod is basically an Add-On for Super Tools, but can also be used on it's own!  Ores,Armor and Tools: Ruby - The Red Emerald Sapphire - The Blue Emerald Topaz - The Nether Diamond Amethyst - The Last Jewel Descriptions of the new Ores: Ruby Ore:       -Generates in hot Biomes. (In Deserts, Mesas and other Biomes with a Temperature above 1.0*)      -Can be found between layers 4 and 32.      -Can be mined with Iron Tools (Mining Level 2) and better. Sapphire Ore:       -Generates in cold Biomes. (In Taigas, Oceans and other Biomes with a Temperature below 0.2*)      -Can be found between layers 4 and 32.      -Can be mined with Iron Tools (Mining Level 2) and better. Topaz Ore:       -Generates in the Nether.      -Can be found between layers 10 and 128.      -Can be mined with Diamond Tools (Mining Level 3) and better. Amethyst Ore:       -Generates in the End.      -Is basically THE Endgame Ore.      -Can be found between layers 10 and 128.      -Can be mined with Topaz Tools (Mining Level 4) and better.*View https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Biome for a better enumeration of hot & cold biomes. Rubies & Sapphires will also generate in Biomes from other Mods, as long as they have the right temperatures!Descriptions of the new tools: Ruby and Sapphire Tools are almost the same as diamond, but they are a bit faster, do more damage and have a bit more durability. They can be repaired with Rubies/Sapphire's. Topaz Tools have a mining level 4, which is one above diamonds, they have 1800 durability, are a tiny bit faster than Ruby/Sapphire Tools, do a bit more damage and got slightly better enchantability. Can be repaired with Topaz. Amethyst Tools also have a mining level of 4 ,got a durabilty of 2000 and even faster than Topaz Tools, also do a bit more damage than Topaz Tools and also got a slightly better enchantability than Topaz Tools. Can be repaired with Amethyst's Also, we've added Sickle Variants for Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz and Amethyst which are identical to the Sickles introduced in Super Tools. Descriptions of the new armor sets: Ruby,Sapphire, Topaz and Amethyst Armor give you full Armor points. A full Topaz Armor set will give you Fire Resistance. A full Amethyst Armor set will also give you Fire Resistance and Resistance.


Survival+ Datapack

Survival+ Contains:   Multiplayer bed sleep   Two shells from Shulker   Menu: set weather on or off   Menu: Anticheat for no creative mode   Get an Enderdragonhead and an elytra after killing the Enderdragon   get an raw porkchop instead of rottenflesh after killing a Zombiepigman   Repair an anvil with an ghast tear   Reset tools on the anvil, to get no "to expensive" and minimize the levels for enchanting, to reset it everytime   Mine an enderchest with no silktouch pickaxe   Furnace: Rottenflesh > raw Salmon   Crafting table: 9 seeds > 3 sucar cane   Furnace: 1 sucarcane > 1 bamboo   Crafting table: 3 bamboo > 1 leather   Furnace: 1 leather > 1 phanton membrane [Only avaible by the normal Survival+ datapack!]   Crafting table: 1 string, 1 obsidian, 1 bonemeal and 1 stick > 1 ender pearl


New swords

This mod adds two new types of sword, such as obsidian and redstone. If you wanted to try a better sword diamond, this mod is for you!


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