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Mining is one of the most basic player activities in Minecraft. It is a crucial part of the game that simply cannot be avoided. Some of the mining work can be avoided by building farms or by building automated tunnel bores that are built using complex redstone mechanisms. But if farms and redstone are not your thing, the Drill mod will help you out a lot. This mod adds the Drill, which you can use to mine out long 3x3 tunnels. Doing this deep underground will expose many different ores and you just have to walk through the tunnel, looking for exposed ores in the tunnel walls. The drill need fuel in order to work. You can use regular furnace fuels like coal or charcoal. A stack of coal will fuel the drill for a very long distance. This is a Forge mod. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. Download links are given below.


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