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Sophisticated wolves

Sophisticated Wolves is a Minecraft mod that focuses on improving the gameplay experience of wolves in the game. With a series of tweaks, AI improvements, and added features, this mod aims to make wolves more responsive to player actions and less of a liability during mining, exploration, and combat. This mod introduces new types of wolves in Minecraft with improved AI and exciting features. Wolves can now take care of themselves and survive on their own, making it possible for players to keep them at home without worrying about their safety. The mod doesn't make wolves overpowered but instead focuses on balancing the additions to make sense in the world of Minecraft.

Einstine Pc

The Doggos

The Doggos texture pack allows you to rename your pet wolves to turn them into other kinds of cute little pets like a mini ender dragon, iron golem, and other dog variants. Note that a wolf must be tamed in order for the renaming to work. Here's a list of names that you can rename your pet wolf into :- Beagle / Бигль- Bloodhound / Бладхаунд- Borzoi / Борзая- Bulldog / Бульдог- Bull Terrier / Бультерьер- Chester / Честер- Chihuahua / Чихуахуа- Copper Golem / Медный голем- Corgi / Корги- Cubie / Кубик- Dachshund / Такса- Dalmatian / Далматинец- Dobermann / Doberman pinscher / Доберман- Dragon / Дракон- Fennec / Фенек- German Shepherd / Немецкая овчарка- Golden retriever / Золотистый ретривер- Great Dane / Немецкий дог- Husky / Хаски- Jack Russell / Джек-рассел- Labrador / Лабрадор- Papillon / Папильон- Phalene / Фален- Pomeranian / Померанский шпиц- Poodle / Пудель- Pug / Мопс- Pyrenean Mountain Dog / Great Pyrenees / Пиренейская горная собака- St. Bernard / Сенбернар- Sheepdog / Бобтейл- Shiba Inu / Сиба ину- Shih Tzu / Ши-Тцу- Temmie / Темми- Tibetan Mastiff / Тибетский мастиф- Yorkshire Terrier / Йоркширский терьер  Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Optifine is needed for this pack to work properly. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Doggy Talents Mod

Wolves in Minecraft can be tamed to make it follow you around everywhere you go. If your love your Minecraft pet and want to make them actually useful, the Doggy Talents mod is for you. Doggy Talents adds some features that are related to tamed wolves. Here's some of them :19 unique talents you can give your dogDog leveling systemPlay fetch with your dogDyeable collars and any other fancy collarsCare for your dog with beds, food bowls etcTrack your dogs with radio collars on a radarUpgraded AI from the wolfNew hunger system, don't worry about your dog dying unnecessaryThis is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Enchanted Wolves

This new mod adds to our precious wolves more things to use and enjoy! The wolves were already nice so imagine adding a mod specially for them!! Collars may be created and worn by domesticated wolves thanks to this mod. The six collars represent the six armor levels. Leather, Chainmail, Gold, Iron, Diamond, and Netherite are some of the materials used. He'll demonstrate how to build a leather collar for you. Place a chain, iron ingot, gold ingot, or diamond in the unoccupied slot to make a chainmail, iron, golden, or diamond collar. Collars constructed of Netherite are created in the same manner as Netherite armour (smithing a diamond collar with a Netherite one).Collars provide the wolf half the stats of a complete armour set made of the same material, and they can be enchanted to grant the wolf benefits (see list of enchants below). In addition to the enchants provided by the mod, vanilla enchantments can be used to enchant the collar. Wolves wearing collars are also resistant to their owner's harm, including tridents and bows, which are used as ranged weapons.


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