UMSOEA Textures for Minecraft [1.14.4]
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UMSOEA Texture Pack

This is by far one of the best texture packs I have ever come across while playing Minecraft. UMSOEA offers you an unforgettable experience of reality in the game. Having this 1024x resolution pack, you can feel details in every block. Some blocks are even remodeled, which includes bookshelves, leaves, windows. But what makes the pack stand out is the availability of stunning effects of bump maps and specular maps, which both combined give you an illusion of rough surface and reflections. I strongly advise you to run UMSOEA along with RTX shaders like SEUS PTGI or Continuum in case you want to immerse into the game as a whole. Download the shader and start construction of the house of your dreams and enjoy the outstanding views of modern architecture.


How to install

1) Download the texture

2) Put in resources folder


for Minecraft 1.14.4

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phantasic girl:

la tua texture è fantastica sembra quasi vera! complimenti al creatore!

May 5, 2021



April 1, 2021


fajne ale jak masz słay komp to rozwalany komp

March 22, 2021