Best Minecraft Food mods

In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft Food tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

FastFood Delight

Fastfood Delight is a mouthwatering mod that introduces new fast food structures in villages where players can indulge in delicious fast food items. The mod adds a variety of new burgers and sandwiches, including some fried food items and desserts to top off the meal. The mod's new structures include a checkout machine and a waiter that players can interact with to purchase these delectable treats using gold nuggets. From classic burgers and sandwiches to crispy fried items and decadent desserts, the Fastfood Delight mod offers an extensive selection of options for players to choose from. This mod is a great addition for players who want to add a bit of excitement to their Minecraft villages. With its new fast food structures and mouthwatering food items, it adds a new dimension of fun and excitement to the game.

Einstine Pc


The Near mod is the perfect addition to any Nether-themed pack, adding a plethora of new fruits to the Nether. The mod adds two new fruits - Nears and Faars - which grow on bushes. To obtain these, you can break crimson and warped roots to get respective fruit's bush seeds. With these, you can make a variety of foods depending on your needs and desires. The mod also adds soul berries which can be found from soul bushes in soul sand valleys. What makes the Near mod stand out is its upcoming overhaul. Many of the blocks and items will change a lot as new content is added, so older worlds will be incompatible. This means players can look forward to a new and improved version of the mod with the new versions of the mod such as the 1.20 update. With all the new features being implemented, it is sure to provide an even more immersive Nether experience. The Near mod is an excellent mod for any Nether-themed pack, allowing players to make use of a variety of new fruits. It’s easy to use and provides a unique experience for players. With its upcoming overhaul, players can look forward to an even better version of the mod with more features. So if you’re looking for a great mod to add to your Nether-themed pack, then the Near mod. There appear to be 10 currently in the mod right now, they do not appear to have any special abilities at the moment,  though I am sure they will expand the mod more and make the food more unique in upcoming updates. Many of the foods and drinks have special appearances, some based on vanilla (like stew and some drinks) while others have completely original textures such as the Nears and Faars. It is a good Vanilla + Mod as it does not have much that is that extreme and just enhances existing nether biomes. It is Fabric and Quilt only, though an unofficial MC Forge Port does exist based on MCreator.



The Neapolitan mod aims to improve Minecraft’s biomes and mobs. This mod adds sweets to the Minecraft world by introducing chocolates and vanilla items into the game. You can grow vanilla and cocoa seeds, which can be used to get the Vanilla and chocolate recipes.These items can be used to make cakes, puddings, and other sweet items. You can also craft chocolate blocks which have many variants and can be used for decoration. In addition, this mod also adds more mobs worldwide, including new spider variants.While exploring the jungle biomes, you will come across banana trees that can be used to craft many sweet items. You can also find another mob, chimpanzees, near the banana trees.

Einstine Pc

XL Food

XL Food aims to enhance the food experience in Minecraft. The food items in Minecraft have not been updated for a long time. The crops and the other growable items in Minecraft are minimal. But with this mod, you can now enjoy hundreds of food items in the game.This mod adds many crops, which includes coconuts, potatoes, onions, cabbage, cherries and many more. You can also use chicken, beef, and mutton with cabbage and bread to make burgers, hotdogs and other fast-food items which are edible. You can also use potatoes to make some fries for you.With vanilla, chocolates, and strawberries, you can make puddings and cakes you can enjoy with your friends. There are hundreds of items that you can create using this mod.

Einstine Pc

Cooking for Blockheads

Cooking for Blockheads is a mod that simplifies the boring part of the game, where you have to prepare your food for your adventures. It adds many new items, blocks, and multi-block structures to make your gameplay smoother. The main feature of the mod is its main multi-block structure. It is the kitchen where you can cook and store your food, and also get access to an unlimited supply of resources you might need for cooking. The mod also provides support for a lot of food mods, most notably Pam's Harvestcraft. If you need a quick meal during your adventure, the mod adds a recipe book that allows you to directly cook/craft food items using the items in your inventory. Note: This mod requires the Balm library to work.


Light Meals

Light Meals add a huge variety of different food items into Minecraft. The mod adds over 70 new food items, that can be crafted/cooked using already exisiting items. The new food items can be classified into six different groups. They are :Raw and Cooked MeatsMealsSnacksPie and CakesSoupsDrinksTake a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



Reap is an amazing mod that will save you a ton of time while farming in Minecraft. In the vanilla game, you have to right click with a seed to plant it on a farmland block, then you have to right click with bone-mean to grow the crop, and once the crop reaches full growth, you need to left click to break it and obtain the crop alongside some seeds to farm again. Then you have to right click with the seed again in order to continue the process. This is where the Reap mod come in to help you.With this mod installed, you can right click on a planted seed while holding bonemean in order to grow it. You can continue right clicking while holding bonemeal and crop will break itself once it reaches it's fully grown state. When the crop breaks, a seed is automatically planted in it's place, so that you dont have to scroll around your hotbar to switch between seeds and bonemeal. So basically you can hold righclick with bonemeal in your hand and the rest of the process will continue automatically wothout you needing to do anything.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


The Veggie Way

Are you a vegeterian in real life? Or are you tired of killing Minecraft animals for food? If the idea of killing animals for food makes you uncomfortable, then this mod is for you... The Veggie Way mod introduces vanilla friendly methods to obtain higher quality food without killing animals. With this mod installed, you will have a large variety of vegan-friendly food in Minecraft.Here is how it works:- Collect some Drying Agent from from sand with a Hand Rake, its silicate from millions of years of volcanic dust in the soil (20% chance)- Red Quinoa, Corn,Lentil, and Soybean Seeds drop from dirt and grass blocks with a Hand Rake (10% chance), plant on farmland to grow crops- Raise some chickens to get eggs or grow some Red Quinoa, Lentil or Soybean - used to craft protein powder- Farm some carrots - used to craft vitamin powder- Farm some apples or beets - used to craft fructose powder- Farm some Wheat - used to craft wheatgerm powder- Farm some Cocoa Beans - used to make caffeine powder- Farm some potatoes or corn - used to craft carb powder- Keep a cow around because you will need some.milk [optional]With these basic ingredients, you can start making drinks and bars (hunger and saturation values can be adjusted in the config file)- Energy Drink restores (4) hunger- Energy Bar- restores (5) hunger- Superfood Shake - restores (7) hunger- Superfood Smoothie- restores (7) hunger (vegan option)- Superfood Bar - restores (8) hungerOther Foods:- Fried Egg- Flour, made with Wheat and a Mill, used to make dough (which can be baked into bread)- Fresh Tofu, made from cooked Soybean, cooked in a furnace to get vanilla eggs- Apple Pie (no egg required)- Melon Pie (no egg required)- Sweet Berry Pie (no egg required)- Chocolate Bar- Cactus Chunk- Pumpkin Chunk- Melon Chunk- Pumpkin Soup- Cactus Soup- Melon Soup- Carrot Soup- Super Petal Powder - a nice dietary supplement Extra Bonus: Light torches by placing sticks on a campfire and make vanilla leather from BambooAll of the crafting is done on a vanilla crafting table, so no special machines are required.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Farmer's Delight

Farmer's Delight is a mod that improves upon the farming and cooking aspect in Minecraft. With this mod, you can craft a large variety of items from sandwiches to salads and stews, several varieties of desserts, feasts, etc. Also, there are several other blocks that can be used to store items. these blocks can also be used to detail your farm/kitchen themed builds. Much of the mod can be progressed by following the advancements screen.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Culinary Construct

Culinary Construct lets you make custom food items like sandwiches or stews out of any consumable item in the game. First you have to craft a Culinary Station by placing a wooden slab over a crafting table in a crafting grid. You can place down the culinary station and right click it to open it's GUI. In the GUI, the leftmost slot is the base slot and you have to place a bread or a bowl in this slot. The five slots in the centre are the ingredient slots. You can place any food item in here. The rightmost slot is the output slot and you can pick your final item from here. Alongside all of this, you also have a tab to name your food item. If you don't give your food item a custom name, it will automatically be given a name based on it's ingredients. A food item prepared this way will give the player the total food value of all the ingredients. The saturation will be the average of all the food items. Basically, it's the same as eating all of the food items combined into one. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.



Croptopia adds a bunch of new crops and crop related items into Minecraft. This includes over 200 food items that can be consumed by the player, 26 tree crops and 58 crops that can be planted in the ground. In the 1.16 and 1.17 versions, seeds for crops can be obtained by breaking tall grass and ferns in certain biomesthat are categorized as plains, swamps, savannah, forest and taiga. In the 1.18 versions, crops spawn in the ild and you can obtain them from breaking them. Also, in this version, grass blocks will not drop any seeds. You can right click crops, when they are fully grown, to harvest them. Overall, this mod a great addition, if you want to add more variety to your game.This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric. The download links given below will take you to the official curseforge files page from where you can download your required version of the mod.



FeatureCreep is an upcoming ModLoader and Modding API, it allows you to make version independent mods. Mods made in this will work across many different versions of Minecraft and it has the ability to work on top of a bunch of other mod loaders allowing your mod to passively support many of the existing modloaders across many different versions. Some platforms we currently support include QuiltMC, MCForge, FabricMC, RiftMC, DangerZone 2.x, and more in the future. Disclaimer: FeatureCreep 4 is currently in a very Pre Pre Alpha Stage and only avalible for some versions with limited functionality. Only FeatureCreep 4 and newer have modloading capabilities. As of Pre-Release 6 You are currently able to added basic items and tools. It will expand over time. You are not able to access the Minecraft Packages as these change over time and would break version independence. You must use our API if you want version independence. FeatureCreep has the ability to run on many different versions of DangerZone and Minecraft and mods made for FeatureCreep will work acress all off the different versions. Note, this does not make Fabric 1.19.2 mods run on MC Forge 1.12.2 or vice versa, but rather that you make a mod for our platform which runs on top of many other platforms meaning you do not need to port your mod to a bunch of different platforms and can have only 1 file which works on many of them so long as the user has the correct version of FeatureCreep installed. A standalone version of FeatureCreep is also planned.Credits and Bundled FOSS librariesSome Arabic Translations confirmed by Snapchat mhmd_lzq9603 (How Are You?)Some Spanish Translations Confirmed by BitZeroApple Tools and Equestria Apple by LilylotlPNGJ Changes Made, used for PNG ManipulationApache 2 LicenceDDS4J made to not require the Java 8 specific Libraries. Used for converting DDS (HOI4) files to PNGs for MC & DZMIT LicenceSmallRye Common to make JBoss DMR Work, no known changes madeApache 2 LicenceJavaassist for Bytecode manipulationNo Known Changes Made except maybe a few for working with more than 1 java versionMPL, the LGPL, and the Apache LicenseTunabytes longer included by default. Old versions i changed to allow for not using the LombokApache 2 LicenceJBoss DMR for All JSON and DMR parsing, which is used for a lot. No Known changes madeLGPL 2.1JBoss LogManager for Some logging and JBoss DMR. Commented missing loggersApache 2JBoss Logging Known Changes made. Used for some loggingUnknown LicenceJBoss Modules for the base of the class loader. Added a file for allowing me to load more mods.Apache 2 and XMPP LicenceModerocky Mirror Licence, Citation in the CreditsLicences FolderModerocky Mimic Licence, MIT Licence, Citation in the CreditsLicences FolderASM versions only. Used for Mimic. BSD3 ClauseThe MCForge team for making all those cool Example ProjectsStackoverflow and online tutorialsSee CreditsLicences folder for more info.First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you Win. -Red Hat  Our Permissive Licence not only allows you to, but encourages you to use all our assets, or redistribute the mod in any way you like, even for profit.FeatureCreepMC 4 and Newer comes bundled with Open Source software which have different Licences, though they are still permissive. See Credits Section for Details.Our Discord is: Make sure you download the version of the mod for the correct MC version and the Correct ModLoader, and the correct channel, mod Loaders are often at the end of the file Mod Loaders include Forge|Fabric|Rift|LiteLoader|Meddle|Risugami|LitLaunch|Quilt|RealML and othersChannels are ESR (Most Commonly Labelled Release), Nightly (Most commonly labelled Beta), and Bleeding Nightly (Most Commonly Labelled Alpha)Also make sure that your that if you are using a Beta Version of Minecraft (soon to be supported by FC),  has the b at the end of the of the version e.g. 1.7.3b (except for even older versions), if you are not using a Beta or older version of Minecraft, avoid the letter at the end of the MC name.When FeatureCreepMC versions for Before Release 1.3  Minecraft, for some mod loaders make sure you download the client version for single player, and the server version for a multiplayer server.FeatureCreep Legacy (NO LONGER REOMMENDED ONLY FOR ARCHIVAL PURPOSES, We recommend FeatureCreep 4 now)***STARTING VERSION 4 THIS MOD WILL BE A MOD LOADER AND API***Versions 3/2,x Do not have this Feature. Please Note the Loader in its current state has lots of issues and almost no content is in them yet, if you want content go for either 3 Nightly or 2,4 ESRThis mod aims to add many features from many mods from past versions of Minecraft and current ones as well as from other games, and make our own multi-version, multi-game mod which has features and ideas from many of your favourite mods of the past. This can be helpful as many mods were not updated, or some computers run older versions of Minecraft Better, or it is a feature not even within Minecraft.Some things include Emerald Armour, Amethyst Armour, Sapphire Armour, Optimised Tools, Oil, A tool which can mine a huge amount of stone leaving only the Ores, many new resources, many kinds of Golden (Butter) foods, and more.We currently have builds for Forge 1.6.4,Forge&LiteLoader&Meddle 1.12.2, Forge 1.16.5, Rift 1.13.2, Fabric & Forge 1.17.x, Forge & Fabric 1.18.x, Fabric 1.19 Secret Experimental, but we plan to support more in the future.We only use Original Textures, Models, or Code unless we have explicit permission from the authors.Images Coming SoonCURRENT VERSIONS ***PLEASE READ**** (Outdated)4.0 ESR PreReleases Recommended3,0 Nighly  Only recommended for content on supported versions2,4ESR Only recommended for content


Simple Farming

The Simple Farming is a Minecraft agriculture mod. It's a great mod that improves the vanilla farming systems by adding new plants, items and farming mechanics to Minecraft. It's an amazing mod if you want to add more creativity and variety to vanilla's old and boring foods. You can also celebrate your birthday by baking yourself a birthday cake with this new mod!Some of the new features this mod comes with are:New cropsBerry bushesFruit treesNew meals and snacksNew crafting recipes

Andrei De Stefani


Food, food, and some more food! The Department of Housing and Urban Development now has some crucial statistics on food and hunger.The HUD elements of AppleCore are now available as a standalone mod (note: AppleSkin does not require AppleCore). Although this is mostly a client-side mod, it must be installed on the server for accurate saturation and exhaustion values to be presented on the client.It's worth noting that AppleSkin reveals details on a number of mechanisms that are generally hidden (it does not add or change any mechanics). For more details on Minecraft's depletion and saturation dynamics, see the Hunger wiki article. Among other things, it adds information on food value to tooltips and a display of saturation and fatigue to the HUD.


Pam's HarvestCraft

Pam's HarvestCraft mod changes food and farming mechanics in Minecraft, also adding loads of new different seeds, plants and food items that can be found around the world. This mod is the right one for you if you're tired of eating bread, steak and potatoes. There's loads of types of meals such as snacks, soup and salads.

Andrei De Stefani

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