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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft Minecraft tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Wabi Sabi Structures

This mod for great explorers is essential: probably like many other players you love exploring the world of Minecraft, maybe flying with the elytra, feeling free and exploring the incredible way around you. But now, unfortunately, the structures of Minecraft know them all too well, almost block by block. True? This mod then is exactly what you need. Thanks to it going around you can find imaginative structures in the shape of llamas, large and small castles, strongholds and towers, custom mines and villagers houses with work never seen in Minecraft, or even statues, totems, farms and much more. Thanks to this mod you will not do the end you did with vanilla Minecraft, it will not be so easy for you to find all the new structures added to the game. Finally in Minecraft going around the world and exploring caves you can find 55 structures never seen. This mod is really essential in your modpack, but it is so beautiful and adds so much content that even alone can contribute a lot to your survival: this mod deserves to be played.


Mythic Upgrades

This interesting mod adds six new minerals which you can create nine armours, weapons and consumables.If you like to mine, with this mod you will have a lot of fun:- If you dig under the ice, you will find the Sapphire, a mineral that increases the damage of weapons.- If you dig in the Badlands, you will find Ruby, a mineral that increases the efficiency of the tools.- In the Mangrove Swamps you will find the Jade that increases the protection in the armour.- Digging into the desert biome, you will find the Jade that will triple the durability of your equipment.- The bravest ones who want to mine in the main End island will find the ametrine, which if you make the complete set of armour you will have Jump and Speed boosts - If you like the oceans you can find aquamarines, which if you do the complete set of armour you will have dolphin’s grace infinite and endless water breathing.This mod not only adds minerals and new crafting but also does it with style: all the textures of minerals and items are elegant and eye-catching, a real treat for the eye.



Comfort Mod Adds new sleeping ways in Minecraft. This mod adds different items to sleep in Minecraft. You can now sleep on Hammocks and Sleeping bags with this mod. When on an adventure, sleeping on beds resets your World Spawn Point. But now, with sleeping bags, you can sleep without resetting your world spawn anywhere.These blocks can be used exactly like beds but are better for adventure. Sleeping bags are the best for adventure, as they can be stacked and take up less space, unlike beds. At the same time, Hammocks can be used in the day to skip a day cycle.

Einstine Pc

Hopo Better Ruined Portals

Hopo Better Ruined Portals mod creates a Minecraft journey adventurous. This mod edits the Ruined Portals in Minecraft world and replaces them with the Custom made Portals. These Custom Portals are Huge in size and cover the large area around them. This mod also makes the new additional portals underground. The Ocean Ruined Portals also look better with this Mod.This Mod Changes the Ruined Nether Portals in the Nether Dimension and makes a random block radius in the Nether, which makes the portal look even Better. This Mod adds a fancy look to all the portals you can find while exploring.

Einstine Pc


Cozy Mod introduces new fun gameplay in Minecraft World. This Mod provides a Minecraft world with unique custom furniture. This mod is the best for those who love building in Minecraft. With limited furniture blocks in Minecraft, this mod adds many new items that can be used to make your house look complete and attractive.This mod adds tables and chairs of all wood types. Another Block type, Lamp, is added to Lighten your home with this mod. Lamps are available in all Minecraft dye colors. You might also find new crop items naturally growing in villagers’ houses, which include tomatoes. You can make a Pizza, Get Chocolates, Eggs, and much more with this mod.

Einstine Pc

Undead Expansion

Undead Expansion is a mod that introduces new mobs to Minecraft World. This mod is the best pick for those in love with Minecraft dungeons. You can add the new Raiders to your Minecraft world with this mod, known as Knight. These Knights live in dungeons formed in the caves and are led by Knight Leader. The Graves are Added to terrify the player and alert for upcoming dangers.The Custom Spawner can be used to get Raids whenever you want. This mod also includes a Phantom like Deadly Mob, which spawns at night and is invisible. Its deadly Blood Eyes can be seen shining, approaching you in the night. Followed by a Ghost and Red Demon, this mod offers a variety of Undead Mobs, which you can add to your Minecraft world to make your journey adventurous.

Einstine Pc

Human Companions

This mod adds the Human Companion to help you in the Minecraft game. The companion will help you throughout your journey in Minecraft. They are the AI bots to help you carry your items, protect you, collect food for you, killing the mobs. They spawn naturally in different biomes and can be found in custom houses made by themselves. You can make them follow you by giving them food. You can give them tools, armor, and swords. They can be modified to guard the player, follow you wherever you go, and safeguard your house. This mod is best for those who play solo games and need a friend to help them.How To Make Them Follow you: Right-click them while holding Food.How To Open Their GUI: Right-Click ( once they are your companion)Command To Locate The Companion House: /locate structure humancompanions:<House_Type>This Mod is available for the 1.19 | 1.18 | 1.16 versions of the game. This mod can only be played with the forge mod.


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