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Origins is a mod and family of mods which adds special abilities known as origins which the player selects upon starting a new world or upon loading a world which did not in the past have the origins mod.It is essential to know that Origins is not a single mod, yes, there is a mod called Origins, but that is just one mod. Origins have summoned a whole family of mods, adding more types of abilities that are not simple. Examples of this areClassesAspectsAccessibilitiesCursesBlessingsIdeologiesElementalsAnd more Other types of Abilities can be added on top of Origins.3rd party mods add these other things. These other things are often added after Origins. Such as, if you have Origins Classes, when creating your world, you will first be asked to select an Origin and then a class. Most Origins add-ons are compatible with each other, but not all of them. It is also easy to make Origins Addons and new Origins. Many mods add more Origins or collections of Origins, such as Mob Origins.The Origins Mod adds Origins, not the other types such as Classes, Aspects, Curses, or any other non-Origin. The stand-alone mod is small but adds a few Origins, which are described on the choosing screen.Some of the Default Origins are:Human (No abilities, just like an average Player)Blazeborn (Start in the Nether, have fire immunity)Merling (You can breathe in water but not air)Enderian (You have teleportation abilities)Feline (Take no fall damage)Shulk (Additional nine inventory slots which keep inventory when the player dyes and is stronger)Elytrian (This one lets you fly)Arachnid (Allows you to trap your enemies in webs and climb up walls)More (Shown in pictures)The different types, such as Origins, can all be changed by Obtaining an Orb, a simple item the mod provides where you right-click.Origins is not meant to be played by itself but rather with the large ecosystem of mods. Origins often port to the newest MC Version and were very big around the 1.17 era. The Origins mod is designed with FabricMC in Mind but was later ported to MC Forge and can be run on QuiltMC. Origins are also widespread on servers, and there are many origins-based servers among the most popular categories of modded Minecraft servers. There are also ports of Origins to Bukkit, allowing players with vanilla clients to connect to your server; however, the Bukkit versions are less sophisticated than the Fabric version.Origins for Fabric has integrations with Apoli, Calio, PlayerAbilityLib, Cardinal, and Cloth Config, but has potential issues with OptiFabric/Optifine and Identity. Apoli and Reach Entity Attributes are Jar in Jared on the Fabric Version of Origins, so they will not need to be installed separately; however, some of the others, such as Calio and Cloth Config, will need to be installed manually.


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