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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft Retro tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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Immersive Petroleum

Oil has earned a negative reputation for its dangerous effects on the world, but using it to fuel your factory in Minecraft is perfectly safe!Immersive Petroleum is an addon for Immersive Engineering that focuses on oil processing mechanics and also the process of acquiring it. It's not an easy to use mod, that's for sure. To get started, make sure to have the Engineer's Manual and plenty of steel. Build the Seismic Survey Tool and shove a Buckshot Cartridge inside of it, it'll quickly give you a map with black and white spots, the white ones being where you'll usually find the fluids you want. Go towards them and use the machine again, if it all worked correctly, build a Derrick multiblock right there and bring tons of pipes, water and liquid concrete to it, it'll start drilling into the earth to get that sweet black gold for you.After you've done this, you're ready to get started with the actual content of the mod; Gasoline powered Portable Generators, motorboats, and a few useful blocks along with tons of other machines that are used to process and take advantage of this oil. Refer to the book to understand everything else.



MCDoom is a mod which adds lots of Doom Themed content to the game from the Game series Doom, including the DOS version of Doom and Doom Eternal. The mod has a collection of different items, tools, bosses, and structures, each with special abilities. Much of the content is unique and not very similar to each other, and much of the art is of very high quality, especially the models for the entities. The mod has so much content; the official review series comprises three videos combining about 1 hour’s content.There are many structures with many extraordinary abilities; one is a wooden structure that occasionally spawns in your world. It has a door which, when right slick, opens up, and even on the roof, there is a door that explodes. The structures range in complexity, some being very complex and others reasonably basic. One of the most important structures is called the Doom Portal. The Doom Portal is a glorified nether portal which takes you to the Nether, and it has nearby demons (which look a bit like Zombie Pigmen) and totems which strengthen the demons unless they are destroyed. While some structures and other things appear in the overworld, most of the stuff from MCDoom is found in the Nether or Hell.There are also guns which can be reloaded with a critical bind. The guns are Crafted with a specially shaped block (that takes up a few blocks of space) called the Gun Crafter. The Gun Crafter can be made out of overworld materials and can be used for crafting other items, such as the chainsaw and its powerful fuel, which can be used as beginner weapons. Other intractable blocks for crafting-related things include the smithing table. Many of the guns, like the BTG Eternal, are very powerful, being able to kill the ender dragon within a few shots, but it is much harder to get.The Nether is changed a lot in this mod and is very dark, and the spawns are changed a lot, as is the world generation.The mod suggests you DO NOT use shaders. However, it is still possible, and the pictures provided were taken with shaders.There are many bosses, such as the Mother demon, a giant like many of the other bosses in this mod. It shoots fireballs and has 250 health.There are also a lot of other fantastic items, such as the JumpPad, which allows you to jump five blocks, Music Discs and other excellent blocks which do various things, such as lighting up without power, similar to glowstone, Barrels, which explodes when shot but does not do terrain damage outside of fire but does not harm mobs, similar to TNT with water. However, it requires going to the Nether to get the materials.There are also many powerups which can be activated in different ways. One gives you unlimited speed three and can be started with a Curios slot.MCDoom is one of the most prominent mods and has too much content, such as the Icon of Sin, to cover without playing the mod. It is a must-have for many boss and adventure mod packs. The author, AzureDoom, is also behind many other mods, such as MCHalo and GeckoLib. MCDoom requires GeckoLib and Curios, is on MC Forge, FabricMC, and QuiltMC, and is regularly updated.


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