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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft animation tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player


GeckoLib is an animation and physics library for Minecraft, which makes it easier to animate modded objects in Minecraft. GeckoLib became common after changes to the Minecraft Animation Engine made it harder to animate things like entities. GeckoLib is available for Minecraft 1.12.2 and 1.15.2 and newer (or 1.16 or more recent for FabricMC and 1.18 or newer for QuiltMC).Geckolib is a physics engine it supports many advanced features, such as:3D keyframe animations, concurrent animation support (good for taking advantage of powerful computers, especially with a lot of cores and sockets, as well as with good GPU),    Particle keyframesSound keyframesEvent keyframesAnd more.It also has over 30 easings.An extension-based programming language called Molang, also borrowed from the Bedrock edition, helps with animation.GeckoLib is used differently for developers and players. For Players, you should install the mod in the mods folder like any other mod. For Developers, you will need to add the mod to your development environment, depending on how your environment is and then start developing.One of the most important things to keep in mind is the versions of GeckoLib. There are 3 Main versions of GeckoLib you need to look out for in Modern mods:GeckoLib 2: This version is primarily deprecated, but some mods still use itGeckoLib 3: This version is still common, especially for versions of Minecraft before 1.19GeckoLib 4: The newest GeckoLib, 1.19.x and newer onlyOnly GeckoLib 3 and 4 are still being developed. GeckoLib2 and the original GeckoLib are deprecated and should not be used. GeckoLib 3 is in support mode, may eventually be phased out, and mainly targets older versions. Versions of GeckoLib are not compatible with mods made for other versions, which is why it is vital to install the correct version. The modid often indicates the correct version. It will usually say geckolib3 or geckolib2. Both of these versions of GeckoLib should work together.Since GeckoLib3 Geckolib uses bedrock-style JSON files for the animations and often tries to avoid animations with java (different than many older ways of doing it), GeckoLib integrates with BlockBench and is the preferred method for it, so if you are using BlockBench, animating will likely be much easier with GeckoLib.GeckoLib covers not just mobs but other entities, items, blocks, armour, and more.GeckoLib has wikis for support for GeckoLib 3 and GeckoLib 4. It explains how various topics such as how to make and work with models, how to do the animations, examples of the animations, how to set up GeckoLib with MultiLoader, a list of mods which use GeckoLib, Migration guides from 3 to 3,1 and 3,1,x to 4, renderers, glowing, keyframes, Molang, abstract textures, miscellaneous topics, FAQs, and so much more, it took hours for them to make and it is hosted on their GitHub. is one of the most common animation libraries. It is commonly suggested and commonly used by other mods and templates. Requiring this mod will likely be manageable because many other mods use it. Some of the mod developers who use it also are involved in the development or community, such as MC Doom (AzureDoom is one of the top GeckoLib Developers), Chocolate Quest Repoured (Der Toaster is a contributor), Chaos Awakens, Raid Awakens, Minecraft Forge (Curle the Crook is a contributor), Advent of Ascension (Tsalt is a contributor), Mowzie’s Mobs (Bob Mowzie is a contributor and so many more), Ars Nouveau. Here is a small list of a few of the mods officially supported by the GeckoLib team.


Chop Down Updated

Chop Down Mod Introduced a new way of chopping trees. Usually, when you cut a tree in Minecraft, you must cut it all by climbing to the top. You must climb up and chop the logs down for more giant trees, which takes a lot of time. With chop down updated, when you chop a tree from its bottom, it will fall down next to the player.This makes it easy for beginners to gather quick wood and make tools. The falling of the tree is animated, which makes it look better.

Einstine Pc

Better Animation Collection

Are you bored with the normal animation style of Minecraft? Do you want to change the animation of mobs in Minecraft? This mod is for you, then. Better Animation Collection mod lets you modify the movement of the mobs. This mod includes wiggly villagers and iron golem noses, which changes with their actions. You can also enjoy the new curls on cats and the waving tails of ocelots.You might see the wobbly creepers and playful animated dogs. Oinky pigs and humanly bending knees of piglins look better with this mod. At night, arm waiving enderman might terrify you.

Einstine Pc

First Person Render

The First Person Render mod makes your first person perspective view more dynamic and detailed. You can now see you player legs and hands moving in a much more dynamic manner.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Better Combat

The Better Combat mod adds a few new features that will improve upon the combat aspect of Minecraft. Firstly, a few new animations are added into your game. There will be fancy new attack animations when you attack an enemy/mob using a weapon. The mod also adds an accurate weapon collision detection feature. This will ensure that your sword/axe will attack whatever is in the way, when you swing it. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric. Read the installation instructions carefully to download the required dependencies.


Smooth Swapping

Smooth Swapping is a very cool quality of life mod that will make the Minecraft inventory swapping animations cooler. The fact is, there is no animation when you shift click an item in your inventory into a container. The item just instantly teleports from one slot to the another when you shift click it. But with this mod installed, there will be a smooth movement of the item from the shift-clicked slot to the destination slot.This is a Fabric mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Chunk Animator

Chunk Animator changes how newly generated chunks appear into your game. Normally, in vanilla Minecraft, newly generated chunks just pop into existence. But with this mod installed, the chunks will have a smooth animation when loading in. The chunks will slide in from either above or below. This can be configured to your liking. However, I personally think that chunk animation looks way more better when it slides from below compared to sliding in from above. If you are using Optifine make sure the “render regions” option is disabled.Download links are given below.


Epic Fight Mod

The Epic Fight mod will add some new combat mechanics and moves in the new battle mode you'll be able to conduct new basic special and dash attacks as well as roles, some of the new stats include ignore defense impact and hid enemies which all determine the damage stun duration and how many enemies you can hit at once  


Mo' Bends

Mo' Bends if one of the leading mods that completely changes the animation of player and many mobs. If you wanted to see Steve to walk, jump, swim realisticly, then this mod is for you. It is one step to feel realism in your minecraft world! Animations added on: Player Animations: Basic movement Sprinting Jumping Sprint jumping Swimming Sword slashes Fist punching Sneaking Archery Ladder climbing Zombie Animations: Basic movement Spider Animations: Basic movement Jump attack Wall climbing Skeleton Animations: Basic movement Archery General: Arrow trails Sword trails Animation customization


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