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Redstopia adds two new blocks that Minecraft redstone engineers and farm designers will fall in love with. The blocks added by this mod are very useful when designing automatic farms and if implemented correctly will save you a lot of resource gathering time. Let's take a look at these blocks one-by-one.The SettlerThis block automatically places blocks into the direction its facing to.The SplinterThis block removes blocks adjacent to its face.Discover the exciting features of this exceptional Forge mod by simply following the download links provided. Before proceeding, it is crucial to carefully read and adhere to the installation instructions for a seamless experience.


RFTools Control

RFTools Control is an addon mod for  RFTools which provides users with a visual grid-based programming language for automation control allowing players to Move Items aroundControl RedstoneCheck energy (RedstoneFlux) and more. Still, it also provides direct access to a storage scanner-controlled system. The two primary blocks in RFTools Control are the Programmer and Processor blocks, which are necessary for creating and executing programs. The mod offers various networking options, allowing users to link different processor blocks together to create more complex automation systems. In general, RFTools Control is a powerful automation mod that provides users with an easy way to set up complex automation systems within the game. It is still in active development with many more features planned or planned to be improved (In newer versions, the mod will also allow the storage scanner to automatically craft items, though this feature has not yet been fully implemented and is still in development).


PneumaticCraft: Repressurized

PneumaticCraft: Repressurized is a powerful and unique mod that adds a lot of useful content to Minecraft. It comes with an in-game documentation, thanks to Patchouli for all versions and IGW (on 1.12.2 only) for MC1.12.2. This mod has its own power system based on compressed air, and features multiple compressors such as fuel-based ones, and the lightning strike compressor. Heat is also an important mechanic in this mod. Liquid fuels are refined from oil which are added as worldgen, and it also supports fuel from other mods like Thermal Suite, EnderIO and Immersive Petroleum. The mod also provides several crafting mechanisms, all of which can be configured via CraftTweaker in 1.12.2, or datapacks, KubeJS or CraftTweaker in 1.14.4 and later. These include Explosion Crafting, Pressure Chamber Crafting, Refining, Thermopneumatic Processing, and Assembly Line. Players can also program their own drones with a graphical programming language and use them to automate tasks. This mod also offers base defence systems such as hand-held miniguns, minigun turrets and security station. Additionally, it includes a full armour suite, Universal Sensor, Vortex Cannon, Gas Lift and a variety of upgradeable item and liquid hoppers. New features in PneumaticCraft: Repressurized have been added in 1.16.1 including the Jackhammer, and renewable fuels such as Yeast Culture, Ethanol, and Biodiesel. In 1.14.4/1.15.2, many new features were added. For 1.12.2, new features include CraftTweaker support, the Aphorism Tile, Heat sink effects, Vortex Cannon improvements, Kerosene Lamp burning any burnable fuel, Forged Multipart support, Wrenching of tube sections and Camouflage Applicator tool. Mod integration and the PneumaticCraft API are also available for working with other mods. Modpack Policy covers the mod, welcome anyone to include it in their modpacks.  Whether you’re looking to craft, build a base, or automate tasks, this mod has something for everyone.


Progressive Automation

Progressive Automation, a remarkable mod, introduces a range of low-tech automation tools that can revolutionize your gameplay. Not only do these tools make your tasks more efficient, but they also offer upgradability as you progress further. Let's delve into some of the cool features that this mod brings to your Minecraft experience.Low-Tech Miner: Tired of manually mining blocks for hours on end? The low-tech miner is here to save the day! Powered by normal fuel, this ingenious tool not only automates the mining process but also replaces the mined area with cobblestone, making it infinitely expandable with sufficient resources. Say goodbye to monotonous mining and hello to a new level of productivity. Simple Plant Farm: If you're an avid farmer, the simple plant farm will become your best friend. No longer will you need to manually plant and harvest crops. This automated marvel takes care of the entire process for you, ensuring a continuous supply of food and resources. Enjoy the benefits of effortless farming while you focus on other exciting adventures in the Minecraft world.Crafting Machine: Say goodbye to tedious manual crafting with the help of the crafting machine. This incredible device autocrafts items using the contents of your inventory. Simply input the necessary materials, and watch as the machine works its magic. With the crafting machine at your disposal, you can streamline your crafting process and free up precious time to explore new frontiers.Killer Machine: In a world filled with hostile mobs, animals, and even other players, protecting yourself can be a challenging task. Enter the killer machine, a formidable automated defender. This tool attacks enemies on sight, providing you with enhanced security. Whether you need to safeguard your base or venture into dangerous territories, the killer machine has your back.Animal Farmer: For those who enjoy animal husbandry, the animal farmer is an indispensable tool. It automates the breeding process, gathers eggs, shears sheep, and even milks cows. With this tool, maintaining a thriving farm becomes easier than ever before. Spend less time wrangling animals and more time reaping the rewards of your livestock. End Game Tools: As you progress in Minecraft, you'll inevitably face tougher challenges. Progressive Automation has you covered with its end game tools. These tools boast exceptional durability, making them incredibly difficult to break. With these powerful and reliable tools in hand, you can confidently take on the most demanding tasks and conquer the Minecraft universe.Discover the exciting features of this exceptional Forge mod by exploring the captivating screenshots provided below. To embark on this thrilling journey, simply follow the download links provided. Before proceeding, it is crucial to carefully read and adhere to the installation instructions for a seamless experience.


CC: Tweaked

CC: Tweaked is a mod for Minecraft that adds programmable computers, turtles, and more to the game. A fork of the popular ComputerCraft mod, CC: Tweaked offers better performance, stability, and a wealth of new features. Fabric support is added through the CC: Restitched project. Players can control their computers using the Lua programming language. With this programming language, it's possible to write programs and automate their Minecraft worlds. Turtles are also available, enabling players to move about the world and carry out tasks such as breaking blocks and swinging swords. In addition to custom computer programs and automated turtles, CC: Tweaked offers players a range of peripheral items. Speakers allow players to create musical tunes, monitors can display text or images, modems permit computers to communicate with each other, and computers can even access inventories and chests to assist in item management. Those new to ComputerCraft are encouraged to watch tutorials from Direwolf20, Sethbling, and Lyqyd, while the wiki provides detailed documentation on the APIs and peripherals provided by the mod. If further help is needed, users can always ask questions on GitHub or join the ComputerCraft IRC channel.


Immersive Engineering

A timeless classic, Immersive Engineering is a tech-industry mod that adds many multiblock machines, power sources, animated windmills and waterwheels and awesome weapons like the Railgun and the Revolver.It's a complex and difficult mod to understand and work with, but the challenge only makes it all the more interesting; To get started, craft an Engineer's Manual and keep it stored in your inventory when working on the mod's contents. Then make an Engineer's Hammer and build a Coke Oven and Alloy Kiln, both made of simple materials like clay, sandstone and bricks.With a Coke Oven, you can make Coke Coal and free charcoal out of logs. It's slow, but effective, be sure to make multiple. You'll also get Creosote Oil as a byproduct, so be sure to store it and use it to make Treated Wood. The Silo and Tank multiblocks allow for massive storage of items and fluids respectively, make good use of them. The Metal Press is also an incredibly useful tool, allowing you to make plates, cables and many more items in a cheaper and more effective way. You can connect it to conveyor belt lines to move items around automatically.Having an array of Blast Furnaces is also incredibly important, as the best content this mod has to offer is gated behind Steel and you can only make it in those.


Ad Astra!

Welcome to the space odyssey of your dreams! With Ad Astra, your world will be gifted with the means required to explore the deepest reaches of space and maybe even conquer them!To get started, be sure to craft the mod's manual and check its contents out, as it will give you some general tips regarding its progression and mechanics. Done? Good, now we can get started with the mod's actual contents.First of all, you'll want to acquire a Coal Generator and the Compressor, machines that you will use to make plates. Plates are a vital component in Ad Astra and you should get used to making tons of them. Cabling is made out of steel, which can be crafted by smelting Iron ingots.You will also need to make a machine that turns water into oxygen and another one that turns Oil, a fluid that can be found in the ocean, into Fuel. It is worth mentioning that fuel is NOT renewable and should be used with care.To go to the moon, the first cellestial body you can explore, you'll have to craft a landing pad and a rocket, which is made in the NASA workbench crafting station. Alongside that, please be sure to craft a Space Suit.It'll be expensive, and each trip will take tons of fuel, but the Lunar depths are the only place in which you can find Desh Ore, a mineral that is critical to this mod's progression. Of course, setting up a moon base is no easy feat, as it's an airless planet. You can actually mitigate this problem by setting up an oxygen production system with the Oxygen Distributor machine. 



Reap is an amazing mod that will save you a ton of time while farming in Minecraft. In the vanilla game, you have to right click with a seed to plant it on a farmland block, then you have to right click with bone-mean to grow the crop, and once the crop reaches full growth, you need to left click to break it and obtain the crop alongside some seeds to farm again. Then you have to right click with the seed again in order to continue the process. This is where the Reap mod come in to help you.With this mod installed, you can right click on a planted seed while holding bonemean in order to grow it. You can continue right clicking while holding bonemeal and crop will break itself once it reaches it's fully grown state. When the crop breaks, a seed is automatically planted in it's place, so that you dont have to scroll around your hotbar to switch between seeds and bonemeal. So basically you can hold righclick with bonemeal in your hand and the rest of the process will continue automatically wothout you needing to do anything.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


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