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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft client-side tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Jade 🔍

Jade is a special version of HWYLA that is easier to use. It has extra features and fixes bugs that make HWYLA better, it is a modern more updated version fork of Hwyla/Waila for Minecraft. It is designed to provide players with an improved user experience and API. Jade can be  client side only, but many features require it to be installed on the server side as well (such as item storage, horse stats, and bees in a beehive). There are many addons for both Forge and Fabric/Quilt. The default keys are as follows: Keypad 0 opens the configuration screenKeypad 1 toggles the overlayKeypad 2 toggles liquid displayKeypad 3 shows recipes (requires Just Enough Items)Keypad 4 shows uses (requires JEI and the mod to be     configured for it) Keypad 5 narrates the target.     Compared to Hwyla, Jade includes a redesigned API,  more vanilla addons, and better configuration and accessibility.Some features include item handlers, which show items inside Item handlers, which shows things that are in such as chests,     hoppers, and ender chests.     A breaking progress feature, which shows a small progress bar     when a block is being broken indicating progress.     A brewing stand feature, which shows the fuels and process     time.      Mob effects which shows what potion effects mobs have.     Entity and plant growth is also shown, which shows the     growing time and breeding cooldown of animals.     Horse stats are also shown, including jump height, speed, and     strength of horses and llamas. Item frame contents are also shown,     which shows the item in the item frame.     The mod also has a hide mod names feature, which hides the     mod name in the tooltip.     Beehives  shows the bees and honey in beehives.     Armour stands shows the armours on the armour stand.     Chicken eggs are also show the time before the next egg.     Command blocks show which commands are in the command line.Many more For modders, the mod also has additional tooltip renderers, such as the name of the mod according to Fabric or MCForge (Note this can work for loaders on top of loaders, such as FeatureCreep mods would just show the namespace for the individual item while the built in FeatureCreep items say FeatureCreepMC) this means it can work well for instances with multiple modloaders installed, which is often a concern for configs like this. Searching the modname or namespace can help you search for items in the creative menu. All of these features make the Jade Mod a great addition to Minecraft. Do note that you can not use this together with original  HWYLA due to conflicting classes and packages.


Stack to Nearby Chests

Stack to Nearby Chests is a client-side mod that adds new capabilities and keybinds to help you sort your chests and quickly switch between inventories. Quick stacking and restocking are some of the most prominent features. The mod is highly influenced by the sorting capabilities in the game Terraria ‘s sorting capabilities. Other mods do similar things; some of the capabilities are common in many cheat clients. Some code for iterating with nearby containers/chests is based on EarthComputer’s clientcommands mod. Containers can refer to chests, trapped chests, barrels, shulker boxes, ender chests, and other stuff, the features of this mod work on many different types of containers, not just chests. When you 1st open a chest in the mod, the 1st thing you may see is on the right; there are two arrows, one pointing up and one pointing down. The One pointing up, called Quick Stack, auto stacks items from your inventory to the chest. There must be at least one incomplete stack of the item in the chest for an item to be moved there. Restock (the down arrow) does the same thing but the opposite, filling up the stacks of your inventory from the contents of the chest. Both of these can also be performed with hotkeys. It is also possible to exclude items in the mod options; by default, shulker boxes are excluded. One of the crowning features of this mod over other chest tweak mods is that this OneOne can do it within multiple chests/containers in an area. Stack to nearby containers does Quick Stacks to all the chests within the player’s reach. Restock from nearby chests is similar, but instead of doing Quick Stack, it does restock to the nearby chests. These actions can be done with buttons, but you can also set hotkeys to do it in the mod options. You can also favourite items.Favouriting items can cause them to behave a bit differently (configurable). Favourited items cannot be Quick Stacked into a chest. They will stay in your inventory when performing a Quick stack (making this suitable for excluding particular individual items/stacks while doing a quick stack). You can also configure it to disable Q key throwing, quick moving and quick swapping. Favourites only work in survival mode, and switching to creative mode will wipe out all your favourites, so be careful. Moving an item out of your inventory can also unfavorite it. By default favourite items are marked with a gold badge, but this can be changed in the mod options. Most of the mod is configured with the Mod Options. To access the mod options, use the keyboard shortcut (Left-Ctrl S C). There are three tabs in the mod options, each with different things. In the behaviour tab, you can set things like SearchNot quick stacking items that are in your Hotbar (the bottom part of the inventory that you see on screen while playing)Disabling the picking up of Favourite items (can be suitable for anti-stealing)Disabling Quick Moving of Favourite items Disabling the Swapping of FavouritesDisabling the Throwing of Favourites The Keymap tab is used to set the keyboard shortcuts. By default, only the key for adding Favourite Items and the Key for Opening the mod options screen are set by default, they can be changed. Still, the rest need to be set manually, such as the keys for quick stacking/restocking and stacking/restocking nearby chests. The appearance tab can: Set the default Favourite indicatorSet what buttons you want to show (e.g., the Restock, Quick Stack, and doing these actions for nearby chests)Set the X position of the stack to nearby containers GUI button. This is a client-side-only mod, it does not need to be installed on the server to work, and it is probably suggested that you do not install it on the server. This mod is currently fabric only and requires Fabric API, but the author has said that once bugs are fixed, there could be a Forge version.



Shatter is a mod for Minecraft which has a creative Death Animation when you kill a mob you get a slow animation of the mob fading out and floating and their body parts separating. The effects are quite different on each mob. The Blaze seems to have very good animation, but others such as the Zombie horse also have good animation. The mod is client-side only which means that you can play with it on a server without the mod installed and still get the effects (In fact it warns you if you try to run it on a server.). The mod is also compatible with OptiFine, putting it ahead of many other rendering mods which do not work with Optifine. The mod still works even if a mob is killed by another mob, the animation will still show up. The drops show up as normal and the mob just fades away and does not affect the game in any way that could make it incompatible with servers the mod also works on players meaning you can see your enemies fade away after they die while playing on a server (though the other players will not have the same animation and it is cosmetic only). This mod is for MC Forge 1.16.5 and requires iChunUtil (Don’t let that scare you away though, lots of other great mods use it). The animations do seem to have some drawbacks though, the animations are a little basic, sometimes the fading mob will just get pushed back and fade away with little moving of their body parts, and in general, the animation does not do much unless you like the animation a lot. The animation works on some modded mobs, but not all, such as it did not work on Chaos Awakens or Lycanites, and the mobs from these mods just instantly disappeared with not even the original vanilla death animation. It is likely mods need to manually integrate themselves with this mod. In the vanilla game, not all mobs seem to be fully affected by the animation (and just use the normal death animation), and baby mobs and bosses require you to enable the animations for them in the config, or else they also use the normal death animation. The death animation can also be a bit of a distraction in some cases. But if you like the death animation and want to play on 1.16.5 Forge it may be a good choice, especially if you have a ghost server. They also have 1.16.1, 1.15.2, 1.12.2, 1.10.2, 1.8, 1.7.x, and 1.6.4 versions if you want to play on older versions. This is a very good lightweight vanilla+ mod. The animations are quite similar to those in the Morph mod and the 2 mods are made by the same person, and Shatter has integration with the Morph Mod. If you get this mod you would probably also want to check out a few of ohaiiChun’s other mods, as they have lots of other good vanilla plus mods to enhance your game.


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