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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft fabric tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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Tired of having to replant crops after they get destroyed by mobs or players running over them? You yourself may accidentally jump on a planted crop and end up breaking it. Almost all Minecraft players can relate to this. And this is where the TrampleDisabler mod helps you.The name of the mod itself pretty much explains the function of the mod. It disables trampling. You can now let your farm animals run freely on your wheat fields without having them ruin the crops. You will no longer have to worry about accidentally getting the aesthetics of your crop field ruined.


Dawn API

Dawn API is an API that is used to make various mods for Minecraft. It is a library mod for many of the mods of the Dawn team, adding utility classes and other typical APIs for constructing mods. It aims to be available for the latest version of Minecraft at a given time and focuses mainly on builder classes to make the creation of new features easier, as well as a bunch of data fixing tools and generation. For developers, the Dawn API can be added to the build.gradle of a Gradle project for Fabric, you need to add a few maven repositories as shown on the github, as well as some by other modders like terraformer’s and shedaniel for optional mods. You will also need to set dawn_version = [version] in the players, the Dawn API has its own features, which you can get just by having the mod installed. These include:Extra     NBT parameters for TNT TileEntityA     flying block entity that is similar to a flying falling block /export     command, which can be used to export information about a game’s     content./motion     command, which lets you control the motion and velocity of entities./foodbar     command lets you change the hunger and saturation of entities./health     command lets you control the health of entities.Most of the features are mostly about controlling various elements of blocks and entities, which could be useful for some modpacks and maps, mob battles, or just having fun. Dawn API also has a contributor’s guide on their GitHub for people who want to add their own stuff, which also explains how to get started with development. Dawn API necessitates the use of Fabric API or Quilted Fabric API.Dawn API is mostly for Fabric in general.The developers of Dawn API are also behind Promenade, Culinaire, Artisanat, Mubble, Universal Ores, and other primarily Fabric mods, some of their mods use Dawn API, so if you use them you may want to get Dawn API.Dawn API also has built in compatibility with Cloth Config, Mod Menu, and AppleSkin.


Quilted Fabric API (QFAPI) and Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL)

Quilted Fabric API (QFAPI) and Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL) is the combined name for Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL) and Quilted Fabric API (QFAPI).Note: For Players, we recommend the QuiltLoader QSL+QFAPI because it is backwards compatible with most traditional Fabric Mods plus a few extra, but for Developers, we suggest sticking to Fabric API and Fabric Loader unless you need Quilt Specific Features, though do note that both, especially Quilt are very democratic so you can submit to both of them your ideas. You can also use FeatureCreep if you want to target multiple Platforms.Quilt Standard Libraries (QSL) are a set of libraries designed for making QuiltMC mods. It is a little like Fabric API but for QuiltMC, which adds a lot of new stuff not found in Fabric API, including:Auto Test Server ArgumentsEvent Entry pointsCrash Context APIAbility to exclude entries from registry syncingA helper for additional eventsResource Loader EventsResource Pack Grouping APIMany additions to the Block API, mainly including registries and entitiesRecipe API and AttachmentsBetter client fallback and tags with vanilla integrationMultipart EntitiesEntity selector OptionsSurface RulesModded DFUThere are also some things which are not in the Quilt Standard Libraries that are in the Fabric API; these can be found in the Quilted Fabric API and include some of the following:Rendering Libraries (Some are WIP)    Game RulesMessage APIScreen HandlingData generation (Some are WIP)Resource ConditionsLoot APIConvention TagsTileables for BlocksSome eventsGametest  APIQuilted Fabric API is a port of the Fabric API Built on top of Quilt Standard Libraries; this is part of what allows Quilt to run Fabric Mods and contains lots of the stuff missing from the Quilt Standard Libraries.It is important to note that Quilt Standard Libraries and Quilted Fabric API are separate yet packaged the same in some cases. You can download Quilt Standard Libraries independently on the Quilt Standard Libraries GitHub Page  without QFAPI. The separation of the two led to lots of miscommunication at the beginning of Quilt. Luckily to fix this, the version of QSL on Modrinth (and Later CurseForge and now MinecraftStorage) came with QFAPI by default. Though there are some instances where you may not want QFAPI, an example would be if you wished to bloat less or just needed to test something with only QSL or only needed the QSL entry point and were doing non api modding. Another reason one may not want QFAPI is if you were running some extraction layer like Felt’s Quilt to Fabric and were using a traditional Fabric API (which is not compatible with QFAPI) (though if you are using felt, you would likely want to use their port and FeltMC, in general, should be avoided because of their attitude but can help run on CurseForge packs or when quilt-loader does not support a mod that does work on Fabric).Quilt Standard Libraries require QuiltLoader, which is a standalone mod loader. Though it can also be launched through MC Forge with Quilt Jumpstart or through Fabric with FeltMC’s Quilt to Fabric (Though we would avoid this one), these two options are primarily unofficial and may not work as well as the standalone but have still been used in many events.QSL is more critical for Quilt than Fabric API is for Fabric (still crucial for some stuff) because QuiltLoader has more limited entry points and is supposed to load pre-existing fabric mods or SpongeMixins mainly.To develop mods for Quilt, one can download QuiltLoom (Based on Fabric Loom)(It can also use Yarn mappings but use Quilt ones by default) or update their existing Architectury Templates or Multiloader projects to have Quilt support. Most Fabric mods should work on Quilt, so unless there is a specifically mentioned feature you need, it is likely best you continue using Fabric or use a different API (like Rewoven or a potential future QSL port to Fabric).QuiltMC has seen slow and limited adoption outside Modrinth, which they generally rely on for the mods. Quilt initially had great support in its long development process. Still, some people who were interested in the community did not port or even test and mark compatibility on their existing fabric mods, and even though it has been on CurseForge for a while is still not officially supported by the CurseForge Launcher (though by others) and has not seen too many exclusive mods (and most of the mods in general marked as Quilt are just Fabric mods marked as Quilt) and to an extent has been on the decline. We eventually think SpruceLoader, if they make any progress, will ultimately supersede Quilt as it plans to run Quilt Mods. The Fabric atmosphere, in general, is much more splintered than most other loaders. Despite all this, Quilt still has a big community behind it and is quite popular.Some trendy mods have moved to Quilt, such as: Ok Zoomer (This was a controversial case because of the blocking of Fabric).


Light Overlay

Tired of hostlile mobs taking over you base, because you forgot to light up the area? If yes, this is where the Light Overlay mod will help you. Light Overlay is an amazing utility mod that will help you find dark areas within your Minecraft world. All you have to do is to install this mod and hit the F7 key to turn on an overlay which will show you blocks that are dark enough for mobs to spawn. By default, this mod marks blocks using an grid overlay that marks dark blocks in a different colour. But you can use the config to switch this to numbers and each block will have an overlay that shows the light level of the block. You can also use the config to customize colours, overlay radius and other stuff.This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric. The download links below will take you to the official curseforge files page, from where you can download your required version of the mod.



Inspecio is an amazing utility mod which will certainly enhance your gameplay experience very much. With Inspecio, all items in your inventory as well as the creative menu will have tooltips that contains much more information than the vanilla tooltips provides. The vanilla tooltips will only provide you with the item name and item durability in some cases. But with Inspecio, you will have much more than that. Hovering you cursor over a shulkerbox will show you the contents of the shulkerbox. In vanilla Minecraft, you'll have to place the shulkerbox down and open it in order to see its content. So Inspecio saves you a ton of time and effort here. Hovering your cursor over any food item will visually show you the amount of health, hunger and saturation that it regenerates. For potions, the tooltip will tell you what the potion does and in some cases, shows an image that represents the effects of the potion. For spawn eggs, the tooltips will show you a 3D version of the mob it spawns. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod.This is a Fabric mod and download links are given below.


Ok Zoomer

OptiFine has a feature where you can press a keybind to zoom in your camera. What happens is that the game FOV is reduced as long as the keybind is being held down. Unfortunately, Fabric performace mods like sodium does not offer this feature. Ok Zoomer is a Fabric alternative for the OptiFine zoom. With this mod installed, you can set a keybind to zoom in your view. This mod easily outbeats the OptiFine zoom with its features. You can use ModMenu to set a zoom animation, add motion blur, manually set your zoom FOV, etc. Download links for this mod are given below.



OptiFabric is a simple mod that allows you to run OptiFine on the Fabric mod loader. This mod takes OptiFine and makes it compatible with Fabric at runtime. Note that OptiFine does not come bundles with this mod, so you'll have to download it separately from the official website. Add both the OptiFabric mod and your preferred OptiFine version to .minecraft/mods folder and you will be able to access the wide range of tweaks and setting that OptIFine offers, on Fabric.Download links are given below.


Fabric Seasons

Minecraft has different biomes. We have a variety of them from hot deserts to snowy mountains to icy oceans. Minecraft has a few weather types too... like rain, snow, thunderstorm, etc. All these, and yet we do not have seasons in the game. This is where the Fabric Seasons mod will help you.Fabric seasons mod adds four new seasons into your game. Each season lasts for 28 Minecraft days. As days move on, you'll notice the colours of grass and leaves slowly changing because of the seasons. This mod will be a great if you are trying to make your gameplay experience more immersive. Moreover, you can use the /time set 0 command to reset the seasons. The mod also adds season detector blocks into your game. These can be crafted using daylight sensors, and you can use them to determine the current season. You'll also have a calendar that will help you determine what the current season is and how long it's gonna last.The mod offers a fabric version and download links can be found below.


Not Enough Animations

Minecraft has many inconsistencies. For example, eating or drinking in third person perspective does not even involve moving the player's hand, whereas, in first person perspective, the player moved his hand to his mouth while eating/drinking. This is mildly infuriating and the developers don't seem to care. But we have the Not Enough Animations mod to fix all these inconsistencies.This mod makes Minecraft animations more realistic and consistent. A player holding a map will have a large map in his hand, when viewed in third person. Drinking/Eating also has third person animations and a player riding a boat will have an animation of him rowing the boat. The mod's settings can also be tweaked to your liking.The mod offers versions for fabric and download links can be found below.


Illuminations Mod

Illuminations is a mod that will add various new light-related items into your game. This simple mod will help you make your gameplay experience, especially at night or in dark areas in-game. You can also customize this mod and it's features according to your likings.The mod adds stuff like fireflies, chorus petals, Eyes in the dark and more. Fireflies will spawn in most biomes. Large quantities of them can be found in swamp biomes. These are tiny orbs of light that the player cannot interact with. These glowing particles will make your game look good, especially if you have shaders. Chorus petals are particles that spawn in the end islands along with chorus plants. You will see some purple coloured particles floating around. Break a chorus flower and you can see a burst of petals. Eyes in the dark will spawn eyes in dark areas, especially inside caves. These will spice up cave exploration.The mod offers a version for Fabric and download links are given below.


Incantationem Mod

Vanilla Minecraft enchantments aren't very special. Some enchantment like Bane Of Anthropods doesn't even make any noticeable difference. If you feel like the vanilla enchantments are boring, the Incantationem mod might interest you.This mod 10+ enchantments and about 3 curses into your game. Unlike most of the vanilla enchantments, these enchantments will actually impact your gameplay. For example, the magnetic enchantment can be applied to leggings and it will attract items and XP orbs towards the player. The Reaping Rod enchantment can be applied to fishing rods. If you kill a hostile mob using the enchanted fishing rod, you will get effects that are similar to what will happen if you eat an enchanted golden apple. The enchantment is only available for fishing rods, so that it does not become too overpowered.The mod is available for Fabric and download links can be found below.


Custom Stars Mod

Become the lord of the sky using the Custom Stars mod. This simple mod allows you to customize the stars in your Minecraft night sky. You can change the size, colour and amount of stars to your liking. The mod also allows you to customize the end sky to a colour of your liking.The mod is useful for both casual players and builders alike. Casual players can use this mod to make their game graphics more appealing. Builders can use the mod to make their build screenshots more lively and beautiful. Take a look at the screenshots to see it for yourself.The mod offers a Fabric version and download links are given below.



Wanna control time in Minecraft like Doctor Strange does in the movies? If yes, the G4MESPEED mod will give you that power. Well, you cannot travel to the past, but you can slow down or speed up the passage of time to your will. The mod will help you to control the tick rate of your game simply by pressing certain keybinds. So it's not wrong to say that you have time at your fingertips :)With a slowed down tick rate, everything in your world will slow down. Pistons, day/night duration, mob behaviour, mob speed and even the player itself. And if you speed up the game, the vice-versa will happen. The mod allows to go as far as billions of ticks per second, although the maximum speed will depend on your PC specifications.The mod offers a Fabric version and download links are given below.


Universal Graves

We have all lost our Minecraft stuff after dying far away from your base. So far that you don't even know the coordinates to that location. This is depressing and might even demotivate you from continuing your survival world. But hey, there's a mod that can solve this issue. And it is the Universal Graves mod.This mod sends the coordinates of your death location along with the death message in the chat. Okay, now if you're in a server, everyone in the chat can see your death coordinate and can steal your valuable stuff. And that is the reason why this mod gives you the ability to lock the chest for a certain amount of time after your death. Alongside, you can also tweak other stuff that this mod does for you. Want to store your XP? There's an option for that. Want to lock your chests forever? You can tweak that too. There's plenty of different options that you can tweak according to your convenience.This mod offers a Fabric version and download links can be found below.


Hookshot Mod

Travelling in Minecraft is somewhat difficult. Traversing through thick forests and mountainous terrain is a bit tiring. If you have these problems, the Hookshot mod will help you a lot. This mod adds a grappling hooks into your game. You can use these hooks to climb mountains or straight up glide above terrains that are hard to traverse. The player can hold the grapple hook in his hand and right click to shoot it out. The hook will then attack to the first solid block along it's vector path. Then the chain attached to the hook will start pulling you. You can further enhance you grapple hook by upgrading it. Upgrading it with a prismarine shard will let to use the hook underwater. Upgrading with an eye of ender will let you teleport instead of pulling you. And more...This mod offers versions for Fabric and download links are given below.


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