Best Minecraft forest mods

In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft forest tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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Biome Bundle

Biome Bundle is a world generation mod that introduces a new set of biomes in Minecraft. Usually, in Minecraft, there are few biomes with limited categories of structures; trees, caves, villager houses, etc. But with this mod, you can enjoy thousands of new structures in Minecraft. Biome Bundle adds a lot of fun and adventure to Minecraft. You can be amazed seeing the floating islands to underwater cities. There are plenty of things that you will discover for the first time with the Biome Bundle mod. This mod contains more than two thousand custom structures that include:TreesCastlesVillager HousesRocksDungeonsRuinsBiomesTerrainsCavesCustom Mobs    And Much More

Einstine Pc


The Naturalist mod introduces new animals to Minecraft. With this mod, you will find wild animals roaming Minecraft. This mod includes variants for most animals found in the jungles, like lions, snakes and more.Roaming freely in the jungle won’t be the same with this mod. Eventhough these animals don’t attack the players, hitting them might trigger them, and they can come in rage, attacking the player. Most of these animals are friendly and don’t attack the players.You might find different real life species with this mod, and that includes many birds, animals, and snakes. The animals include the Lion, Bear, Giraffe, Hippo, and Rhinoceros. There are different variants and colors of birds, and snakes, which can be found in other biomes.

Einstine Pc

Untamed Wilds

Minecraft has a wide range of terrains, biomes and structures. In real life, forest biomes are filled with life. But when it comes to Minecraft forests, all that you get is a few cows and horses, along with some zombies and creepers. This is what the Untamed Wilds mod focuses on improving. This mod makes Minecraft more lively by adding a ton of new mobs into the game. You can find animals like bears, hippos, rhinos and hyenas roaming around your world. You will also come across over 15 varieties of snakes. The oceans will be filled with life with new types of fishes, turtles and frogs.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Twilight Forest Mod

Want more excitement to your world? well The Twilight Forest mod calls for you! this is a very interesting mod that adds a new realm to Minecraft. It’s reached very much like the nether but it encompasses an entire world forever in a state of twilight and surrounded completely by immense trees and giant mushrooms. The new realm adds a slew of features to make the game that much more entralling. The world gives plenty of new areas to discover like densely guarded dungeons, new creatures like rams, deer, and fireflies, as well as many new mobs, items, biomes and even abandoned castles. And, like the Nether, glowstone grows here naturally. The portal is very easy to create as well. It’s simply a 2x2x1 hole in the ground surrounded by flowers and filled with water. All you need to do then is to toss in a single diamond and the portal spawns.


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