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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft server tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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Crash Utilities

Crash Utilities is a powerful tool for fixing common server issues. It comprises of a series of utilities and commands, allowing players to locate and solve problems quickly and efficiently. With the new CTRL+U feature, users can open their Crash Utilities GUI, complete with a map view of loaded chunks, a view of the number of entities/TileEntities on a map, and the ability to open other players' inventories. In addition, Crash Utilities provides users with commands such as the ability to get log files and crash reports via command, clear items if there are more than X on the ground, find specific TileEntities in the world, send players to Spawn, Crossdimensional Teleport Command, check RAM usage over time, find chunks with large amounts of entities, and read and remove items from player inventories (Curio support). Crash Utilities is constantly looking to improve, with plans to add profiling capabilities in the future. The creator of this mod is open to suggestions, even encouraging players to message him with ideas. For further help, users may also reach out to the creator on Twitter or Discord with any questions.


FTB Teams

FTB Teams is a team mod used in many Feed the Beast Modpacks. It is used to create teams for many of the other mods in the FTB mod series, such as FTB Quests and FTB Chunks; teams have various roles in these, so FTB decided to make a team mod to do teamwork in a multiplayer server.To create a team, run the command“/ftbteams create name”This will create a new team. To change the settings of your team, run the command:“/ftbteams settings <key> <value>”You can choose from many different elements to change the value of. If you are the server admin, you can change the team information based on the data in the folder “world/data/ftbteams”.Being in a team provides a few advantages depending on the FTB mod, such as:FTB Quests allows you to complete quests with your teammatesFTB Chunks allows your teammates to enter your chunks and share map data and see team data in the minimap


BisectHosting Server Integration Menu

BisectHosting Server Integration Menu is a mod which allows you to quickly startup a Minecraft server with BisectHosting directly within Minecraft Itself. BisectHosting is a popular Minecraft Server host which is commonly sponsoring various Minecraft mods and helping the community. They like some other Minecraft server hosts (like CreeperHost), have various mods to work with the game, however theirs may be one of the easiest to quickly startup a server with. The mod is mostly for Modpack developers to do advertising with rather than a tool that is actually useful for players. When you go to the multiplayer screen you will see a section at the top that says Need a server? Clicking on this fills out a screen that makes you select a pre-existing modpack from a platform or a loader and then lets you fill out information about the specs you need and brings you to the bisect hosting checkout page. This can also fill out a config file. The ideal way to do this is if you are a modpack maker you will go to the config, and in MC Forge go to config/bhmenu-client.toml or on FabricMC /config/bhmenu/ and then fill out the info about the Title and Description and the Partner ID (which can be found at the console) and the Modpack ID (which can also be found at the console). Filling this config out makes it easier for a player of a modpack to just click on the link and automatically have the ability to have the pack selected. The bisect hosting mod does not appear to just let you upload your existing playset to the plan automatically but rather as just a way to get a new server with an existing modpack which making it more of an option for affiliates to put in their modpacks than a tool for players to actually use (at the end of the day you just end up back on their website). BisectHosting is known for their advertising and sponsorships, they are the Raid: Shadow Legends of Minecraft modding, they advertise a lot. Their prices are not too good, you would be better off going for something like SparkedHost if you cared about price, but if you want to support creators BisectHosting could be a good option if you use the creator’s code. Using a creator’s code can also get you a discount in the beginning.


Snail Mail

Snail Mail adds a fun courier system to Minecraft. As the name suggests, you can send letters and items to your friends using snails, that act as message carriers. You simply need to craft a snailbox using a nautilus shell and iron ingots. This can be used as a mailbox and this is where letters and packages are sent from. You also need a stamp and an envelope to send packages. Stamps can be crafted using paper and ink sacs. And envelopes can be crafted using paper and iron nuggets. These can then be put into a snail box along with items that you would like to send. Type in the name of another player on the server and a snail will appear and slowly move towards the player to deliver the items you have sent. This mod offers version for both Forge and Fabric. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. Download links are given below.



Ever joined a server and wandered around searching for hidden treasures, only to find chests that have been looted by someone else. Ever flied deep in to the dark vastness of the End dimension, only to come across end fortresses which have already been looted. The Lootr mod helps you overcome this issue by adding unique inventory for every player on a server.Click Here For More Information and Mod Commands.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Starter Kit

The Starter Kit mod allows you to set give some starter items for players who are joining a world for the first time. The items can be set using a config file. It is also possible to assign items to any specific slot in the player's inventory. And this includes armor slots and offhand.Set you inventory and use the command /starterkit set to set a starter kit.This is a Forge mod. The download links given below will take you to the official curseforge files page from where you can download your required version of the mod.


Custom Started Gear

Custom Started Gear is an amazing mod that will let you decide what starter items players will have in their inventory when logging in into a world for the first time. This will be very useful when playing with your friends on your server. Here's a guide on how to use the mod :Put all the items you wish players to start with in your inventory (Note the slot in which you place them will also be saved)Then run the command "/csg_config set" to save your inventory.Now when a player logs in for the first time they will get an exact copy of your inventory. (Including item NBT and meta, as well as armor equipped) If you want to manually give a specific player an inventory, you can use this command :  "/csg_config give <player>" Download links are given below.


Login Protection

Login Protection is a mod that can be used to avoid taking damage or death while logging into a Minecraft world or a server. This mod can be used on singleplayer worlds as well as server side. Although, this mod will prove much useful on servers. The mod is small, simple and lightweight and has settings that you can configure. You can configure how long to protect the player after logging in and the distance the player can move until the protection ends.This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric. The download links given below will take you to the official curseforge files page from where you can download your required version of the mod.


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