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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft vanilla friendly tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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Jade πŸ”

Jade is a special version of HWYLA that is easier to use. It has extra features and fixes bugs that make HWYLA better, it is a modern more updated version fork of Hwyla/Waila for Minecraft. It is designed to provide players with an improved user experience and API. Jade can be  client side only, but many features require it to be installed on the server side as well (such as item storage, horse stats, and bees in a beehive). There are many addons for both Forge and Fabric/Quilt. The default keys are as follows: Keypad 0 opens the configuration screenKeypad 1 toggles the overlayKeypad 2 toggles liquid displayKeypad 3 shows recipes (requires Just Enough Items)Keypad 4 shows uses (requires JEI and the mod to be     configured for it) Keypad 5 narrates the target.     Compared to Hwyla, Jade includes a redesigned API,  more vanilla addons, and better configuration and accessibility.Some features include item handlers, which show items inside Item handlers, which shows things that are in such as chests,     hoppers, and ender chests.     A breaking progress feature, which shows a small progress bar     when a block is being broken indicating progress.     A brewing stand feature, which shows the fuels and process     time.      Mob effects which shows what potion effects mobs have.     Entity and plant growth is also shown, which shows the     growing time and breeding cooldown of animals.     Horse stats are also shown, including jump height, speed, and     strength of horses and llamas. Item frame contents are also shown,     which shows the item in the item frame.     The mod also has a hide mod names feature, which hides the     mod name in the tooltip.     Beehives  shows the bees and honey in beehives.     Armour stands shows the armours on the armour stand.     Chicken eggs are also show the time before the next egg.     Command blocks show which commands are in the command line.Many more For modders, the mod also has additional tooltip renderers, such as the name of the mod according to Fabric or MCForge (Note this can work for loaders on top of loaders, such as FeatureCreep mods would just show the namespace for the individual item while the built in FeatureCreep items say FeatureCreepMC) this means it can work well for instances with multiple modloaders installed, which is often a concern for configs like this. Searching the modname or namespace can help you search for items in the creative menu. All of these features make the Jade Mod a great addition to Minecraft. Do note that you can not use this together with original  HWYLA due to conflicting classes and packages.



The Near mod is the perfect addition to any Nether-themed pack, adding a plethora of new fruits to the Nether. The mod adds two new fruits - Nears and Faars - which grow on bushes. To obtain these, you can break crimson and warped roots to get respective fruit's bush seeds. With these, you can make a variety of foods depending on your needs and desires. The mod also adds soul berries which can be found from soul bushes in soul sand valleys. What makes the Near mod stand out is its upcoming overhaul. Many of the blocks and items will change a lot as new content is added, so older worlds will be incompatible. This means players can look forward to a new and improved version of the mod with the new versions of the mod such as the 1.20 update. With all the new features being implemented, it is sure to provide an even more immersive Nether experience. The Near mod is an excellent mod for any Nether-themed pack, allowing players to make use of a variety of new fruits. It’s easy to use and provides a unique experience for players. With its upcoming overhaul, players can look forward to an even better version of the mod with more features. So if you’re looking for a great mod to add to your Nether-themed pack, then the Near mod. There appear to be 10 currently in the mod right now, they do not appear to have any special abilities at the moment,  though I am sure they will expand the mod more and make the food more unique in upcoming updates. Many of the foods and drinks have special appearances, some based on vanilla (like stew and some drinks) while others have completely original textures such as the Nears and Faars. It is a good Vanilla + Mod as it does not have much that is that extreme and just enhances existing nether biomes. It is Fabric and Quilt only, though an unofficial MC Forge Port does exist based on MCreator.


Choice Theorem's Overhauled Village Generation

Choice Theorem's Overhauled Village Generation is a Minecraft mod by the developer Choice Theorem that updates the game's village generation system. It adds a plethora of new features to the game, including new structures, mob types, and more. With this mod, players can create their own unique villages and customise them to their liking. The mod comes with over 20 original village variants and lots of other new structures related to biomes. The mod starts off by replacing the vanilla village generation system with a new one. This new system includes more variation in the types of structures that can be found in villages, as well as more size and shape variations. Players will also find new types of mobs, including different types of villagers and new types of animals, such as horses, cows, and pigs that are normally found in villages.   However the most important part to the mod is the new structures . These structures can be used to create unique buildings and fortifications, adding an extra layer of complexity to the game. These structures are what allows players to create their own villages and customise them to their liking. Overall, Choice Theorem's Overhauled Village Generation mod is an excellent way to enhance the game's village generation system, which is fairly primitive in the vanilla game with Mojang abandoning huge parts villages and features related to the villages.  If you're looking for a way to make the game's village generation system more interesting and engaging, then this mod is definitely worth checking out. It is available for Fabric/Quilt/Forge and also Datapack for 1.17.1 and newer, if you ask for older you will be sent to Brasil by the dev (yes that is literally something he says on some of his pages when asked for backports) because the technical limit is too high. There are many new villages in a huge gallary.It is perfectly safe to add CTOV to an existing world and update worlds with CTOV. The Structures are compatible with the /locate command making finding the villages fairly easy. It is server side only and does not need to be installed on the client in most cases as it is a server-resource-pack (a datapack). The mod part is mostly init files for the loader, there is not very much Java. It is important to note though that this does modify existing vanilla structures and could have compatibility issues with other mods which do the same thing. If you want to add this mod to a modpack you should also link back to the original curseforge page. The mod has been tested as compatible with many world generation mods such as Terralith, Oh The Biomes You’ll Go,Biomes O’ Plenty, MCA Reborn, and others.  Waystones, Farmer’s Delight, More Villagers, Croptiopia, and Bountiful, with more planned, have their own addon datapacks which can be installed separately for compatibility.Though some issues do exist such as the error:[17:45:30] [Worker-Main-19/WARN]: Empty or non-existent pool: ctov:village/red_fortified/start_road[17:46:82] [Worker-Main-19/WARN]: Empty or non-existent pool: ctov:village/red_fortified/start_roadNote: 1.17.1 Version is a datapack and should be put in the datapacks folder and enabled upon world creation.


Horse Buff

Horse Buff is a QoL (Quality of Life) mod that adds various tweaks to horses. The tweets vary from removing potentially unnecessary stuff, adding new stuff to make horses better, or even fixing bugs that Mojang has not fixed themselves in some versions.Horse Buff has different effects on the server and the client, so it is important that you have the mod on both the server and the client to get the full effect of the mod. One of the biggest changes is that a horse can walk through portals without dismounting, which can make it essential for fast interdimensional missions that require you to quickly switch dimensions. It works with both the nether and the end, and possibly with modded dimensions. Do note, however, that the bug is only fixed when the player is riding the horse as a vehicle, as riding it another way and having this work would change the game. It is also important to note that with the nether, you still need to wait some time for you to be sucked into the portal unless you have some mod that reduces the time, so it will not be like the music videos where you can just fly right into the nether; you will still need to wait, though this does not exist with the end, which is more sudden.Another change is that when riding on slabs, in vanilla, the horse has a jerking motion when riding on the stairs, this mod reduces it. This also makes stepping on blocks easier by increasing the step height from 1 to 1,1. This slight change makes climbing over bumps with horses so much easier—a little like an auto jump.Another good change is that you can also dig at normal speed when riding a horse. In vanilla, while riding on a horse, your digging speed is reduced; however, with this mod, it is normal again. One more good thing about tamed horses is that if they have a saddle, they will not wander around, so you will not have as many issues finding them if you need to spend some time away.Perhaps the most innovative server-side feature is the new breeding system. It takes traits from the parents and adds 10% random traits from each of them, give or take, and then clamps them to the vanilla minimum and maximum stats. This is mostly in horse breeding, so it may not be as noticeable to the average player, but it does produce more interesting horses in some cases. There are also some client-side features; however, these are less noticeable, kind of optional, and do not always work. You do not need the mod installed on the client if you do not want it in most cases, as the mod does not add any new registry keys that the server needs to sync.One of the client-side features is that if you look down, you can see through your horse more with a fade, making it easier to do things while looking down, like go down a hill. Another cool feature is the ability to modify the horse’s head pitch offset, which is basically the position of the horse’s head and makes it easier to see. The most important client-side feature is that you can see your player's survival inventory instead of the horse's (which is accessible with the normal E).The keys can be changed with your Minecraft keybinds. There is a final, more cosmetic change, where if you have a name tag named "jeb_" it is supposed to make the horses rainbow and change colours, a little like sheep do; however, we could not get this feature to work on our instance.The mod comes bundled with Cloth Config API to configure the mod.You can see examples on their GitHub



Enderscape is an End enhancement mod designed to make the end more enjoyable with things like new biomes, items, mobs, blocks, decorations, and more. While the end is normally pretty boring, especially in newer updates with the islands, this mod tries to make the end more fun, a lot like the overworld but with more of an end theme.Some of the biomes include theCelestial Plains, which is kind of like a mushroom biome with lots of brown plants, tall blank mushrooms, and various end mobsCorrupt Depths is a biome found beneath the end islands with strange plants and glowing stalactites from top to bottom.And a lot moreThey contain a bunch of different items that can be used as decoration for your base; often with a purple or brown theme, the plants would make a good addition to the garden. There is also a new material called Nebulite which has special abilities, and a mirror, which also has special abilities. Both can be used in conjunction with the cauldrons. Lots of the stuff is celestial themed, like many other mods that add things at the end. This mod has different variations for its blocks, like the ability to build things like signs and doors.There are three main new mobs added; two of them are Drifters and Rubblemites. The drifters look like a combination of jellyfish and mushrooms and fly in the plains, while Rubblemites are brown creatures that are small and roam the floor.The mod in general makes the End look very nice, and it looks even nicer with shaders, such as Nostalgia Shaders.The content in this mod is much more quality of life based and is not as overkill as other end overhaul mods such as BetterEnd; you do not even get to the modded biomes until you venture out, and the mobs are not very powerful and easy to kill with vanilla gear, and the drops are also not overly powerful, making this a good Vanilla Plus Friendly end overhaul mod, though it can still be used in conjunction with other end mOutside of the Fabric API/Quilted Fabric API, BCLib is also required. BCLib has a lot of features, such as custom worldgen, especially in other dimensions such as the End via BetterX. When starting the game with BCLib for the first time, you will get a configuration screen giving you many options, such as the ability to turn off the BetterX world generator, the ability to turn off the Unsupported Settings Screen (similar to Shutup Experimental Settings! and Disable Custom Worlds Advice), and more, though it only comes up once.


Farming for Blockheads

Farming for Blockheads is a small farming mod that adds various farming stuff to the game. These things make farming in Minecraft Easier for the player by adding things like fertilizer, chicken coops, auto feeders, trading posts, and more. The mod is quite simple and lightweight and keeps the game's balance the same.Fertilizers are one of the main things in the mod. There are three types of fertilizer; the Yellow makes crops grown on it immune to being trampled on. The Green Makes them grow in higher quantity, and the Red makes them grow faster. The fertilisers can be mixed, but you cannot mix Red and Green. In creative mode, you can obtain all the preferdalised block combinations, while in survival, you can get the federalised blocks by clicking farmland with the fertiliser you want to apply.The chicken coop you place, and the nearby chickens will place their egg in it.There is also a feeder, you put it somewhere, and then you set your preferred food by right-clicking, it can even be a full stack, and then the nearby animals which eat that type of food will automatically come by there and eat it and automatically have children. Though you can have a stack of items, you can only have 1 type of item per feeder.There is also a trading post containing a villager from which you can buy different types of plants/saplings or farm material; however, to buy an item requires an emerald, so just like other villagers, it is not a good deal to trade with him.The mod is quite simple and makes farming, in general, more straightforward and more efficient. The mod works on FabricMC/QuiltMC and MC Forge and uses the MultiLoader template. The mod integrates with other mods such as Just Enough Items, Simple Farming, Biomes O Plenty, and More.



Tectonic's approach to worldgen is quite interesting; it makes everything look quite a lot bigger and more imposing than in vanilla, with overall larger rivers, larger mountains and more interesting fields for plains style biomes, while still keeping things walkable and not overdoing anything. Building and exploring are still not too much of a hassle even with all the new terrain generation going on.It's difficult to describe the contents of a worldgen mod, so I left a whole bunch of pictures of all sorts of biomes to showcase it better. You may also notice that vanilla trees have been reworked to have more interesting shapes, which helps with the atmosphere and may even give you a little push to make a tree house base.Tectonic has a patch to make it compatible with Terralith, in case you'd like to mix both.


Creeper Overhaul

A simple yet incredibly well executed mod, Creeper Overhaul perfectly replicates the feeling of the game's biomes with a new type of creeper for each one.From the fluffy snowy Creeper to the camouflaged jungle one, every single one of them is beautifully sprited and modeled, to the point of feeling like content that should've been in the game from the start. There isn't much content besides the visuals, but it's worth nothing that some of them are passive and that they all have great support with shaderpacks or emissive textures when exploding.


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