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Yung’s Bridges

Yung’s Bridges is a Mod for MinecraftForge and FabricMC, which adds a collection of over 15 different types of bridges which naturally spawn around your world. It claims to be the 1st mod which has naturally spawning bridges. It is developed by YUNGNICKYUNG, who is well known for his other structure mods. This mod required Yung’s API, so if you install this mod, it is suggested you install some of YUNG’s Other Mods because many of those also require YUNG’s API, and Yung’s Bridges has integration (or priority compatibility) with some of his other mods, along with some other mods.Some of the mods Yung’s Bridges has intended compatibility with are: YUNG’s     Better MineshaftsYUNG’s     Better StrongholdsYUNG’s     Better DungeonsYUNG’s ExtrasOh the Biomes You'll GoBiomes O' PlentySome of the mods Yung’s Bridges has integrations with are:Terraforged: Terraforged makes the rivers smaller and gives them steeper banks. It is suggested you have higher Spawn Rates with this mod.Terralith: This mod makes the rivers have steeper banks, so you should also increase the spawn rates.Upstream: This has the opposite issue where the bridges are too large for most bridges. It would help if you increased spawn rates, especially for larger bridges. Bridges are still rare with rivers from Upstream, but if you do have this, you will be most lucky when there are islands in the middle of the river. The bridges vary a lot in size and complexity. Some are just basic log bridges that can cross small to medium-sized rivers, while others are more complex. Yung’s Bridges can be considered a Vanilla plus mod as it is not overkill in the features and bloat, but it is also not super empty. Many of the bridges are a community built. The mod adds no new blocks or items, only structures. Unlike many more extensive structure mods, this one is pretty small and does not take as big of a toll on performance as structure mods commonly do.  Like some other mods by Yung, Yung's Bridges use special processors to make the bridges work on all kinds of rivers with custom generation for different rivers. In the video, the author shows the code and goes through the process of fixing the bugs, and Yung has one of the best communities around his mods.The bridges are often simple and made of vanilla materials (most commonly different variants of stone, wood, or a mix of the 2). Some of the mods have roofs over them. Some even have lanterns hanging from them; others have touched on them staircases, moss, and other decorations. Yung’s Bridges are different from Macaw’s Bridges. Macaw’s Bridges is mostly a mod that provides you with materials (such as Rope bridges, support pillars, stairs, and other stuff) for building custom bridges, while Yung’s Bridges is mostly for pre-generated worlds along rivers. Macaw’s bridges may help build air bridges (something Yung aimed to avoid in his mod), bridges over rugged terrain, or other instances where bridges or rope may be helpful. Both mods add different degrees of Utility and Decoration. However, Macaw’s Bridges are more for utility, while Yung’s bridges are more for decoration. You can use both mods together if you want both.


Yung’s API

Yung’s API is a world-generation API commonly used by Yung’s mods and a variety of other mods. It has collections of shared methods and data abstractions for data-related stuff including JSON.For players, just install this like any other mod. For developers, you can include the files in your developer environment. The mod by itself does very little but is used for other mods.This was originally designed for Yung’s mods, but Yung encourages use for other mod developers. Some of the features held by Yung API are:       A new Jigsaw Manager that has a custom pool of element types with various settings that perform better (Can see in Yung’s Better  Dungeons Source code)      Automatic Registration on 1.18 via an annotation (@AutoRegister and a bunch of children annotations/interfaces or classes) that lets you register with just a field so long as you include the value() method.     Features for locating structures    Codec Helper making new Codecs more easily   JSON Parsers templates as Java Interfaces which can be used for making things like Java Beans   Various Java Services   Maths utilities focusing on Vectors and Columns positions   Noise Library   Block and Item randomisers called BlockStateRandomizer and ItemRandomizer make it easy to have different variations of blocks or items in a structures   Newer  versions in some cases (at least in Fabric), also come with Javassist for Manipulation and Reflection Utils and a bunch of other stuff   MoreIf you need support, you can always join Yung’s Discord Server . It is compatible with both Minecraft Forge and FabricMC/QuiltMC and uses the MultiLoader Template to target all 3, as does most of Yung’s other mods (Yung is likely one of the biggest users of the MultiLoader Template) meaning that is likely the recommended way to use it, though you can likely use it in almost any environment.The Official Yung Mods that use this are:      YUNG's     Better Caves v1.1 and on 1.16.4 and newer   YUNG's  Better Mineshafts v2.0 and on 1.16.4 and newer    YUNG's     Better Portals []    YUNG's     Better Strongholds     YUNG's     Better Dungeons      YUNG's     Better Desert Temples   YUNG's     Better Ocean Monuments       YUNG's     Better Witch Huts     YUNG's     Bridges   YUNG's     Extras   Traveler's     Titles []   Paxi     [](Despite not having anything to do with world generation)Some non-Yung mods use this such as add-ons for Yung Mods.


Yung's Better WitchHuts

Yung’s Better WitchHuts is another structure mod created by YungNickYoung. The vanilla witch hut that can be found in the swamp biomes have remained the same for many years. But with this mod, like other Yung mods, you can now enjoy a modified version of Witch Huts.The Yung’s Better WitchHuts mod has expanded upon the vanilla witch huts, adding more space. They now have two rooms, unlike the vanilla ones which has only one room. The magic room and the bedroom are separated, which makes them look much better than the vanilla ones.While exploring swamp biomes, you might also come across the Witch Altar, with a cauldron in the center, covered with traps. Another structure added by Yung’s Better WitchHuts is the witch brewery circle, where you will come across witches brewing magical potions.

Einstine Pc

Yung's Better Desert Temple

Yung’s Better Desert Temple is one of the many structure mods made by YungNickYoung. As the name suggests, this mod modifies the Vanilla Desert Temple, which has remained the same since they were added. With this mod, you will find a newer and better version of them.They still spawn randomly in the middle of the desert biomes and are rare to find as they were, but they have replaced the vanilla desert temples, which had the loot with TNT traps in the middle of them. With Better Desert Temple mod, you can enter the Temple from one of its four entrances, one on each side.These Temples are filled with random loot, which includes enchanted armor, tools, hidden treasure maps, golden apples, and many more rare items. You might also come across mini-games like casino and target and arrows in these castles, which rewards ingots and other rare items upon completion.

Einstine Pc

Yung's better Ocean Monument

Yung’s Better Ocean Monument is another structure mod created by YungNickYoung. This mod modifies pre-made ocean monuments in Minecraft, which look dull and have remained the same for years, to make them look better.With the Better Ocean Monument mod, the monuments have been entirely replaced with new ones which are bigger and more advanced than vanilla monuments. These Ocean monuments are still captured by aqua mobs, Guardians and their leader, Elder Guardians, that can attack and damage the player from a distance.With this mod, you can find a lot more loot in the Monuments. Entering the monument, you can find the trident placed on a wall. In vanilla, it can only be obtained by killing the drowned mob. These monuments are much broader, and has many secret rooms with items hidden in them.

Einstine Pc

YUNG's Extras

 YUNG's Extras is a structure mod made by YungNickYoung, one of the best modders for structure mods. This mod works well with lots of Yung’s other mods and Terralith. This mod is more of a bunch of ones that do not fit as well into Yung’s other mods.There are lots of pillars and ruins and lots of Easter eggs. A large amount of the structures are from the desert, as this was originally supposed to be a desert decorations mod. There are also wells, Obelisks, Flame Outposts, and more Desert Structures Update Mod.These structures are hard to find with the /locate command or Explorer;s Compass, so you will need to find them manually. Most of the structures are in the Desert or Swamp.The desert is often considered neglected and this mod adds a few needed changed to it while not being over the top and significantly changing the vanilla feel. Swamps are not really good for structures due to its nature of being full of trees and vines, but this mod’s structures blend in very well with the swamp biome.Yung’s Extras is also a Vanilla+ mod which adds a few tweaks. Most of the structures are simple wells or city ruins or very simple towers. Many of the towers are quite simple and this is not an over the top structure mod. It best be used with other worldgen mods, it tries to be compatible with many others. It uses all vanilla blocks and does not add very much by itself.It uses Yungs API, which by itself is quite large. If you do use this and are not meant to be a minimalist pack, you should add Yung’s other mods due to the shared code. Many of Yung’s other structure mods are much more advanced and have much greater structures. Unlike most structure mods, this one does not do serious harm to performance. Structure (and other worldgen mods) are often some of the worst for performance, making this one better than most others especially if you do not need too many, though the structures often have little use and are mostly for decorations.


YUNG's Better Dungeons

What's better than a new world to explore with Yung?? Enjoy this new amazing mod where you go on adventures to find new types and sorts of things hidden in these new and amazing dungeons!! Dungeons are frequently associated with medieval castles, and its connection to torture stretches back to the Renaissance. Nothing compares to the excitement of discovering an entirely new universe full of possibilities owing to this innovative new design. Dungeons in Minecraft have been totally revamped in a way never seen before. The three new dungeons in YUNG's Better Dungeons are Catacombs, Fortresses of the Undead, and Spider Caves.


YUNG's Better Strongholds

New mod alert!! A fortified location that has been reinforced to withstand attack is known as a stronghold. Minecraft's strongholds have been completely revamped, making them significantly more intricate and entertaining while remaining loyal to the original concepts. There are over 15 distinct chambers to explore, as well as several sorts of tunnels and passageways, stairwells, traps, and secret locations! Don't miss out on the chance to learn new things and visit such impressive sites! All gamers that have a strong handle on the game will be ecstatic with this update!


Yung's Better Caves

The moment I opened this Mod I was taken back, Yung's Better Caves are everything we could hope for from a Cave update. The mass of sprawling tunnels with tight crawl spaces, winding corners and vast open areas freshens up MInecraft's caves and I thoroughly recommend to any spelunkers out there who love to go adventuring deep below ground. This mod adds flooded caves, lava lakes and huge water filled caverns along with tight 1-2 block crawl spaces, its everything you want and more for that Vanilla + cave experience.  


Yungs better caves mod

This mod turns minecraft caves from small, to massive! This mod makes it much more fun to mine!This mod also has loads of water caverns where your respiration helmet will be of perfect use as well as your depth strider boots!Another cool thing about these caves is that they are interconnected for miles! Instead of keeping you to your boring strip mine methods, it will make you stick for hours on end in these stunning mines

Andrei De Stefani

YUNG's Better Mineshafts

This Mod completely revamps the old Minecraft mineshafts adding many features. Nine new biome specific Mineshafts are added to the game including a rare mushroom Mineshaft. These new abandoned mines have Abandoned Workstations which can contain extra loot and even a rare Workstation cellar which you will have to go find! Ore Deposits are commonly found hidden behind cobblestone at the end of tunnels which can contain coal, iron, gold, lapis, redstone, emeralds and even diamonds. Consider yourself lucky with the opportunity to find rare abandoned miners outposts or even surface openings to these atmospheric and revamped Mineshafts! 


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