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Item Filters

Item Filters is a mod which makes sorting inventories easier, especially in creative mode. The mod adds 1 new Item called the item filter, where the filtering occurs. It is designed to work with mods like FTB Quests, Modular Pipes or QNet. There are many modes of filtering which can take place, such as:* NOT - Returns all but a specified item* OR - Returns all that have a common child filter* AND - Returns all the items that meet all the filters* XOR - Returns instances of 1 but not both* Ore Dictionary Name - Used for Ores with names* Creative Tab - Filter by Creative tab* Mod - Filter by modNot all of these have GUIs. There are also many more plans, such as for various mobs, EMC, and liquids. If one of the ones they already have is insufficient, you may add your own with the custom API added by this mod for new filter types.The people make this mod at FeedTheBeast/KubeJs/ModdedMinecraft and others. It is available for. It’s MC Forge and Fabric


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