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Pixelmon is a popular Minecraft mod that allows players to capture and train virtual creatures called "Pixelmon.” These creatures are based on the Pokémon franchise and feature a variety of variants, abilities, and moves. The mod includes over 800 Pixelmon to discover and capture, each with unique stats and behaviors.Players can battle their Pixelmon against other players or wild Pixelmon to level them up and earn rewards. The mod introduces new items and mechanics, such as special Pokeballs, healing stations, and breeding systems, each with its own functions and workings.To play Pixelmon, players must first install the mod and start a new Minecraft world. They can then explore, encounter wild Pixelmon, battle other trainers, and build a team of powerful creatures. The more you explore, the more Pixelmon you find.Pixelmon is a fun and exciting mod that adds a new dimension to the Minecraft experience. Whether you're a fan of Pokémon or just looking for a new challenge, Pixelmon is worth checking out!

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Cobblemon is a Pokémon based mod that adds various new Pokémon-based mobs to the game that you can capture and fight with, mimicking an actual game of Pokémon similar to the GameBoy games.The first time I loaded a world, I had datapack issues, but they went away once I restarted the game. Upon successfully loading a world, you will be greeted with a caption on your screen saying, "Press m to choose your Pokémon and begin your journey!" Upon pressing m, you will get a menu where you can choose a few Pokémon. The starting selection is comprised of: Bulbasaur  – a plant and poison-based Cobblemon that looks a little like a turtle.    Charmander-  a fire-based Cobblemon that looks a bit like a standing dragon.Squirtle – A water-based, turtle-themed Cobblemon that can harden into a shell.These are three of the best-known Pokémon, and most players familiar with Pokémon should know them. The selection roaster shows a general colour for each Pokémon, which energy type it is (e.g., Water/Poison/Plant/Fire), a small description of the Pokémon, its name, arrows to sort through them, an "I choose you!" button to make your selection, and a few other buttons. Once you select your Pokémon, you will be able to use them in fights. Pokémon show up at random around your world, and when you come across one, you are able to fight it or interact with it in different ways. When you come across a Pokémon in the wild, you will get to see their name and their level. You want to try to battle lower level Pokemon. Your pokemon starts at level 10, but the pokemon you see in the wild range from level 14 to level 30. The higher the level of the pokemon, the harder it will be to defeat; you also probably want to fight against one that has a weakness towards your energy type. Over the years, the types of energy have expanded from just Fire/Water/Plant/Poison to a wide variety of different types; you should read about the different types and their strengths and weaknesses for different Pokémon energy types or consult this chart. It is good to get a large variety of different Pokémon with different energy types to use their strengths and weaknesses, you get them by fighting weak Pokemon against your existing Pokemon. Often when playing the card game, energies are forgotten about, so energy may be a new concept to Pokémon card players who do not use energies that much. If you feel you are ready to fight a Pokémon, you can press the "r" key to battle it.In a battle, you have multiple attack types on many Pokémon; each has its own strengths and weaknesses; some may only work occasionally; others may work depending on attributes such as the opposing pokemon's energy type and level.The attacks are turn based, like other Pokemon-style games. In battle, you can also switch your Pokémon, attempt to catch the opposing Pokemon with a Pokeball, or just run and try to escape the battle. You can also move your Pokemon around. Pokeballs are the main item in the game and are used for catching Pokémon. They can be thrown at various Pokemon to try to catch them, though it does not always work. There are many different Pokémon with various abilities and strengths.This mod is very similar to the popular Pixelmon mod; however, it is open source rather than ARR (rather Mozilla Public) for newer versions, does not have the split between legitimate successors, and is a new mod with new developers on new versions of the game and on Fabric. There are a lot of developers, mostly artists and modelers, and this mod is still very new and in many ways already better than Pixelmon, especially in the user interface. They also have their own modpack, just like Pixelmon. Though there have been a lot of legal issues surrounding the whole Pokémon and Pixelmon MC Modding Saga, it is possible that legal issues may arise later on from either the Pixelmon team (or one of the claimed successors), or from Nintendo. If this does happen, MinecraftStorage will help defend and archive the mod against censorship. The authors of Cobblemon have stated in their discord that they would not be mad at people who play other Pokémon mods. This has many great animations and does not require Geckolib or any other animation mod.Requires Architectury API.


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