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Thermal Foundation

Thermal Foundation is a mod for Minecraft, which is a base mod for many of the mods in the Thermal Series, such as:* Thermal Cultivation* Thermal Dynamics* Thermal Expansion* Thermal Innovation* Thermal Integration* Thermal LocomotionAnd more.There are also many nonThermal mods, other ones made by CoFH and some by 3rd parties. Some other mods using Thermal Foundation include:AllTheCompressedAwesome Sauce CoreExtraTiC Patches - UniversalIgnition: FoundryNetherFoundationRedstone ArmoryRedstone ArsenalRedstone Repository RevolvedRootsAnd many moreFor players, Thermal dynamics does not do much, but for developers, it can be a useful tool. It requires CoFH to be installed for both players and devs, so developers can also take advantage of many of the features of CoFH.CoFH is also Thermal Foundation's developers and one of their biggest mods.There are some issues, though, such as the documentation not always being up to date and some stuff changing, but this is because Thermal Foundation has often been on the cutting edge in the past, being one of the first to do lots of things and ended up setting lots of standards such as how Forge Energy was largely based on Redstone Flux. Some other issues include a restrictive licence and the source code not being fully visible on the CurseForge page requiring extra steps to find it. Another big drawback is being MCForge only officially.



COFH Core is a mod which I used for lots of TeamCoFH and KingLemmingCoFH mods, including the Thermal Mods. COFH mods have been around for a long time, since 2013 or maybe even older (and have changed a lot over time), and are also some of the most popular mods. CoFH Core is required to run many of these mods. CoFH Core may be used for other mods, but the documentation is not always current. The licence for many of these mods is quite strict, though 3rd party mods exist. It has a lot in common with the older CoFH Lib. Some of the mods which use CoFH Core include:Applied IntegrationsArcher’s ParadoxAUNISRedstone FluxBetween OresBig ReactorsBiomes o Plenty ToolsCalculatorCoFH: Vanilla+ SatchelsCoFH: Vanilla+ ToolsCompacted Tools & BlocksEnhanced InventoriesEnsorcellationImmersive TechnologyJaded TweaksAnd many more
Many of the mods that use CoFH are very popular, so many mods may use it, though it does not do very much by itself.One of the drawbacks, though, is it is harder to access the source code, and the documentation is not always up to date, so making mods with it may not be worth it. Additionally, it is exclusive to Minecraft Forge. Additionally, the APIs change a lot so that some things can be removed. Lots of the stuff now is good for multiplayer support.


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