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Bamboo Everything (Forge/Fabric)

Bamboo Everything (Forge/Fabric) is a mod which adds new block types from bamboo similar to the types of blocks that wood has. It basically turns bamboo into wooden planks.There are 2 types of bamboo, normal green bamboo and yellowish dry bamboo which are added to the mod. The main difference between the 2 is the appearance, though the dry bamboo looks similar to wood, though is much cheaper. Dry bamboo is obtained by smelting normal bamboo, so it may be more expensive if you do not have a cheap source of energy.The built-in datapack registers the bundles as planks so they can be used to make things like wooden tools. Bamboo already in vanilla has a built-in crafting recipe for crafting sticks from bamboo.Many of the green bamboo blocks look much nicer than the wood variants for some things, especially ladders. Additionally bamboo is generally much cheaper and renewable and easier to harvest than trees, you often need to wait to let the leaves dissolve for saplings to come and cut down all the logs manually while with bamboo grows very fast and can just cut the bamboo 1 block up and let it grow back again. If you do not like the issue with the trees you can use a mod like Dynamic Trees or Falling Trees.Bamboo Everything is in general a very good mod if you want a way to get lots of new green wood which grows very fast without needing lots of normal trees and dealing with the hassle of growing them.Some of the blocks/items it adds are: FencesFence PostsLaddersDry Bamboo and VariantsSlabsStairsBundlesMoreThe raft is pretty cool it is like a boat without the guard rails but it still runs about the same. Despite the raft’s appearance, it is meant to be crafted with green bamboo, not dry bamboo.



Twigs is a block and building mod for Minecraft. Despite the name, Twigs are only a small part of the mod and do not hold that big of a value compared to many of the other items. There are also pebbles (which can be thrown and reused so are pretty cool) and seashells and flowers and other objects that are a smaller version of something bigger in the game or a new creative idea. The Twigs mod is in general a blocks and building mod which adds a large variety of new blocks of building various things with multiple variants and multiple different types of material.Most of the content of the mod can be found in its own creative tab called the Twigs tab. Clicking on the tab by itself simply shows everything, but on the left, there are 4 sub-tabs which can be used to filter items or blocks by type. The 4 subtypes are:Natural – Stuff related to wood or plants    Stone – Stuff made out of Stone variants but not pebbles, just blocks    Decorations – Things like lanterns for decoration.    Miscellaneous – Used for everything elseThis can be helpful for sorting and It says Twigs > Sub-Name at the top where it normally says the tab name. To go back to the general tab which contains all the items just click on the main tab.Many of the stone types have moss variants and are in many different types such as Stairs, fences, walls, slabs, and others. There are multiple stone types to choose from, and many of them have bright colours coming from them.The main type of wood is stripped bamboo. The mod adds both Bamboo related blocks and leaves and stripped bamboo-related stuff such asFences,    Bundles    PlanksSlabsPressure     platesBoatsetc.There is also rocky dirt, but that does not really do much.There are 3 types of partly unique blocks, the Paper Lanterns (which are a little like Vanilla lanterns but white and can be fixed with flowers to make decorated versions), the Lamps, and the Tables (Which are compatible with Every Compat so can be used with wood from other mods such as Terrestria). The lanterns and lamps glow in the dark.Finally, there are brick, moss brick, wax, copper, weathered and oxidised copper, amethyst and other new variants of blocks. Extended from the vanilla materials.It requires Frame API. Frame API is commonly used with a few other similar or related mods.


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