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————— Storage of minecraft materials —————

Storage of minecraft materials

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Minecraft block tagged materials

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In the current versions of Minecraft, there is no way to naturally obtain iron in the Nether. You have to rely on treasure chests to find them. This makes it hard for players to perform Nether-only survival challenges. But here is a mod that solves t...

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Traint Mod [Better Than Diamonds] 1.1

Are you bored with diamonds or wants something new? This mod is for you! It`s add a new very special ore that is better than diamonds! Traint Mod gives you a new ore called "Traint", and a Traint gem! It`s very hard to find it but it`s worth it beca...

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PvP - Faction Brawl [Beta]

Faction Brawl takes players to a whole new level of PvP battles in Minecraft. It's a fully automated Faction vs Faction PvP map that lets you take up arms as one of 14 totally different classes under a banner of one from four...