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The Kobolds mod is here! This mod adds a new underground civilization called Kobolds to your Minecraft world. They look like lizards. These creatures live in caves and other places in a wide range of biomes. The Kobolds are more than just another creature to add to your collection. You can trade with them, and they will protect their dens from dangers in the Overworld. Imagine what it would be like to have a friend in the depths of the earth who could help you avoid danger and give you unique items and treasures.With this mod, you can explore a whole new underground world and find out what the Kobold people have been hiding. The mod is great for people who like to go on adventures and discover new things.

Einstine Pc

Extended Caves

The Minecraft subsoil needs an upgrade, in the 1.16 the quarries are the same, old and dusty.Are you looking for a mod that improves caves?Extended Cave is a mod for the 1.16 that improves the subsoil, adding new structures and mob spawners to improve the adventure and the search for minerals. You will find several new mushrooms that will need to create 3 new soups:•Fluorescent Stew, useful to see into the depths of caves.•Sticky Stew, use it to dig faster!•Hard Stew, very useful if you have to fight with dungeon mobs!It also adds several sets of blocks like Rockpile, stalactites, and stalagmites! It's the perfect mod for updating caves.


Scary Sculk

The Scary Sculk texture pack changes the texture of some of the ancient city blocks to give them a much more spookier appearance. You may now see vines growing out of skulk blocks. You may find different mobs, Steve, Alex, or the Warden himself enclosed in a Sculk block.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Optifine is needed for this pack to work properly. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Ancient Update

The Ancient Update texture pack improves upon the new ancient cities added in the 1.19 update. This pack will add a lot of decorations and variations that will make ancient cities more diversified. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Optifine is needed for this pack to work properly. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


YUNG's Better Strongholds

New mod alert!! A fortified location that has been reinforced to withstand attack is known as a stronghold. Minecraft's strongholds have been completely revamped, making them significantly more intricate and entertaining while remaining loyal to the original concepts. There are over 15 distinct chambers to explore, as well as several sorts of tunnels and passageways, stairwells, traps, and secret locations! Don't miss out on the chance to learn new things and visit such impressive sites! All gamers that have a strong handle on the game will be ecstatic with this update!



Quark is a mod with it's main objective to improve vanilla minecraft experience. Quark is a mod made up of a lot of small features everyone wished  would add to the actual game. A great the about the Quark mod is that if there's only certain features of the mod, you can turn all the other off! Just press q on the minecraft main menu. This mod is designed to be very flexible to adapt to the user's needs.A few things that come with the mod:more glass! decorate your windows even further with the new bright and colourful glass you will get!New chests! You can now make chests out of more materials with custom themes! Brighten up your storage room!More Trees! More colour added to forestsRedesigned caves! Have a more exciting and fun mining trip with new caves!Colour diversity to mobs! Now you can also have white cows! Or even black pigs!

Andrei De Stefani

Physics Mod

This mod is extremely fun to play around with, especially if you love chaos and destruction, it's so satisfying to cause a cave in or watch an explosion. This adds complex gravity to Minecraft which is hilarious to play around with, it is fully customisable through an in game menu so you can make the mod even more chaotic. This is perfect for experimenting, messing around, and for those Minecraft cursed YouTube videos. Highly recommend this mod for anyone looking to have a fun sandbox Minecraft experience.Also you can try this mod along with Patrix texture pack to have some more fun.


Yung's Better Caves

The moment I opened this Mod I was taken back, Yung's Better Caves are everything we could hope for from a Cave update. The mass of sprawling tunnels with tight crawl spaces, winding corners and vast open areas freshens up MInecraft's caves and I thoroughly recommend to any spelunkers out there who love to go adventuring deep below ground. This mod adds flooded caves, lava lakes and huge water filled caverns along with tight 1-2 block crawl spaces, its everything you want and more for that Vanilla + cave experience.  


Yungs better caves mod

This mod turns minecraft caves from small, to massive! This mod makes it much more fun to mine!This mod also has loads of water caverns where your respiration helmet will be of perfect use as well as your depth strider boots!Another cool thing about these caves is that they are interconnected for miles! Instead of keeping you to your boring strip mine methods, it will make you stick for hours on end in these stunning mines

Andrei De Stefani

YUNG's Better Mineshafts

This Mod completely revamps the old Minecraft mineshafts adding many features. Nine new biome specific Mineshafts are added to the game including a rare mushroom Mineshaft. These new abandoned mines have Abandoned Workstations which can contain extra loot and even a rare Workstation cellar which you will have to go find! Ore Deposits are commonly found hidden behind cobblestone at the end of tunnels which can contain coal, iron, gold, lapis, redstone, emeralds and even diamonds. Consider yourself lucky with the opportunity to find rare abandoned miners outposts or even surface openings to these atmospheric and revamped Mineshafts! 


Xaero's Minimap

If you are fed up with getting lost and having to spend hours to find the locations you have visited or find animals to breed, then Xaero's Minimap mod solves your problem!  This mod is among the best mods that add a map to the game, but in contrast to most of them, it has a wide variety of features, most of which are customizable. The map comes with two types of design, square and circular, both differencing only in the form.  Minimap shows you the compass directions, animals and mobs surrounding you, landscape, coordinations, and of course, your own location. You can also set waypoints, which will be visible in both minimap and game world. They will help you to mark specific places like your come, dungeons, mines, etc. to find them later. You can also teleport to them if you wish. If cave mode is turned on, then minimap will show you the surrounding blocks on the ground and under! One distinguishing aspect of the mod is that runs without lags and does not overload your memory. You can download the mod from this website, and if you want to find out more on it, just follow the link in the additional links section.   Now available for 1.16.5 version!


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