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Edi's Shaders

Edi’s Shaders is a nifty shader pack designed to seamlessly integrate with the latest Minecraft versions. One of its main accomplishments is transforming the game's appearance into a realm of realism. Imagine gazing towards the sun and witnessing lens flares that add depth and authenticity to your surroundings. Picture bodies of water with ripples and waves that mimic real-life movement, rather than the static water bodies you're used to. Even the clouds receive a stunning makeover, discarding the blocky and unappealing designs for a more realistic cloud formation.It’s not just about visual enhancements – This pack also offers an overall increase in framerates. Yes, you read that right. This shader pack manages to boost your Minecraft performance for some users, defying expectations by delivering smoother gameplay. And for those seeking the ultimate improvement in FPS, coupling Edi’s Shaders with Optifine is the key.Before you rush to install Edi’s Shaders, it’s important to have the right foundation. Ensure that you have a compatible version of either the Shader Mod by Karyonix, Optifine, or Iris Shaders installed in your mods directory. These pack comes in three variants - lite, medium and ultra. Choose one depending on your specs, or maybe try them all. Please review the screenshots to understand the contents of this pack. Below, you'll find the download links. To ensure a smooth installation process and avoid any issues, please read the installation instructions carefully.



SFLP Shaders is designed to cater to a wide range of graphics cards, including Intel HD Graphics, SFLP Shaders Mod is the ultimate choice for those seeking a visually enhanced Minecraft experience without compromising on frame rates. This shader pack is meticulously optimized for PCs with modest specifications, ensuring that even low-end systems can enjoy the beauty of shaders.Unveiling three distinct versions – Lite, Low, and Standard – SFLP Shaders Mod lets you choose your level of graphical enhancement. The Lite version, ideal for potato PCs, offers a seamless experience with minimal impact on FPS. On the other hand, the Standard version strikes a balance between visual effects and performance, perfect for mid-range PCs. Meanwhile, the Low version bridges the gap between the two, providing an excellent compromise. One standout feature across all versions is the charming sepia-like filter that adds a touch of nostalgia and classic appeal to your Minecraft world. From swaying grass and leaves to radiant sun rays and rippling waters, SFLP Shaders Mod delivers a captivating visual journey. While the Lite version demands minimal system requirements, it's important to keep your graphics card drivers up to date to ensure a smooth experience.  Discover the exciting features of this exceptional shaderpack by exploring the captivating screenshots provided below. To embark on this thrilling journey, simply follow the download links provided. Before proceeding, it is crucial to carefully read and adhere to the installation instructions for a seamless experience.


More Boots

The More Boots mod adds a bunch of new boots into Minecraft. And nearly all of these boots will provide the player with a unique ability. For example, the Strider Boots will allow the player to walk on lava. This will be very helpful while traversing the Nether dimension. The Blazing Boots will set your path on fire. Whenever you walk, it leaves a trail of fire behind you. Sometimes this fire can damage the player itself. The Slime Boots cancel fall damage and makes you bounce. Watch the video below for an in depth exploration of the various boots added by this mod.This is a Fabric mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Wonderful Enchantments

Wonderful Enchantments is a Forge mod that adds several new enchantments into Minecraft. Here's a list of enchantments added by this mod :Enchantment Against Humanity (max. 5lvl) (sword) (v0.1+)Increases the damage against villagers, pillagers, witches, and other players.Vengeance of Pufferfish (max. 2lvl) (sword) (v0.4+)Every attack will inflict on the target following debuffs: Poison IV, Hunger III, Nausea II.Leech (sword) (v0.7+)Every attack has a chance to steal random positive effects or half heart from the enemy.Death Wish (sword, axe & trident) (v1.5+)Increases damage dealt equal to the percentage of health lost. In addition, the owner always receives 25% more damage.Hunter (max. 3lvl) (bow & crossbow) (v0.10+)Increases the number of items you receive.Favor of Elder Guardian (trident) (v0.10+)After a successful hit, it attacks the enemy with a water laser beam that cannot be dodged or blocked.Works similarly to Elder Guardian's attack and inflicts increased damage when both entities are in the water.Sixth Sense (helmet) (v1.1+)Highlights nearby monsters after standing still for a few seconds.Dodge (max. 2lvl) (pants) (v0.1+)Gives a chance to completely avoid any kind of damage.Every successful dodge breaks your pants faster.Enlightenment (max. 2lvl) (armor) (v0.2+)Increases the experience gained from any source.Also raises the enchantment levels at the enchantment table (capped at level 30).The bonus increases with each armor item that has this enchantment! Magic Protection (max. 4lvl) (armor) (v0.8+)Protects against magical damage like Evoker Fangs, Guardian laser, and Instant Damage potion. Phoenix Dive (max. 3lvl) (boots) (v0.3+)Fall from a height causes the release of a wave of fire which damages and sets nearby enemies on fire.While you hold the sneak key (def. SHIFT) you will jump higher at the expense of the durability of your shoes. Smelter (tools) (v0.6+)When the block is destroyed it is automatically smelted.Incompatible with Silk Touch. Gotta Mine Fast (tools) (v0.7+)Increases the digging speed the longer you hold the left mouse button. (up to x4 after few minutes!) Telekinesis (tools) (v0.9+)Adds the item directly to the inventory if possible when destroying blocks. Harvester (max. 3lvl) (hoe) (v1.0+)Gives the option of right-click harvesting and the chance to grow nearby crops. Fishing Fanatic (max. 6lvl) (fishing rod) (v0.1+)Gives a chance to catch additional items from fishing.Every additional item gives you some extra experience and breaks your fishing rod faster.Additional items are taken from the default Minecraft fishing loot table.This enchantment works differently than others because to get it you have to either go fishing or find it in the game world!Fishing when it is raining doubles the chance to improve the enchantment level. Vitality (max. 3lvl) (shield) (v0.2+)With each level, it increases the health of the player holding the shield.The bonus is accumulated if two shields are held simultaneously. Immortality (shield) (v0.5+)When you die holding a shield with this enchantment you will cheat death.Be careful, because in such a situation the shield is immediately destroyed! Absorber (shield) (v0.10+)The shield absorbs all negative effects at the expense of durability. Fuse Cutter (shield) (v1.3+)Cancels nearby explosions and not deal any damage when the player is blocking with a shield. Guardian Angel (shield) (v1.5+)Redirects 25% of the damage from tamed animals and villagers to the player and applies stackable damage reduction to them.Horse Protection (max. 4lvl) (horse armor) (v0.8+)Reduces the amount of damage received by the horse. Swiftness (max. 4lvl) (horse armor) (v0.8+)Increases the horse's movement speed. Frost Rider (max. 2lvl) (horse armor) (v0.9+)Creates frosted ice blocks when a horse is walking over water.Negates damage when standing on magma block. Curse of Slowness (armor & shield) (v0.5+)For each item you have equipped with this curse you will be moving slower! Curse of Fatigue (max. 3lvl) (tools) (v0.6+)Reduces the player's digging speed with each level.Incompatible with Efficiency. Curse of Incompatibility (v0.9+)Makes it impossible for any enchantment to be placed on an item. Curse of Vampirism (armor) (v0.9+)Weakens and sets the player on fire when he is outside during the day.Makes the Leech enchantment stronger.Curse of Corrosion (armor) (v1.0+)Gradually destroys the armor and hurts the owner when it comes into contact with water.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



Visuality is a simple cosmetic mod that adds a lot of new particle effects into your game. These include mob hitting particles, crystal sparkles, environmental particles, etc. When you hit a skeleton, you can now see bones popping out of its body and dropping to the ground. When it rains, you can notice the rain drops falling on water surfaces creating nice little puddle animation on the surface of the water. You may notice splash particles when slime mobs jump around. It's small details like this that the mod adds. Crystals in amethyst geodes have sparkle animation effects on them. Altogether, these effects makes your game a bit more immersive. Furthermore, you can configure the mod by editing visuality.json in the config folder of your Minecraft directory. This mod offers versions for the Fabric mod loader and download links are given below.


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