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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft posts tagged as gui. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Trading Post [Forge & Fabric]

Trading Post [Forge & Fabric] is a mod which adds  a single block called the Trading post into the game. The trading post can be used to trade with multiple villagers at a time from 1 place.  This can be very useful for when you want to see all the trades from a nearby village but do not want to waste your time looking at all the trades offered by all of the villagers and instead want to speed up the process and trade with multiple at once and see all the trades of the nearby villagers.The Trading post is the only block added by the mod, you place it down and you will see an emerald. The emerald will lay down flat by default when there are no villagers within the preset radius for the villagers, when there are villagers in the correct place, you will see an animation with the emerald going up. This is similar to the Visual Workbench mod by the same author and uses some code from Quark.When there is a floating emerald that means there are nearby trades. Just right click the Trading Post and then start making trades. The trading table works with many custom villagers from other mods such as the Quackling from the Ducklings mod. It does not work for piglins bartering though, for that you will need a separate mod called Bartering Station. This mod was inspired by a similar trading post block from Extra Utilities.The radius of the accepted villagers can be customised by editing a config file. The config file can be found by looking in the config folder or by doing /config showfile <modid> and then selecting whether you want the client or server config. If you are on MC Forge you can configure in game with the Config Menus for Forge mod.The mod requires PuzzleLib and Forge Config API for Fabric like many of the other mods by the same creator. LunaPixelStudios (one of the biggest modpack creators) is also involved in this mod.


Clickable advancements[Forge/Fabric]

Clickable advancements[Forge/Fabric] is a mod which makes it so when you can an achievement/advancement you are able to click on it in the chat and go to the screen.In the vanilla game, despite the achievement notification looking like it would be clickable and the text in the chat looking like it would be clickable, they are not, so if you go to click on them nothing happens, this can be especially bad if you do not know where to look or wanted to know what the achievement is for or what you can do next and which can be even worse when a modpack you are playing has multiple achievement trees.This mod allows you to click on the achievement links in the chat, when you get an achievement you will often get a chat message telling you about it, and the chat message will often have the name of the achievement in a colour such as green. This is what you click and get there. Sadly the notification still does not seem clickable by default, but the chat message is often better anyhow as it stays for longer instead of disappearing after a few seconds as the notification does. By default there are some achievements which are not shown in the chat by default, this enables most of them to show in chat in the config, but the setting often needs to be turned on manually.This is a very good addition for many modpacks especially kitchen sink modpacks which add a lot of mods without a central theme which can be hard for some to navigate even with advancements. Often in modpacks advancements are ignored, partly because of their inaccessibility, but this lowers it just a little bit making it just a little easier to see the advancements, though it is not always worth the time to see every advancement though.


Inventory Profiles Next

Inventory Profiles Next is an inventory sorting mod that provides a button in your inventory for helping you do various sorting tasks. Here is an explanation of what many of the buttons do and their locations in the Inventory Graphical User Interface.Overlay     Configuration Screen – Found on the top Left by default and lets     you change many settings and even see some of the in-game code class     names.General     Configuration Screen – Found directly under the Overlay     Configuration Screen is where you go to edit most of the stuff about     the mod including text files, sort orders, and many more. The mod is     extremely configurable.Sort     Inventory Button – Looks like a Z, found in a set of 3 buttons     found in inventories and it helps you sort the items in order     without gaps. Does not affect items in the HUD barSort     Inventory in Columns – Next to the Sort Inventory Button, it sorts     related items such as different types of stone-related blocks in     columns. Does not affect items in the HUD bar.Sort     Inventory in Rows – Next to the Column sort, but does in rows,     though has a weird layout sometimes. Does not affect items in the     HUD bar.On the chests next to the last 3 buttons you should see another icon that gives you keyboard shortcuts. Keyboard shortcuts can be configured and are mainly used for these things:Ability     to also include the Hotbar/Hud Bar in movingOnly     fill the chest up enough to fill existing stacks without creating     new ones   Move     only the same type of items as the type selected (some arrow-based     mods do this with an Arrow Click) Move     all Items into the chestThe keyboard shortcuts can be quite useful for some stuff, though in some ways better Buttons could be better like they have in Wurst for chests, the keyboard is often faster though, but harder to remember for some.The mod is highly configurable and uses libIPN for a lot of the config and has a great and very detailed GUI config screen to configure many of the smallest details with good visuals, it is more detailed than average GUI config systems.There are also many other things the mod can do such as replacing almost broken tools and locking item slots. The mod is client-side only and does not need to be installed on the server to work.It is important to note that this mod does not do everything done by inventory tweaks and it is either recommended you install them together to get both of the functionalities or install InvTweaks Emu for IPN to emulate many of the shortcuts. There is also a mod called IPN Rejects which is an addon which adds things that the author decided not to include in the base mod. The mod also highlights items you are hovering over green or items that would be included in an operation you are doing that involves multiple similar items.Requires libIPN and Fabric Language Kotlin.



TipTheScales is a very popular yet very simple Minecraft mod for adjusting the scaling of the GUI by replacing some of the vanilla code to change the appearance. The main thing it does is change the GUI scale option in the video settings to have a slider rather than a simple button.In vanilla, the GUI Scale option is a button, pressing it changes the number and the scale which can be quite sudden and big as it does not even ask you for confirmation. This replaces said button with a slider which does not change until you let go. Like the vanilla game, by default, there are 5 scales.1x – The Smallest    2x – Small    3x  – Big    4x - The Biggest    Auto – This the what you get by default, in most cases it just sticks     to 4xThe mod does very little else outside of some basic bytecode manipulation. The GitHub that has the source code (which is just a MultiLoader project (Jaredll08 is also the person behind it)) has almost blank entry point files and most of the work is done by a few pieces of SpongeMixin.MisterLauncher’s article claims that there are prompts in text files, however when looking at the code we see no evidence of this. We were at 1st unsure what the mod did as Sodium already did what TipTheScales does and what it does was so basic we did not know what to look for, we watched and have attached the video from the MisterLauncher page by a 3rd party YouTuber and added some pictures for clarity.The mod in general is unneeded. The person behind it is very well known for many of his mods (and is quite questionable), but this is one of his most popular despite having limited functionality. The mod does not work with Optifine and explicitly in the code tells the game to not run the changes if Optfine is detected. The mod is also obsoleted in Sodium, as mentioned above, Sodium has a similar slider that does similar things in its custom video settings screen. Even in vanilla, the default button is enough. There is little reason to use it in a modpack as you can just make the changes yourself manually without the mod and requiring all users to download this unneeded mod, additionally, I generally hate when they make changes to the GUI scale requiring me to change it back. It only really makes sense for things like BetterF3 or other things with big GUI or if you have a weird monitor configuration that is too big or too small.If you were cursed and got a modpack with a small GUI scale (or just want to change the GUI scale in general) here is how to fix it. Removing the mod by itself will not do anything as the mod just changes a vanilla user interface, you will still need to go to Options > Video Settings > GUI Scale and set it to the number you want (preferably before removing the mod (if you decide to remove the mod) as the slider is in some ways more pleasing).Jaredll08 has stated in the Diluv Discord that he does not want his mods reposted, so we just put curse links to download.



Configured is a configuration GUI mod by MrCrayfish to help you make your config in a GUI format, similar to Cloth Config. The configs are very nice and give you lots of details and information about the name and description and if the game needs to be restarted, reset configs to default and more. For players Configured is in many ways better than Cloth Config.In order to access the configs you need to have either Mod Menu (if on Fabric, the default mod menu in MC Forge also works) or Catalogue installed. Once you have these installed you can click the config button and then start configuring. There is also a search bar to help you search for fields. You can divide the config into client, server and common, and categorise different parts of the config if you are a developer. In many cases, you would still need some kind of a backend for the config such as Minecraft Forge’s Config API or Forge Config API for Fabric.Configured is also very easy to use for developers. An example of a mod which uses it is Goblin Traders. You only need a few lines of code to configure this mod to work with your existing config in many cases.For server owners and modpack makers, you can easily sync the Server config to the client which means the client may be able to have the same config as the server making the playing better and possibly stopping cheating.The developer, MrCrayFish is a big name in modding and is behind many big mods (such as MrCrayFish Furniture) and modding tutorials and has a discord channel where you can go to get help integrating this with your mod.


Jade πŸ”

Jade is a special version of HWYLA that is easier to use. It has extra features and fixes bugs that make HWYLA better, it is a modern more updated version fork of Hwyla/Waila for Minecraft. It is designed to provide players with an improved user experience and API. Jade can be  client side only, but many features require it to be installed on the server side as well (such as item storage, horse stats, and bees in a beehive). There are many addons for both Forge and Fabric/Quilt. The default keys are as follows: Keypad 0 opens the configuration screenKeypad 1 toggles the overlayKeypad 2 toggles liquid displayKeypad 3 shows recipes (requires Just Enough Items)Keypad 4 shows uses (requires JEI and the mod to be     configured for it) Keypad 5 narrates the target.     Compared to Hwyla, Jade includes a redesigned API,  more vanilla addons, and better configuration and accessibility.Some features include item handlers, which show items inside Item handlers, which shows things that are in such as chests,     hoppers, and ender chests.     A breaking progress feature, which shows a small progress bar     when a block is being broken indicating progress.     A brewing stand feature, which shows the fuels and process     time.      Mob effects which shows what potion effects mobs have.     Entity and plant growth is also shown, which shows the     growing time and breeding cooldown of animals.     Horse stats are also shown, including jump height, speed, and     strength of horses and llamas. Item frame contents are also shown,     which shows the item in the item frame.     The mod also has a hide mod names feature, which hides the     mod name in the tooltip.     Beehives  shows the bees and honey in beehives.     Armour stands shows the armours on the armour stand.     Chicken eggs are also show the time before the next egg.     Command blocks show which commands are in the command line.Many more For modders, the mod also has additional tooltip renderers, such as the name of the mod according to Fabric or MCForge (Note this can work for loaders on top of loaders, such as FeatureCreep mods would just show the namespace for the individual item while the built in FeatureCreep items say FeatureCreepMC) this means it can work well for instances with multiple modloaders installed, which is often a concern for configs like this. Searching the modname or namespace can help you search for items in the creative menu. All of these features make the Jade Mod a great addition to Minecraft. Do note that you can not use this together with original  HWYLA due to conflicting classes and packages.


Cloth Config API

Cloth Config API (also Auto Config) is a config API that allows the player to change the config of the game from Within the Game’s GUI. It is one of the most popular config APIs, and it is made by shedaniel, the author of Architectury API and Roughly Enough Items, and other big names. They have excellent documentation for Developers and are lightweight for players. There are also similar APIs, such as Cloth API, a general-purpose API for Fabric (distinct from Cloth Config/Cloth Config API) and Cloth Math, a Maths API that is not dependent on Minecraft.There are multiple versions of Cloth Config, each of which has its API and Features. Each version of Cloth Config is linked to a specific version family of Minecraft.Here is the Table:V1 1.14.x (No Longer Developed)v2 1.14.x-1.15.x (No Longer Developed)v3 1.16 Snapshots before 20w17a (No Longer Developed)v4 1.16.x 20w17a and newer (Supported)v5 1.17.x (Supported)v6 1.18.x (Supported)v7 1.19 (No Longer Developed)v8 1.19.x (Supported)All stable versions of Minecraft have been supported since 1.16. It is important to note that Cloth API is not a fully functional config library; it is just a screen for setting the config, which shedaniel claims the others suck. Since Cloth is just a screen, it can work with existing APIs such as Forge Config API. It is also supposed to be primarily used with the client; however, some server features do exist, but it is suggested server mods do not use Cloth Config.Cloth was initially designed with Fabric in mind because, at the time, Fabric was very lightweight and did not have much in the way of config, but it eventually got popular and was ported to Minecraft Forge.For Players, install the mod like any other mod. Some mods may need Mod Menu to show configs where you edit the config from the Mod Menu entry.For Developers, Cloth Config has many features such as Drop Down Menus, Integration with Mod Menu, Categories, and more.Creating a Screen in your mod is easy and can be done with a single line of code.```ConfigBuilder builder = ConfigBuilder.create().setParentScreen(parent).setTitle(new TranslatableText("title.examplemod.config"));```The Config Builder can be used to set the attributes of the Config Screen, such as the background, and is automatically localised with a translation key.Note: a new builder is created every time the screen is opened.```builder.setSavingRunnable(() -> {// Serialise the config into the config file. This will be called last after all variables are updated.});```It saves the config to a file and requires custom parsing.Entries are each different, and it is recommended you read the documentation for more details on creating entries and setup Cloth Config.Another prominent feature of Cloth Config is Auto Config, which makes configuring your mod much easier with Annotations. Auto Config Annotations are flexible; they are put on top of Config files and have their annotations for fields, which can easily be set to whatever entry. e.g. @ConfigEntry.Gui.CollapsibleObject and can also be excluded @ConfigEntry.Gui.Excluded. The supported Field types by default are boolean, int, long, double, float, String, and enum.Cloth Config is one of the most common Config Screens in Minecraft, so making your mod require it will not be a significant burden for most modpack devs, as many big mods, including many by Yung use it (such as Yung’s Better Dungeons).


Bee Themed Hotbar

Minecraft has gone through some massive game-changing updates in the recent years. While most aspects of the aspects have been tweaked in one way or the other, the GUI remains one of the only things that have stayed the same for a very long time. Bee Themed Hotbar changes the texture of the in-game hotbar, along with the textures of some other elements related to it. This includes the potion effect icons, hunger bar, hp hearts and the XP bar.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



Stoneborn is a simple texture pack that only affects the in-game GUI. With this pack installed, your GUI will now have a dark-medieval appearance. The dark theme will be very convenient for people who are used to using dark theme on their devices. The pack gives your GUI a majestic appearance that stands out from other GUI packs.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Prominent Mobs

Prominent Mobs is an amazing utility pack that makes changes to mob spawn eggs. Spawn eggs in Minecraft all have a very similar appearance with changes only in their colour. With this pack installed, the tool tip that is displayed when you place your cursor over a spawn egg will show a 2D graphic of the mob that the egh spawns. Scrolling to a spawn egg in your inventory will also display the 2D graphic. This will make it really easy to pick spawn eggs from the creative menu or from your inventory.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Legendary Pack

Legendary Pack is an amazing texture pack that changes all of the textures in the game, adding  a medieval-fantasy vibe without straying away from the vanilla appearance of the game. The pack introduces custom GUI's, over 100 mob models and entities and completely overhauled biomes. The pack even has custom day/night skies.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


French Fonts

French Fonts is a 32px font for Minecraft. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



The Paintings++ mod adds new paintings into Minecraft. Some of them are Minecraft related, while the others are just pixel arts that represent real life stuff. The mod comes with a painting selection GUI that lets players choose which painting to place instead of just randomly placing one.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Mine Co. Renewed

Mine Co. Renewed is an amazing texture pack that gives Minecraft a more industrialized look. Some of the blocks might look rough and solid, but they do carry a good amount of detail. This pack manages to bring a new look to Minecraft without straying away from the vanilla theme and colours. The creator of this pack himself claims that anything that looks good in vanilla textures will also look equally good in Mine Co. Renewed.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Search For Colors

Search For Colors is a texture pack that aims to change almost all textures in the game. That includes armors, fonts, blocks, items, mobs, particles, terrain, audio, models, etc. The pack gives every block a much more sharper and cleaner look. It is somewhat different from the vanilla textures, when it comes to block colours and detailing. The pack comes in a 16x16 resolution, whcich is the same as the vanilla textures. So performance wise, you may not face any issues at all. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


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