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If you ever tried stylized texture packs, this one will definitely blow your mind. Roundista is an elegantly crafted resource pack and a pure outcome of the imaginative powers of one artist. The texture pack comes with its own unique aesthetics, and as the name suggests, it makes every texture in your game look round. This approach may indeed sound weird, but in action, it looks breathtaking. Textures preserve the original vanilla-ish look while giving a rounded appearance to details and also introducing bumpy and reflective effects on surfaces. While playing with this texture pack one may feel the atmosphere reminiscent of a cartoon or Minecraft trailer. If you aim to get the maximum out of the texture pack, then consider installing the NostalgiaVX shader pack. Realistic surfaces introduced by Roundista, in combination with ray tracing features, will definitely make your game much more fascinating.Despite its relatively recent emergence, the texture pack has already managed to conquer the hearts of thousands of Minecraft players. It offers more than 550 textures already and promises to expand in the future to include textures for items, mobs and foliage.It should also be mentioned that Roundista comes in two versions - free and premium. You can download the free version through the download links given below, but to obtain access to the premium version you should subscribe to the author on Patreon.Read the installation section carefully, as the procedures may differ from the standard installation of texture packs.


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