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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft posts tagged as simple. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player


The vanilla Minecraft textures come in a 16x16 resolution. The game has to render all these different pixels and that is quite detrimental to your game's performance. Reducing the texture resolution can help you increase your game performance a little bit. Less resolution would result in better frame rates. Quart! is a texture pack that will help you achieve that. This pack comes in a 4x4 resolution, which is four times less than the vanilla 16x16 textures. The developer also claims an increase of 10-20 frames per second while running the game using this texture pack. Although the pack comes in a lower resolution, the textures actually look really nice and smooth. The blocks have enough details that helps us distinguish them from one another. This pack would be great for those who does redstone ot for those who do PvP.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below.



Minecraft is not a well optimised game. Performance wise, Minecraft still lacks some features that will make it easier for players with low end devices to enjoy the game at good framerates. Players have to depend on mods like OptiFine for performance enhancements. So here's a texture pack that will help you gain a few more frames. The MoreFpsPack is a simple Minecraft texture pack whose primary focus is on increasing frame rates by lowering the amount of resources that your PC takes up to load block textures. This is done by using textures that are lot more simpler than the vanilla textures. Most of the textures are now smooth and sharp. The pack definitely isn't the best when it comes to looks. But if you're a low end device player who struggles to get good framerates, then this pack will definitely help you. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack.Download links are given below.


Transparent GUI and HUD Ultimate

The Transparent GUI and HUD Ultimate texture pack doesn't require much explanation. It does exactly what it's name suggests. It makes your GUI and HUD transparent. This pack is the ultimate pack for all the minimalists out there, because Minecraft GUI cannot get much more minimal than this. I personally liked the transparent HUD as it makes the game look much more simpler, while still being able to use the elements properly. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below.



Most texture packs come in a 32bit or 64bit resolution. These higher resolutions make it easy for the creator to add more details and depth to the textures, as a higher resolution means more pixels to work around with. The vanilla textures are 16 bit, but resolutions can go lower than this too. The F8thful texture pack is one such pack that goes below the vanilla resolution. F8thful comes in a 8bit resolution. Don't let the lower resolution fool you into thinking that this is a low detailed pack. This pack looks much more detailed than many higher resolution packs out there. The creator of the pack really amazed us by showing how detailed Minecraft textures can be even at a resolution that is half the vanilla one. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack.Download links for this pack are given below.



Fourté is the simplest texture pack I've ever seen. The pack comes in a 4x4 resolution, which is four times less than the vanilla 16x16 textures. And lower resolution textures mean higher framerates and better game performance. And the pack uses only a paletter of 42 colours. The pack can look a bit clumsy. But I am genuinely impressed at how Cheezlordy, the creator of this pack, has maintained to keep a considerable amount of detail even at such a small resoution to work around with. Download links for this pack are given below.


Tiny Pixels

TinyPixels is a texture pack that downscales resolution of Minecraft textures from the vanilla 16bit to 8bit. Higher resolution packs does not translate to more fun, some players genuinely enjoy a much more pixelated art style that reminds them of retro arcade games. If you one of them, then this pack is for you. Even with a 8bit resolution, the blocks are detailed enough to stay recognizable. Also, the game will run at a higher FPS. If you are a fan of simplicity or minimalism, give this pack a try. Download links are given below.



JoliCraft is a 16x16 resource pack that completely overhauls the Minecraft textures. The new textures are much more detailed and offers a vibrant look. Every block has an added depth to it, which makes them realistic in a certain way. The pack also offers an easy-to-read updated GUI, which many players will find helpful. There's a variety of blocks, items and animations that this pack offers. With a 16 bit resolution, which is the same as the vanilla textures, Jolicraft makes it easy for those with even low spec devices to enjoy the pack.Download links are given below.


Paper Cut-Out

Paper Cut-Out is a cartoonic styled texture pack that changes all of the textures in game. The new textures are simple, yet detailed enough to stay recognizable. It's impressive how the all of the textures in the pack manages to stay consistent, without looking out of place. Items link rails, ladders, etc are now 3 dimensional. My favorite aspect of this pack is the texture used for leaves as they very well define the "simple, yet detailed" statement I made earlier. From a mid-range distance, the leaves look 3 dimensional, but they are not. Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack.


Cute Azalea Boats

The Cute Azalea Boats is a simple texture pack that replaces the textures of all the boat variants in the game. And it does exacly what it's name suggests, it makes the boats azalea themed. Now there's some greenery added to boats. There is a cute azalea leaf roof over the boat and it has pink azalea flowers growing on it. There are azalea overgrowth on the sides too. This a clean and simple pack that you can play around with. Make sure you have optifine installed.Download links are given below.



Plastic is a resource pack that fulfils the needs of every minimalist Minecraft gamer out there. The pack offers a perfect balance between simplicity and detail. All textures are now a lot more smoother, but it maintains details just so that you can distinguish between blocks. Personally, I like how good the trees and leaves look with this texture pack. All of the mobs are now plastic too and they look like toys. I would recommend using the MakeUp-UltraFast shader alongside this pack. This shader perfectly matches the aesthetics of the pack and you can see the results in the screenshots provided.Download links for the pack are given below.


Wandering Trader Santa

The Wandering Trader Santa texture pack changes the appearance of the wandering trader and makes him Santa. The Illamas that come along with him also have their textures changes to look like reindeers. They have a red ball on their nose to match up with the Christmas vibe. The trader himself appears wearing a red hat and a red gown. His trades aren't free, but he does bring some useful stuff. The textures of chests too have been changed to look like wrapped gift boxes with a ribbon.Download links are given below. Merry Christmas :)


Minimalist Dark GUI

This pack gives the Minecraft GUI a simple dark mode look. The Minimalist Dark GUI affects all your GUI's like the crafting table GUI, brewing stand GUI and the settings. Your main menu will now have a dark grey background and the Minecraft logo will now be displayed in a simple font, rather than the default blocky font. All of the menu buttons in the game will be of dark grey colour with rounded corners. If you are a minimalist who likes your stuff to be simple, this pack is for you. Download links are given below.


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