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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft posts tagged as simplistic. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

XeKr Square Pattern

XeKr Square Pattern adds more detail to Minecraft textures by detailing them with patterns that are made of a variety of squares. You can notice these pattens only if you are very close to a blocks. From a distance, everything looks natural. The pack comes in a 16x16 resolution, which is the same as the vanilla textures, but it contains an impressive amount of detail for a pack that is 16bit. The colours are much less vibrant than the vanilla colours. This gives the pack a slightly cartoonish look.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. Download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


The Find - Overgrown

The Find - Overgrown texture pack is a 16 x 16 pack that is made to enhance your survival adventure experience. This pack changes everything in the game. And that includes the loading screen, title screen, settings, GUI's, etc. All of the in-game block textures have been replaced with textures that offer a simple yet detailed look. The best thing I've noticed is how well the texture pack matches both medieval and modern build styles. All of the mobs have been retextured too. Some trees have the colours of their leaves changed. The ones that caught my eyes are the trees with pink leaves that makes this pack suitable for fairytale themes build too.Download links for this pack are given below.


Minimalist Armor

The Minimalist Armor resource pack does what it's name suggests, it makes your armor much more minimal and simplistic. Helmets will no longer cover your entire head and will look like a crown,  chestplates cover only the shoulders, pants cover only your knees and boots have been made smaller. These changes gives your armor a medieval look. The changes affect all the armor variants including leather, chainmail, iron, gold, diamond and netherite.Download links are given below.


Bare Bones Texture Pack

A simple and beautiful texture pack Bare Bones is a clear example of those things that despite being simple are still amazing. This texture pack has the purpose of bringing the default Minecraft textures to it's 'bare bones', making the default textures much simplier and much more colourful, being perfect for those looking to change the aparience of their worlds to something more beautiful than realistic. If you use this texture pack with a good shader pack you can create really beautiful combinations, making you game almost look like cartoons. You can check its developer Youtube channel for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzOW8TG5uk0 Maps shown in this post:  Novigrad by Elysium Fire  Mount Norsad by Arkady  The City of Donnerhall by Ethyria


Annahstas Beastrinia PokΓ©mon/Pixelmon inspired 32x

Annahstas Beastrinia Pokémon/Pixelmon inspired 32x Texture/Resource Pack is vibrant brightly colored and a incredibly cute pack made by Annahstas and Filmjolk. The pack contains original cartoony textures drawn pixel by pixel in every 32x32 template.The Pack Contains:- Custom Textures- Custom Models- Easy To Recognize Blocks- Bright Low Saturated Colors- Custom GUI's- AND MORE!


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