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Curios API

Curios API is an equipment API and Slot System for Minecraft, allowing for more usage for items and tools rather than just the traditional armour and shield/offhand slots. On the player Inventory Screen, in the top left of the player model, there is a Curios Icon (which looks like a mechanical circle with an X going through it, it starts grey but turns yellow when hovered on) where you can access the different slots for the different types of items. Mods can easily add their own Curios slots for their custom items.The mod by itself does not come with any new content or slots, only 2 example items for developers to reference when making their mods that are only accessible in creative mode. The player will be able to do something with Curios once they install mods which use it. Some mods which use Curios are MCDoom and Nameless Trinkets, and there are also some commonly used slots.Curios are good for being a central equipment slot registry to which developers can easily add stuff, others may exist, but Curios is trying to centralise it. The slots have lots of customisation, such as backgrounds, appearance, and size, and can also be added or removed at any time for any reason. The slots can also use the vanilla tag system to accept more than just some hard-coded items. The items are also compatible with inventory mechanics such as enchantments, mending, curses and other mechanics developers may add. All this is easily accessible from the simple GUI in the player inventory, which is often a strip with all the slots attached in a straight line with check marks next to the slots, but that can easily be customised. Slots can also be modified or added/removed, and the whole mod can be disabled with commands. The mod provides an extensive amount of commands.Even though Curios is very easy to use, the author still has documentation for players, which mainly contains information about the config and other stuff that would be common for modpacks. There is also documentation for developers and information about how to add it to a project.Curios are for both Forge and Fabric.


Curio of Undying

While the Totem of Undying is a very useful item, holding it in your hand at all times is an inconvenience. It obstructs your vision and takes away the chance to hold anything else in your offhand. Well, the Curio of Undying mod is here to help you. This mod adds a new slot into your inventory. You can open this slot by clicking a star that appears on the top left of your Minecraft character displayed in your inventory. This slot is the "charm slot" and it is added using the Curious API, which is needed for this mod to work. You can place a totem of undying in this slot and it will give you the effects of the totem without having to hold it in your hand. If you go into third person perspective, you can see the charm(here, the totem) worn around the player's neck.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Trash Slot

When you open your inventory in creative mode, there is a slot that you can use to delete unwanted items. All you have to do is to drag and drop items into this slot and that item will be gone forever. Unfortunately, the survival inventory does not offer this feature. Players have to rely on burning items with lava or despawn them by dropping them in their item form. But it would be much more convenient to have a slot to delete these items. And that is what the TrashSlot mod offers you. The name of the mod suggests what the mod offers - a trash slot. You can now drag and drop unwanted items into this slot to delete them. You have this slot in your survival inventory and you can drag it around your screen and place it anywhere you want, according to your convenience. Oops! Dragged an item to the slot by mistake? Don't worry, the mod offers you an option to restore the last deleted item so that you won't delete items by mistake.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


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