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Gwen’s Superflat Survival Plus

Gwen’s Superflat Survival Plus adds  features  allowing players to better enjoy their time spent in Superflat Survival. The mod adds dirt slabs and dirt walls, which can be used to build structures and foundations. Mining dirt also has a small chance of dropping rocks, which can then be crafted into gravel, cobblestone, and even a new cooking station known as the Firepit. The Firepit is crafted with one torch, four rocks, and one cobblestone, and is used to cook new items included with Gwen’s Superflat Survival Plus. One of these new items is Prepared Rotten Flesh, which can be cooked into Zombie Jerky with the Firepit. The mod also adds an opportunity to obtain emeralds from Wandering Traders, though you’ll need to trade with them to receive the precious gems. In addition to these major additions, Gwen’s Superflat Survival Plus packs in various smaller quality-of-life improvements that further enhance the Superflat Survival experience. From minor bug fixes to tweaked mechanics. Many of the features are not just good for SuperFlat but can also be helpful for traditional or SkyBlock.


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