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Zombie Horse Spawn

Zombie Horses have existed in the game for a very very long time, but have you ever seen one in your survival world? I bet you haven't. Because these horses do not spawn naturally in vanilla survival Minecraft. To summon them, you have to either rely on commands or use spawn eggs. These Zombie Horses are one of the fastest modes of transport in the game and they do not even need to be tamed. It's a shame that they cannot be obtained in survival mode.With the Zombie Horse Spawn mod, you can tweak your game so that these horses spawn naturally in survival mode. And even with this mod installed, the chances of coming across one is very less. Their rarity can be tweaked in the config file.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions CAREFULLY to avoid any errors.


Endermen Plus

Endermen Plus is a mod that brings a bunch of new endermen to your Minecraft world. These endermen are scattered around the world and can be found in random places. They can be seen picking up blocks, but don't let their nonchalant behavior fool you. If you try to attack them, they will become aggressive and hunt you down! What's cool about this mod is that these new endermen can also be friendly if you leave them undisturbed. So, it's up to you whether you want to make friends with these eerie creatures or avoid them at all costs. But that's not all. You can also find their bases and see how they live in the world. This mod adds a lot of new content to the game, making your Minecraft experience even more exciting!

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The Kobolds mod is here! This mod adds a new underground civilization called Kobolds to your Minecraft world. They look like lizards. These creatures live in caves and other places in a wide range of biomes. The Kobolds are more than just another creature to add to your collection. You can trade with them, and they will protect their dens from dangers in the Overworld. Imagine what it would be like to have a friend in the depths of the earth who could help you avoid danger and give you unique items and treasures.With this mod, you can explore a whole new underground world and find out what the Kobold people have been hiding. The mod is great for people who like to go on adventures and discover new things.

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Un Named Animal

The Unnamed Animal mod is here! This exciting mod adds a lot of new animals, both on land and in the water, to the world of Minecraft. Some of the new animal mobs you might run into are the majestic Oak, the strong and sturdy OX, and various colorful fish. But that's not all. The mod also adds the Frog and the Anaconda.But the mod has more to offer than just that. It also adds a new biome called the Mangrove. The Mangrove contains unique plants and provides a new place to explore. With its shallow waters and dense mangrove trees, this biome is home to a wide range of new creatures and offers players a challenging new landscape to explore.

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Goblins And Dungeons

Goblins and Dungeons is an exciting mod that adds goblins to the world of Minecraft and makes it more fun to play. You can find these mischievous creatures in dungeons of all sizes, from small to large, and each one has its own set of unique goblin mobs. The dungeons are also different in terms of how hard they are. Some are trickier than others.The mod also adds a lot of new structures to the game, such as goblin castles and bases. This gives the game more depth. Goblins watch over the castles because they are very protective of their homes.The mod also includes a powerful boss, the King Goblin, who is guarded by his loyal goblin subjects. Players will have to fight their way through hordes of goblins to reach him and claim the treasures he guards.

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Dungeon is an exciting Minecraft mod that adds a variety of new creatures and structures to explore. This mod includes a range of unique mobs, such as fearsome bosses, aqua creatures, and a mix of hybrid mobs like slime and wolves. Additionally, there are new animals like crows and crawlers to discover in the game.One of the most interesting features of Dungeon is the new laboratory structure. Inside the laboratory, you will find scientists experimenting on creating new hybrid mobs by mixing the DNA of other normal mobs. This adds a new level of intrigue to the game as you discover what kind of creatures they've created and how they behave.Aside from the laboratory, there are several other new structures to explore, including castles, mines, houses, hidden bases, and even sewerage systems. Each structure is uniquely designed to offer a new experience, whether you're looking for hidden treasure or challenging bosses to defeat.

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Frozen Up

Frozen Up is a mod that adds new things to Minecraft while keeping the classic look and feel of the game. One of the most important new things is the chilloo, a cute, fluffy reptile that players can play with and even breed to multiply. Other Arctic animals like penguins and reindeers are also added by the mod. This makes the cold, snowy biomes feel more alive and full of life.The mod also changes the igloos in snowy biomes, giving them more details and making them feel more natural. The new igloos can be explored by players to find treasures and loot, which makes the game more fun.

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Dungeon Denizens

Dungeon Denizens is a mod that brings new life to vanilla Minecraft dungeons. The mod adds new mobs to these dungeons, making them more challenging and exciting for players. The new mobs include unique monsters, each with their own abilities and attacks.In addition to the new mobs, Dungeon Denizens also adds new loot to dungeon chests, making exploration more rewarding. The mod also changes the dungeon architecture, with new types of rooms and traps to keep players on their toes.Overall, Dungeon Denizens is a great addition to any mod pack or playthrough, and it provides a new and refreshing experience to the traditional Minecraft dungeon-crawling gameplay.

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Dark Souls

A popular action role-playing game called Dark Souls has been transformed into a mod for Minecraft. This mod adds the challenging and immersive gameplay of Dark Souls to the blocky world of Minecraft. It also adds new content and features that make the experience better.The mod adds about 16 new types of armor, each of which looks and performs differently. There are also three pieces of armor that, when worn together, give the player special skills. There are also nearly 42 new weapons, like swords, axes, bows, and crossbows, that can be used to fight the tough new bosses that the mod adds.When it comes to bosses, the mod adds many new types that will test even the most experienced Minecraft players. These bosses are spread out across the new biomes, such as the spooky and dangerous Graveyard biome and the dark and dangerous Abyss biome.

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Rats is a mod for Minecraft that introduces new mobs to the game: Rats! These tiny creatures scurry around, eating crops and searching for food. They are unique as they can pick up items, including food, and bring them back to their nest.In addition to rats, the mod adds new structures like rat traps and rat nests. Players can also tame and breed rats, which can also help you gather resources or ride them as mounts.Once you have downloaded the mod, you can find rats in various biomes and start exploring all the new things the mod offers.

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Inventory Pets

Inventory Pets mod introduces new pets into Minecraft. As the name suggests, this mod adds pets that can’t be used physically but can only be placed in your inventory. These pets give special abilities to the player. They can be placed in the inventory to get superpowers; some have to be held in hand, and clicking while holding them gives you the powers.This mod adds hundreds of new pets, each with a unique power. You can place the blaze pet in your inventory to get fire resistance. Using the Enderman pet in your inventory lets you teleport to a safe place when the mob attack. You can also use the chicken pet to get the free-falling effect; falling from heights will do less damage.Similarly, each pet comes with their own powers and abilities and can be obtained from trades, hidden chests, or killing the mobs. You can also use the Christmas pet to get the present box, which gives loot, custom armor, and ores.

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Mystical World

Mystical World mod adds new mobs and structures in Minecraft world. With Mystical World, you can find abandoned homes in any biomes, randomly generated, and capture them to live in. You can also get some good items, including rare armor to protect yourself from predators.Mystical World adds new mobs, both tamable and scary. You can find the new ores in mines and make better armor and tools to make your survival easy.

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The Chance Cubes mod adds mystery cubes to Minecraft, and they may contain both good and bad rewards. You can use this adventure mod with your friends and have endless fun. There are two variants of the chance blocks added by this mod. One is smaller, and the other is larger. The smaller one spawns regular mobs and builds. In contrast, the larger one can summon villages, mansions, and other significant structures and mobs.There are more than two hundred different quests in these blocks. When broken, they can summon many mobs, such as zombies, skeletons, witches, or creepers. They can also make a circle aquarium sorrounding you. Killing the mob in the aquarium will let you survive. You can’t break the walls to escape, as it teleports you back into the aquarium.Sometimes it can summon you in wells surrounded with dispensers loaded with arrows, that can kill the player within seconds. They can also summon TNTs or sand, which can be harder to survive. They don’t always try to kill the player. Sometimes you get rewarded too. You have the chance to get ores by breaking the chance cube blocks. You can also get powerful, unnatural enchanted tools and armor.You can use the Chance cubes mod with your friends or alone to test your luck and have fun. This mod can also be used in server events and can be customized to remove specific rewards or to add a custom reward.

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The Good All mod introduces new mobs to your Minecraft world. This mod adds friendly air/marine animals to Minecraft. You can find these mobs spawning randomly in their associated biomes in the world.The mobs added by the Good All mod include:DeersSinging BirdsTurtlesSealParrotOctopusKiwiFoxesFlamingosDucks

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The Adventurez mod adds the new mobs in Minecraft. With Adventurez mod, you can get both cute and scary mobs simultaneously. You can get unique animals and friendly groups and tame them by feeding them. You can find these mobs randomly generated in different world dimensions.Some mobs are modified, like a mini ender man, a skeleton with wings, etc. You can also find mobs related to the biomes. This mod lets you enjoy different mods. With Adventurez, you can have a great adventure playing Minecraft with friends.

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