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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft boss tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player


Levinide is an exciting mod that breathes new life into the world of Minecraft. With the introduction of unique biomes and mobs, players can explore new landscapes and encounter thrilling challenges. The mod doesn't just "add" new features. It completely transforms the game, offering a fresh and thrilling experience. The biomes are carefully crafted to reflect their own unique themes, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. You can go into dark, creepy forests or across wide, empty deserts. There are so many things you can do, and the world is yours to discover. But what would a new biome be without new mobs to inhabit it? The Levinide mod introduces a range of new creatures, both friendly and hostile. Some are eager to make your acquaintance, while others are more than happy to attack on sight.The Levinide mod also features new dungeons, each filled with unique challenges and treasures. With so much to discover and explore, the mod offers a truly immersive experience that will keep you coming back for more.

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Marium's Soulslike Weaponry

Marium's Soulslike Weaponry is a Minecraft mod for FabricMC which adds many new bosses and weaponry to your game. Fabric is not known for its boss mods, this is one of the best boss and weapons mods for fabric. There are also multiple different structures around the overworld, nether, and end which house some of the bosses. Each boss has its unique abilities which help them stand out from other bosses and mobs. The Decaying King has a Sword Slam where he has a big sword and does a big swing which does a lot of damage but takes time to cool down and is not too hard to prevent. He can also shoot fireballs and explosions. This boss is found in the nether.The old Champion’s Remains is a giant Skeleton (Similar to the Mutant Skeleton from the Mutant Creatures Mod) with a Sword and shield. The shield is used for Defence and can also be used to attack, it can be used to knock back enemies very far. He also hits with his sword which has a very long range and does a lot of damage.Frenzied Shade is a similar-looking mob but is purple and has claws that attack and move very quickly. This boss also can float underground.Monarch of Chaos is a Wither Skeleton Reaper-type character who shoots skulls with lightning at the target and lashes out at things with combos. He can also shoot a large number of projectiles such as tridents and moonlight or even arrows and shulkers. It can also teleport.The Returning Knight is one of the most powerful bosses in the whole mod. He can summon a random amount of minions to fight for it. They can also charge and slam nightfall, this attack does a huge amount of damage but takes a long time to do so can pretty easily be avoided. This boss also has the ability to blind and knock you back very far. He can also move his mace and his mace creates so many vibrations that it moves surrounding mobs.Soulmass is a mob that heals itself and shoots laser beams at its enemies and protects its owner. It also exploded upon death and weakens and slows hostile mobs nearby. There are also smaller mobs such as the Withered Demon, Ghosts, and Chungus, some of them even come with gear that can be received when killed. Potion effects are also in the mod. Bloodthirsty is similar to wither, but when the user is attacked it heals them. Decay weakens your armour over time and also increases the amount of damage you take while being attacked by 20%. Posture Break significantly slows down anything that has it. Permafrost causes mobs to slowly get slower and if a mob dies with this it creates an explosion that can spread the potion effect to nearby mobs. The mod has lots of weapons and guns, some of them even have cool custom models. However, most do not do all that much more damage than vanilla gear. The bosses and structures are the most impressive part of the mod. This mod is one of the most extensive boss mods for Fabric and newer versions of Minecraft and is similar to Chocolate Quest, Twilight Forest, and OreSpawn. They do not yet have a Forge version but it is planned. GeckoLib and Fabric API are required for the mod to work and the mod also works with Better combat. The mod is also available in Chinese and Russian and there is extensive documentation on the CurseForge page.


Creatures And Beasts

Creatures and Beasts is a fantasy mod that adds a wide variety of new creatures to your Minecraft world. Each biome, from the plains of the overworld to the void of the end, is filled with unique and exciting new mobs for you to discover.This mod includes creatures such as Yetis, Mushroom creatures, lilytad-like species, and more. In addition to these mystical creatures, the mod also adds lizards, birds, and even lava monsters for you to encounter and engage with. With so many new creatures to encounter and explore, Creatures and Beasts is sure to breathe new life into your Minecraft experience.

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Dungeon Denizens

Dungeon Denizens is a mod that brings new life to vanilla Minecraft dungeons. The mod adds new mobs to these dungeons, making them more challenging and exciting for players. The new mobs include unique monsters, each with their own abilities and attacks.In addition to the new mobs, Dungeon Denizens also adds new loot to dungeon chests, making exploration more rewarding. The mod also changes the dungeon architecture, with new types of rooms and traps to keep players on their toes.Overall, Dungeon Denizens is a great addition to any mod pack or playthrough, and it provides a new and refreshing experience to the traditional Minecraft dungeon-crawling gameplay.

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Mine Cells

Mine Cells is a promising Fabric mod that aims to add enemies, weapons and decorative blocks from the Action Roguelite Dead Cells to Minecraft. You can access the new dimension in which most of the mod's contents are located by finding a specific portal in the wild, which can be recognized for its circular shape. If you haven't found diamonds before approaching it, it won't activate, so be sure to do some vanilla progression before you get started; You'll need it for the mobs and boss you'll find there. The Prison dimension / structure has multiple mobs to fight, most of which have their own gimmicks that may put your abilities to the test. Bringing armor and a shield is highly recommended. Across the ruined halls of this place, you will find barrels with all sorts of useful loot and most of the new weapons, including the classic Blood Sword from the game and Health Flasks.Impressively enough, the mod also features elevators that are used to traverse some of the areas of the map, and a new boss that can be found deep inside the prison; Conjunctivius. She has multiple special moves that need to be learned, lots of health and deals enormous amounts of damage even with netherite armor.



The Archon mod introduces magic into your Minecraft world. With this mod, you can have magical abilities in the game. This mod also adds new mobs and structures to the world, and some of those structures are captured by magicians and witches.You can also find buildings/castles randomly spawned in the world, filled with spawners and other magic stuff. You can kill the mobs and use the spawners to gain some XP to upgrade your armor and enchantments. You can also find many new mobs spawning near the towers. You can kill these mobs to get their armor which is more potent than the casual ones.

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Blue Skies

Blue skies introduced new dimensions and worlds to Minecraft. This mod adds two new world types to Minecraft, EverBright and EverDawn. These two are entirely different and have mobs and bosses. To Enter these dimensions, you must find a Guardian and trade to get the books and the keys.Using the Book, you can find the recipe for unlocking new dimensions. You can enter these Dimensions by making a portal, similar to Nether. You can find a completely different world with new Mobs and Bosses. Raiding the Dungeons might give you unlimited loot. You can spawn the bosses and defeat them to rule the Dungeons. Blue Skies adds hundreds of new blocks, trees, items, armor, and staff, which make playing Minecraft much better.Once you enter these portals, you can find roam around freely in these worlds, but make sure to watch your steps. You can find the plenty of new mobs, which can be frienly or violent, and can rush to attack you on sight. Both the dimensions have its own mobs and structures, which inlude the towers and dungeons. 

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Mowzies Mobs

Mowzies mobs mod adds the new mobs in Minecraft. This mob doesn’t change the natural look of Minecraft. With Mowzies, you can now enjoy the carnivorous plant that eats any mob near it. You can now find the abandoned ghost towns located randomly in Minecraft world.You might also get the guardians to guard your castle. Guardians don’t let anyone cross near them, killing any mob trying to enter the door in front of them. There are many more mobs added that you will surely enjoy playing with.

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Queen Bee

Queen Bee is a mod that expands upon the bee/honey aspect of Minecraft. The mod adds several new items and structures. The main attraction of the mod is a new mini-boss called the Queen Bee. This bee is friendly, unless you attack her first. If you attack a queen bee, all the other bees in nearby areas will attack you. The Queen Bee has 100hp and drops her antenna when she dies.The mod also adds a few new items :Antenna : No bee will attack a playing wearing an antenna. It is dropped by the Queen Bee.Stinger : You can use this item to craft the stinger sword. Dropped by bees.Stinger Sword : Fastest sword in the game. Inflicts poison and nausea effects.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


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