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In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft customization tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

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Legendary tooltips

Legendary Tooltips is a mod that directly enhances the visuals of Minecraft items in your inventory by adding custom item borders and some quality-of-life features. On its own, the mod does not apply special borders to most items, so it is upto the user or mod pack designer to customize as needed.One of its more interesting features is the rendering of an item in its tooltip when hovered upon in the inventory or its way of compressing the lore text of any custom-made item in the game. (As you can see in my basic custom-made item in screenshots, which was made to showcase this exact feature) The mod also offers customizations with the use of its configuration and resource packs. Borders can be customized via resource packs which are capable of replacing the default border included in the mod with up to 16 custom borders that can be used by the mod.Note: The mod requires Iceberg and Prism(For versions 1.3+) to work properly in newer versions.


Tinkers construct

Tinkers Construct is a mod that adds a new progression system into the game and many new progression tiers of Minecraft tools and weapons. The mod offers a unique experience by creating custom and special tools from parts. The player can make those parts from different materials. Every material that can be used for crafting now has unique effects. Those effects vary from the durability of the finished tool to the effects which completely change how the tool works. The ability to combine multiple parts for your tools creates almost infinite possibilities. Every tool then can be upgraded to get similar effects like enchants from vanilla Minecraft. The mod offers a custom-created way of crafting those items. Your first steps will require you to create the first patterns, which allow the creation of basic and limited tools. The next milestone is the creation of a huge multi-block structure called smeltery. You can use it for smelting metallic ores into more advanced metal parts with better durability and many other effects. The mod offers a lot of customization in the config file and a lot of integration into other mods, which adds even more replayability and uniqueness.  Note: Mod requires Mantle to work!



With the Runelic mod installed, you can have the Runelic font in Minecraft. The font can be applied to visually any text, including signs, name tags, books and item tooltips. There are some commands that you can use with this mod. They are :/runelic say - Posts a message in chat with the Runelic font. All players can use this command. The plaintext version is logged in the server console./runelic hand - Renames the held item with Runelic. Limited to lvl 2 ops./runelic book (encode|decode) - Rewrites a held book to use Runelic. Can also turn Runelic books into plaintext books. Limited to lvl 2 ops./runelic tile (encode|decode) <pos> - Rewrites a tile entity such as a sign to use Runelic. Limited to lvl 2 ops.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Client Tweaks

Client Tweaks helps you tweak some functions in Minecraft, so as to improve your gameplay experience. The changes are simple and minimal, but these are actually the things that leads to more quality gameplay. Here's a list of some of my favourite features :Hide Offhand Item : This does exactly what it's name suggets. You can hide the item in your offhand so that it won't affect you visuals.Auto Climb Ladder : This feature lets you climb ladders without having to hold down any key. All you have to do is to look up.Do Not Use Last Torch : This feature makes it so that the last torch in your offhand is not placeable. This is useful if you use OptiFine's dynamic lights feature.And there's more features that improves your quality of gameplay. Download this mod using one of the links given below to try it out for yourself.


Cosmetic Armor Reworked

The Cosmetic Armor Reworked mod allows you to wear two sets of armor, one for display and one for protection. The mod also gives you the option to completely hide the armor so that you can show-off your cool Minecraft skin while still having the protection that your armor set provides. The armor that you use for cosmetic purpose will not have any effect on you. It will not reduce damage or stop attacks. When the player is killed, the cosmetic armor will drop. But you have the option to change that using the configs so that your cosmetic armor stays on even after you die. I find myself using this mod to show-off the shiny texture of the gold armor set while having my netherite armor protect me.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below,


Mouse Tweaks

Mouse Tweaks is a very helpful utility mod that can be used to save a ton of time and effort while dealing with inventories and while manually moving and sorting items. The mod replaces the standard right mouse button dragging mechanic, and adds two new left mouse button dragging mechanics. It also adds the ability to use the mouse wheel to quickly move items. If you hold the right mouse button and hover an item stack over an empty slot, an item will put into the slot. In vanilla, only one item will be put into a slot, but with this mod installed, you can hover over a slot for the second time to add more items. Next, you select an item and drag it across the inventory while holding left click and all items of the same type will be picked up. And there's more. You can tweak all of these behaviours to liking using the configs.This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric. The download links given below will lead you to the official curseforge downloads page and you can download your required mod version. You can find more info regarding the configs and setting there too.


Mod Menu

If you use the Fabric modloader, then Mod Menu is a must have. Mod Menu does exacly what its name suggests. It adds a menu, which contains a list of mods that you have along with customization options that the mod privides. By using Mod Menu, you can even customize your mods in-game. All you have to do is to pause the game and select the "Mods" option from the list of options. This will open up a screen with a list of your mods. From this list, you can select a mod and customize it (if the mod provides an option to do that). Most Fabric mods recommend ModMenu as an optional dependency to customize them.Download links for this mod are given below.


Ok Zoomer

OptiFine has a feature where you can press a keybind to zoom in your camera. What happens is that the game FOV is reduced as long as the keybind is being held down. Unfortunately, Fabric performace mods like sodium does not offer this feature. Ok Zoomer is a Fabric alternative for the OptiFine zoom. With this mod installed, you can set a keybind to zoom in your view. This mod easily outbeats the OptiFine zoom with its features. You can use ModMenu to set a zoom animation, add motion blur, manually set your zoom FOV, etc. Download links for this mod are given below.


Toast Control

The Toast Control mod is a simple mod that helps you adjust the appearance of Toasts. Toasts are the achievement bars that slide in onto your screen when you complete a specific achievement. Some of them are easy to unlock, while some are very hard. Toasts that appear after the completion of a hard achievement gives the player something to be proud of. But the easy ones are not-so-welcomed by many players as these are generally annoying. For example, a toast will appear when the player touches water for the first time in a Minecraft world and unlocks the recipe for boats. There are many other similar toasts that appear upon unlocking a recipe. This mod removes all of them. Furthermore, you can use this mod to change the transparency of the toasts.Download links for this mod are given below.


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