Best Minecraft dungeons mods

In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft dungeons tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Wesley Roguelike Dungeons

Wesley's Roguelike Dungeons mod is a thrilling addition to Minecraft, perfect for players looking for a challenge. This mod features 15 uniquely designed dungeon themes, each with their own traps, bosses, and loot. The ambience of each dungeon theme is carefully crafted, immersing players into a new world with every dungeon they enter. Locked stronghold chests filled with treasure await players within the dungeons, but to unlock them, they must collect scattered keys hidden throughout the dungeon. To make things even more exciting, minibosses with special abilities can be found within the dungeons, each holding a unique key that unlocks a special chest at the end of the dungeon. Players must come prepared for the unexpected as there are countless surprises waiting within these giant randomly generated dungeons. With Wesley's Roguelike Dungeons mod, every playthrough is a new adventure.

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Levinide is an exciting mod that breathes new life into the world of Minecraft. With the introduction of unique biomes and mobs, players can explore new landscapes and encounter thrilling challenges. The mod doesn't just "add" new features. It completely transforms the game, offering a fresh and thrilling experience. The biomes are carefully crafted to reflect their own unique themes, each with its own set of challenges and rewards. You can go into dark, creepy forests or across wide, empty deserts. There are so many things you can do, and the world is yours to discover. But what would a new biome be without new mobs to inhabit it? The Levinide mod introduces a range of new creatures, both friendly and hostile. Some are eager to make your acquaintance, while others are more than happy to attack on sight.The Levinide mod also features new dungeons, each filled with unique challenges and treasures. With so much to discover and explore, the mod offers a truly immersive experience that will keep you coming back for more.

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Dungeon Mobs

Dungeons Mob is an exciting mod for Minecraft that introduces a new set of mobs, golems, and bosses to the game. This mod adds a whole new level of challenge and excitement to the Minecraft world, and it is sure to be a hit with Minecraft fans. The mobs introduced by this mod come in the form of new enemies, such as skeletons, zombies, and dragons, that players must battle in order to progress. The golems are also a great addition, as they can be used to protect players from enemies or to help build structures. Finally, the bosses are a great way to add an extra level of difficulty to the game and can be used to create special events or battles.Overall, Dungeons Mob is a great mod for players looking to add a bit of excitement and challenge to their Minecraft experience. It adds a lot of new content to the game, and it can make for some really great battles and events. This mod is sure to be a hit with Minecraft fans, and it adds a whole new level of fun and challenge to the game.

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Enderling Invaders

Enderling Invaders, as the name suggests, introduces new creatures, Enderlings and Endersent, that were previously only found in Minecraft Dungeons. Along with them, some new custom Enderlings have also been added to the game. The Enderlings and Endersent drop new items and provide new advancements, making the game even more interesting and challenging for players. This mod adds a new dimension to the game, and gives players the chance to explore and encounter new creatures. Overall, the Enderling Invaders mod is a great addition to the game for those who are looking for more variety in creatures and items. It adds a whole new level of adventure and exploration, and will keep players engaged for hours on end.

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Chocolate Quest Repoured

Chocolate Quest Repoured (CQR) is a recreated version of the Chocolate Quest Mod (Commonly known as the Better Dungeons Mod). Chocolate Quest was a popular mod going back to the Beta days of Minecraft until it had rough development and a largely considered incomplete rewrite in 1.7.x, largely skipped 1.8.x, cancelled 1.9.x, and has not seen a version since. Chocolate Quest added many fantastic dungeons and bosses with some of the most unique abilities in all of Minecraft modding. Chocolate Quest Repoured builds on many of these ideas and updates them.Chocolate Quest Repoured has elements of the 1.6.4 and 1.7.x versions of Chocolate Quest, plus unique additions and improvements. Many of the textures are highly inspired but different, but much closer to the original than many other legacy mod recreations. Many of the best parts, such as the Structure Auto generators, Super Tool (Creative Only), and customisable mobs, are still there and sometimes have been updated.One of the best parts of Chocolate Quest was the ability to right-click a humanoid or similar-shaped mob and add custom gear in creative mode; CQR improved this. Now, if you right-click a mob from CQR in creative mode, it shows a dialogue with all the slots you can add gear to, this could take more time if you just wanted to add 1 item, but it is generally much easier to use and more descriptive. You can give the mobs whatever gear you wish, potions, shields, and other stuff, which is excellent for mob battles.One thing that is not good is the amount of mobs is inflated by having variants with different sets of gear. There are leather versions of mobs and diamond versions; this is unneeded because of the ability to swap the gear in creative mode easily, but it is somewhat reminiscent of what spawns in (in dungeons, it is not uncommon to see these different variants spawn). The creative tabs are also different from the original; instead of 2 tabs, it's divided into many more tabs, each serving different purposes.Many of the mobs, though, are unique from each other. They have special abilities like how the pirate captain can turn invisible, but his weapon often does not, and how many have staffs and the ability to summon minions.CQR, like the original CQ/Better Dungeons, is one of the best dungeon mods ever. They have deep, complex buildings with many layers to explore, lots of loot to collect, mobs and bosses to fight, libraries, wool, paintings, and many other decorations. You could spend hours looking through them.The recreation has flaws; however, in some cases, the different textures may throw you off or not be as good for someone used to the older textures. They do a better job of recreating them than most recreation projects. However, it still may throw a few people off, especially considering many of the icons are entirely different, such as the spawn items are often different, as are the structure generators (which are 3D visualisations rather than 2D ones like the original). The recreation is also missing a lot from the original mod, such as many of the mobs and structures in the original are not in the squeal, such as the Ice Bull from the 1.6.4 version.Despite all the missing content, it is still one of the best mods in Minecraft past 1.7.10. It is primarily focussing on 1.12.2 and won't port to other versions until the 1.12.2 version is feature complete. It will take a while to complete; they plan to have single versions for newer versions of Minecraft, like 1.16.5, but they will only be supported short-term, and it will be a while until the mod moves past 1.12.2 and completes itself. CQR is one of the most extensive mods still developing for 1.12.2 (which continues to be a sizeable modding version).Chocolatin, the original creator of Chocolate Quest, does not appear to be related to this recreation.The mod requires GeckoLib and Reach Fix, and the author will make fun of you if you try to get support without these two mods installed. Der Toaster, the creator of CQR, is also a significant contributor to GeckoLib, and CQR is one of the mods advertised by GeckoLib.


Awesome Dungeon Ocean

Awesome Dungeon Ocean is a mod that adds new structures to the Minecraft world, all with an ocean theme. The structures are similar to those found in ocean monuments, but with a twist. These structures are generated randomly throughout the ocean and can be found by players who explore the depths. The mod uses vanilla Minecraft blocks to keep the natural feel of the game alive. Inside the structures, players will find chests filled with loot and mob spawners to add to the challenge. The ocean-themed structures include castles, towers, and other buildings, all designed to fit perfectly in the underwater environment.

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Awesome Dungeon The End

The "Awesome Dungeon The End" mod enhances the end dimension in Minecraft by adding various structures with an end theme. These structures include pyramids, castles, and homes, all of which contain challenging dungeons filled with mobs and valuable loot. Unlike other mods that may introduce new blocks or items, this mod uses the vanilla Minecraft blocks to maintain the natural look and feel of the game. With this mod, players can explore the end dimension in a new and exciting way, with challenging dungeons and unique structures to discover.

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Repurposed Structures

This amazing mod adds a whole host a features to all dimensions in Minecraft! It includes:-14 new Mineshaft types- 10 new biome variants of Villages- 15 new Temples variants- 2 new biome variants of Igloos- 13 new Pillager Outposts- 4 new types of Shipwrecks- 7 new Mansion types- 5 new Witch Huts types- 3 new kinds of Ruins! (2 on land. 1 in Nether)Personally I love the Nether City's which are repurposed End City's but found in the Nether instead; as well as this, the underground mineshafts found in the three dimensions add so much more to the game making it feel really unique and explorable. If you are bored with basic Minecraft exploration this mod will add many more features to give you a better experience exploring the game world!


Blue Skies

Blue skies introduced new dimensions and worlds to Minecraft. This mod adds two new world types to Minecraft, EverBright and EverDawn. These two are entirely different and have mobs and bosses. To Enter these dimensions, you must find a Guardian and trade to get the books and the keys.Using the Book, you can find the recipe for unlocking new dimensions. You can enter these Dimensions by making a portal, similar to Nether. You can find a completely different world with new Mobs and Bosses. Raiding the Dungeons might give you unlimited loot. You can spawn the bosses and defeat them to rule the Dungeons. Blue Skies adds hundreds of new blocks, trees, items, armor, and staff, which make playing Minecraft much better.Once you enter these portals, you can find roam around freely in these worlds, but make sure to watch your steps. You can find the plenty of new mobs, which can be frienly or violent, and can rush to attack you on sight. Both the dimensions have its own mobs and structures, which inlude the towers and dungeons. 

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Additional Structures

If you are bored of seeing the limited structures in Minecraft, Then this mod is best for you. This mod adds the additional structures randomly in Minecraft world. With this mod, you can enjoy the oasis in the middle of the desert to the pyramids in the plains. You might get terrified by the snowman or the scarecrows spawning randomly in the world.With this mod, you can get more natural grinders by discovering the dungeons in all Minecraft dimensions. You can investigate the location by climbing the towers, or spawning Altars might help you gather some XP to upgrade your tools or armors. The additional Structure mod include the structure in all dimensions and biomes in Minecraft world. These structures include the Spawn altars in the End dimensions, theruins in the plains, and modifies the villages by adding new houses. You can also spend your nights in the camps, that spawns randomly in the overworld.In short, you can find hundreds of different structures spawning everywhere randomly.

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Enchant With Mob

The Enchant With Mob mod adds the Enchanter mob from Minecraft Dungeons. This mob can enchant hostile mobs and can make them stronger. And for doing so, this mod also adds "enchated" variants of several hostile mobs. Enchanters can also join raids and enchant the raid party and fight alongside them.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Dungeons Enhanced

Many of us have been playing Minecraft for years. The game has millions of different seeds that opens up millions of different worlds for us to explore, but the core aspect of the game has always remained the same. The way the game playthrough works is always the same. The few in-game structures that you get to find and explore are always the same. How about we bring a change to this? This is exactly what the Dungeons Enhanced mod focuses on. This mod adds a whopping 21 new structures into the game. And almost all of these structures are large, detailed and majestic. You can randomly find them while exploring your world, or if you're in creative mode, you can use the /locate command to find them easily.the level of detail that all of these structures have are insane. The size of the structures are worth mentioning too - They are HUGE! Furthermore there is an active team of developers working on improving and bringing new additions to this pack.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. This pack requires the Structure Gel API to work. Read the installation instructions carefully. Download links for the mod are given below.


Awesome Dungeons Mod

Just like the name suggests, this mod, is in fact, an awesome mod. The Awesome Dungeons mod adds seven new structures into the game. Unlike other mods, the dungeons in this mod does not go underground. All of the structures are well above ground level.The structures this mods add are massive. They offer a lot to explore and contains loot chests to find. The structures include the abandoned oak palace, abandoned mushroom, desert temple husk, giant jungle tree, the swamp temple, the Z tower and the better default jungle temple. The better default jungle temple is an improved and scaled up version of the vanilla jungle temple.Most of these structures has traps set up within them and will spawn enemies for you to fight and defeat. The mod does not add any new blocks and the structures are quite vanilla friendly. This mod is a must have if you want to enhance your survival experience.The mod is available for both Forge and Fabric. Download links for the Forge versions are given below.


Dungeon Crawl

Want more to explore in Minecraft? The Dungeon Crawl mod adds new dungeon structures throughout your map. You will find tall towers generated in your world. Upon entering a tower, you'll discover that there's a tunnel leading deep underground. This is where the fun begins!Upon going deeper, you will find dark hallways filled with hostile mobs that you'll have to fight and defeat in order to continue your path. The maze like hallways are easy to lose your way in. Adding to the challenge, you'll find plenty of spawners that spawns enemies. There's a lot more to explore. You can find loot chests scattered throughout the dungeon.A thing that caught my attention is that the dungeons and the hallways within them are designed very well and matches the concept very well. The lighting within the hallways adds an element of horror, which is something very few mods have been able to accomplish in this block game.The mod is available for Forge and download links are given below.


Stalwart Dungeons

Minecraft might have millions of unique seeds, but the structures that generate within them are the same. This is where the Stalwart Dungeons mod helps you. This mod adds new dungeons and castles into the Nether and the End dimensions. Alongside the structures, this mod also offers you a variety of new toolsets and blocks.The NetherYou can now find two new structures in the Nether dimension - Keeping Castles and Awful Dungeons. The keeping castles spawn in Nether wastes and Crimson forest biome and Awful Dungeons spawn in the Soul sand valleys and Warped forests.These structures come along with their own unique mobs and block variants.The EndEnd dungeons will spawn in the outer islands of the End dimension. There's a variety of new blocks that spawn along with the dungeons. The Chorundum Ore is a type of ore that spawns in the End dungeons.ItemsThe mod adds three new armor sets and two new ore types into the game. There are several hammers in the mod: wood, stone, iron, gold, diamond and tungsten, and the nether hammer. They can be useful in combats.The mod adds several new mobs and weapons too.


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