Best Minecraft generation mods

In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft generation tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Create Crafts & Additions

Create Crafts & Additions (CC&A) is a mod for Forge  as well as Fabric (though its maintenance is unofficial), that acts as a bridge between electricity and kinetic energy from Create. It does this by adding an Electric Motor, which generates kinetic energy from Forge energy, and an Alternator, which does the generated Forge Energy from Kinetic Energy at 75% efficiency. In order to craft these items, players need to make a Rolling Mill, a kinetic machine can be used to make rods and wires. You can also use JEI for recipes. Other features and items added by CC&A include a Creative Generator, which generates unlimited Forge Energy Induction Heater, which heats furnaces using Forge Energy (removed in 2022)Connector &  Wires Redstone RelayAccumulator Charging StationTesla CoilFurnace BurnerCrude BurnerBiomass and Biomass PelletOvercharged HammerChocolate and  Honey Cake can be eatenDiamond Grit SandpaperStrawBarbed Wire blockMultimeter    Sead Oil and Bioethanol Rods Wires    Spools and other crafting components.      Electric Motors provide a ComputerCraft peripheral which can be used to generate kinetic energy. The Alternator can then be used to convert this energy into Forge Energy, which can then be used to power other devices. The Rolling Mill can be used to create Wires and Rods, which can then be used to power other devices. The Creative Generator can be used to generate unlimited Forge Energy. The Induction Heater can be used to heat furnaces using Forge Energy. The Connector & Wires can be used to wire devices together. The Redstone Relay can be used to control energy flow with Redstone. The Charging Station can be used to charge electric items. The Tesla Coil is for changing electric items, damaging to Players and Mobs, and heating furnaces. The Furnace Burner can be used to heat furnaces which don't require a smelting recipe to run. The Crude Burner heats furnaces which are fuelled by liquids such as different types of Oil, which is not quite a quick moving as water, unlike it’s real life counterpart. The Biomass can be used to create Pellet, Fuel. The Overcharged Hammer can be used to throw a powerful melee weapon. The Diamond Grit Sandpaper can be used to sand objects. The Straw can be used to apply to a Blaze Burner will give it the ability to burn liquid fuels. The Barbed Wire block can be used to fence off areas. The Multimeter can be used to measure various values.CC&A is also compatible with several other mods, including Simple Jetpacks 2 (for Electric Jetpacks), Immersive Engineering (for External Heaters, Lapis Sheet pressing, Sphalerite mineral deposits, Alloys, and Treated Wood), Mekanism (for Rose Quartz Enriching & Metallurgic Infusing), Tinkers Construct (for Alloys), and Applied Energetics 2 (for charging Certus Quartz). The Electric Motor can also be used as a peripheral for ComputerCraft. Most of the items also have the ability to right click and shift to get a better description and you can also learn how to use it with the regular Create mod.


Realistic Terrain Generation

The Realistic Terrain Generation Mod gives you the oppurtunity to traverse mesmerizing landscapes and breathtaking mountains in the 1.12 versions of Minecraft. The 1.12 world generation is pretty boring with no good detailing and broadly repetitive patterns of world features. But this mod changes all of that. Just take a look at the screenshots to see how mindblowing the world generation is with this mod.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire is an adventure mod that adds a lot of unique content to the game. Most notable are dragons which now soar the skies of the Minecraft world.  The mod does not limit itself to them. It offers a lot of mythical creatures like gorgons, cyclopes, water serpents, trolls, and many more. Every new creature is created in a way to make them feel alive. Dragons begin in their nest, fly around, hunt and feed on the animals and then return to their nest to get some rest. You will be rewarded with new materials if you take down these creatures. These materials will allow you to get access to various weapons, armours, or even mythical artifacts that will help you during your adventures. It is not only about the killing of new creatures. The mod also offers a way to tame some of them. Sometimes you can find the dragon eggs in their nests, which you can take to hatch yourself. The newly hatched dragon will then allows you to explore the world on its back! The mod is also very configurable. You can alter creature behaviors, spawning areas, or stats with many different configurations. If you ever get lost with the mod or its features, it offers its bestiary that you unlock with progression and exploration. This mod currently offers: Dragons - They all have different colors and types based on their location. There are fire dragons, frost dragons, and the newly added lightning dragons. Hippocampi - Sea horses! Gorgons - Dangerous mythical half-woman, half-snakes. Sea serpents - Distant relatives of the dragons without wings! ... And many more! Note: The mod requires different libraries depending on the version like the citadel library (1.16.5)


Ars Nouveau

Ars Nouveau is a magic mod inspired by Ars Magicka that expands the game with magic!The mod features a unique spell creation system where you can create any spell you can imagine, create magical artifacts, perform rituals, and use various magical structures to automate many things in the game and some various new creatures to the Minecraft world. Some are hostile, while others can be summoned and bound to become your companions.Spellcrafting system is inspired by the original Ars Magicka, where with the use of glyphs you are able to create many different spells based on their effects and modifiers. The mod also offers a lot of unique add-ons that increase the amount of possibilities for your spells even further!Craft the Worn Notebook using a book and 1 Lapis Lazuli to get started with this mod.Note: Mod requires: Curios, Patchouli and Geckolib


Tinkers construct

Tinkers Construct is a mod that adds a new progression system into the game and many new progression tiers of Minecraft tools and weapons. The mod offers a unique experience by creating custom and special tools from parts. The player can make those parts from different materials. Every material that can be used for crafting now has unique effects. Those effects vary from the durability of the finished tool to the effects which completely change how the tool works. The ability to combine multiple parts for your tools creates almost infinite possibilities. Every tool then can be upgraded to get similar effects like enchants from vanilla Minecraft. The mod offers a custom-created way of crafting those items. Your first steps will require you to create the first patterns, which allow the creation of basic and limited tools. The next milestone is the creation of a huge multi-block structure called smeltery. You can use it for smelting metallic ores into more advanced metal parts with better durability and many other effects. The mod offers a lot of customization in the config file and a lot of integration into other mods, which adds even more replayability and uniqueness.  Note: Mod requires Mantle to work!


Recurrent Complex

The 1.12 is the most mod version in all Minecraft, it is the perfect version to start a survival alone or with friends.If your goal is to make Minecraft more alive, magnificent and adventurous, you are in the right place!The Recurrent Complex mod will add 187 new structures to your world, customizing the environment and making it different from the usual Minecraft.You can find the structures in the Overworld simply by exploring, underground, in the nether and also in the end!Are you still not convinced?Here is a list of the main things that add this mod:187 new structures of all sizes(Cemeteries, houses in the woods, mazes, abandoned mines, towers, pyramids, Remnants of tribal nations, Pirate Hideouts...)Custom treesUpgrade of biomesNew biomesImprovement of villagesBoost gaming experienceMeteoritesHidden treasures


Moog's Voyager Structures

Moog's Voyager Structures is a structure mod that adds a bunch of new structures into your game. The structures may contain friendly villagers to trade with or they may contain hostile mobs that you will have to fight in order to loot the structure. These structures are randomly generated around the world and you may come across them while travelling. The structures added by this mod are well designed by experienced builders and they will always be a treat to come across. The loot you find in them will act as a small reward. The video given below will give you a brief idea about the contents of this mod.This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Hex Lands

The Hex Lands mod adds a new world generation preset that you can select during the world creation process. A world generated with this preset will split your world into hexagons. This effect applies to the Nether dimension as well. The area enclosed by each hexagon will have a single biome and will also have a bordering wall.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


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