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Sons Of Sins

The Sons of Sins mod adds seven new creatures to Minecraft. Each of these creatures represents one of the seven deadly sins. These creatures are dangerous and hungry for blood, so players should be careful when they meet them. All you have to do to find or call one of these things is eat a Rotten Apple.The Rotten Apples live in structures that resemble churches, which suggests that these buildings have a dark and mysterious past. What happened in these churches isn't clear, but one thing is for sure: they have something to do with the Sons of Sins.This mod makes Minecraft more interesting by adding powerful and dangerous creatures that players need to be ready to face.

Einstine Pc

Piglin Proliferation

Piglin Proliferation is a mod that focuses on expanding and enhancing the piglin race in Minecraft. With this mod, you can expect to see modifications made to the existing piglin characters as well as the introduction of new ones that add various gameplay elements.One of the most exciting additions is the Piglin Alchemist. This new mob uses potions to help other piglins or to harm players and predators. With Piglin Proliferation, you'll find new ways to interact with these interesting creatures and add more depth to your Minecraft experience.

Einstine Pc


The Mod Vampirism aims to add Magic to the Minecraft world. With this mod, you can find many new items and mobs added in the game related to dark/black magic. You can find custom blocks and biomes around the World. These Biomes are darker than typical Vanilla biomes, with black trees and dark-coloured Flowers.You can also find the hunters’ camps in the plains or between the forests, with the hunters nearby, that can kill you on sight. They can hunt the animals and the villagers and convert them to their cursed variant with bloody eyes. They can attack animals like cows, mules, donkeys, horses, etc.With the addition of the Vampires, the nights are no safer for players to go on adventures, as these mobs attack the players and are speedy. They are divided into different levels, like the trade villagers. With higher levels, their armor and specs increase. You can kill them to get powerful armor and tools.

Einstine Pc


Spirit is a mod that is inspired by the Soul Shards mod. As its spiritual successor, it expands on the idea of spirit magic while keeping a similar balance of the original mod. It adds many new multi-block ritual sites that you have to create and use, all centered around souls sand from the Nether dimension and new craftable material with its own enhanceable items. Soul magic can also be a very powerful tool for summoning monsters or transmuting them into other mobs. 



The Archon mod introduces magic into your Minecraft world. With this mod, you can have magical abilities in the game. This mod also adds new mobs and structures to the world, and some of those structures are captured by magicians and witches.You can also find buildings/castles randomly spawned in the world, filled with spawners and other magic stuff. You can kill the mobs and use the spawners to gain some XP to upgrade your armor and enchantments. You can also find many new mobs spawning near the towers. You can kill these mobs to get their armor which is more potent than the casual ones.

Einstine Pc

Inventory Pets

Inventory Pets mod introduces new pets into Minecraft. As the name suggests, this mod adds pets that can’t be used physically but can only be placed in your inventory. These pets give special abilities to the player. They can be placed in the inventory to get superpowers; some have to be held in hand, and clicking while holding them gives you the powers.This mod adds hundreds of new pets, each with a unique power. You can place the blaze pet in your inventory to get fire resistance. Using the Enderman pet in your inventory lets you teleport to a safe place when the mob attack. You can also use the chicken pet to get the free-falling effect; falling from heights will do less damage.Similarly, each pet comes with their own powers and abilities and can be obtained from trades, hidden chests, or killing the mobs. You can also use the Christmas pet to get the present box, which gives loot, custom armor, and ores.

Einstine Pc


Feywild Mod Introduces magic to Minecraft and modifies the game by adding new mobs and biomes. These biomes were custom designed while keeping in mind the four primary seasons; summer, winter, spring and autumn. You can find different colors for trees, representing each season.The new biomes have bigger and wider trees in the center of the biome, surrounded by smaller ones. The enormous trees are hollow, and has a room inside them. This room contains the throne and the magical altar. Like the usual Minecraft trees, you can chop them to get the wood and saplings and use them to grow trees infront of your base for decoration.The Feywild mod also adds Fairies into the game. You can find the fairies near villages or spawn them using magic. You can tame these fairies and use them to help you. You can also use them to complete quests to get good loot.You can learn more about magic by finding the bell. Ringing the bell will summon a villager. You can trade with this villager to get the secret book of dark magics and learn more about it. There is a progress bar in the book. Completing each quest unlocks new features, and finishing them gives more rewards and powers.You can also find dwarfs in the caves and tame them to get assistance on your journey. You can also find the dwarfs' market and get some valuable trades for good tools and armor.

Einstine Pc


Hexerei is the mod that adds magic and sorcery in Minecraft. This mob adds many things you can use to make you a Witch in Minecraft. You can make many custom magic items and potions which can be used against the mobs to keep your home and village safe.You can add a broom in Minecraft to fly without elytra and feed a crow to travel with you as a pet. This mod also gives the witch costume for a player to make it a real-life feel. You are given a Magic book to learn magic and can practice magic in Witch’s hut, found in the swamp Biome. You can call a crow to you by blowing a whistle to a Crow Flute.

Einstine Pc

Ars Nouveau

Ars Nouveau is a magic mod inspired by Ars Magicka that expands the game with magic!The mod features a unique spell creation system where you can create any spell you can imagine, create magical artifacts, perform rituals, and use various magical structures to automate many things in the game and some various new creatures to the Minecraft world. Some are hostile, while others can be summoned and bound to become your companions.Spellcrafting system is inspired by the original Ars Magicka, where with the use of glyphs you are able to create many different spells based on their effects and modifiers. The mod also offers a lot of unique add-ons that increase the amount of possibilities for your spells even further!Craft the Worn Notebook using a book and 1 Lapis Lazuli to get started with this mod.Note: Mod requires: Curios, Patchouli and Geckolib



If you are a fantasy, magic or just flower fan Botania is a great mod pack for you. Adding a whole range of new flowers, my personal favourite being the Glimmering Light Blue Flower, new blocks and a huge range of armour, tools, clothes, magic staffs, runes, rings and potions this mod really goes all out to improve the Minecraft experience. If you've found yourself content or even bored with the old game Botania is like playing a Minecraft 1.5, everything the old game has to offer with massive extra's to discover. At first a lot of the information Botania try's to feed to you can be overwhelming, but if you craft the Lexical Botania book, (recipe being a book and any sapling) it will help you learn more of the in-game features. Overall if you're looking for a mod pack to sink some hours into, Botania is the one! 


The Abyss: Chapter II

Minecraft the abyss chapter II is a story based mod. The abyss used to be a happy and peaceful place, until the Roka came. The Roka destroyed all the beauty of the Abyss and turned it into a dark and evil place. It Is now up to you to save the Abyss! The abyss mod adds a new dimension to Minecraft full of hostile mobs and great challenges to take on. The abyss also adds loads of magical items, such as magical rings and spells! The mod allows adds 4 mini bosses and 8 armour tools and sets! This is a great mod for people seeking for and adventure! CONTENT:- Magic - Rings- Spells - Blocks - Decorations - Entities - Music - Swords - Tools - Dimensions - Biomes

Andrei De Stefani

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