Best Minecraft medieval mods

In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft medieval tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Conquest Reforged

Conquest Reforged is a recreation of an old texture pack called Conquest packaged as a mod. The original resource pack was designed for players who wanted to improve their Minecraft creative experience beyond the limitations of the base game. Upon loading the game, the game will tell you to install the Conquest Reforged resource pack (which is different from the Original Conquest Resource Pack). The required resource pack can be found here The textures are 32x and try to be realistic, and are compatible with Optifine. There are thousands of blocks and hundreds of textures, including lighting, particles, and animations. There are textures from many different historical and fictional timelines. Many of the blocks are custom 3D models. There is also a built-in GUI for customising and selecting blocks with a tab system. To get full advantage of the textures, you need to install the resource pack. Without the resource pack, many of the textures are blank, including some vanilla ones (in some versions, some vanilla textures are missing even with the resource pack, most notably the tall grass in 1.16.5). They have an online community of builders. Conquest Reforged is one of the best building mods because of its sheer size. Some themes represented include Roman, Arabic, Middle Ages, Industrial Revolution, ArdaCraft's Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Dwarven, Elven, and many others. You can make structures which look realistic if you make them big enough. Conquest Reforged has many materials for building highly detailed castles and many intractable Mosaics. There are also realistic-looking trees right out of the box, enhanced foliage, and the ability to add custom leaves and branches and customise just about every aspect of blocks for the ultimate building mod.The mod has deep integration with Optifine integration, and it is recommended you use Optifine because it looks much better with Optifine. You can also use your preferred shaders of choice in most cases, but they won't be needed as many of the models look beautiful, and you won't need them. The resource pack needs Optifine to work correctly according to the pack.mcmeta description. The creative UI has been completely redone to allow for the customisation and the inclusion of thousands of blocks. It includes better grouping based on things like material and type and uses a wheel-based system to help you navigate. The traditional creative tabs still exist, but the default ones have changed, and the mod by itself has four pages of tabs.There are a few issues that come with the massiveness of this mod. First of all, the file size of this mod is over 100MB on some versions, and second of all, you will need to increase your RAM allocation to be able to even play the mod. Playing at only 3GB will not work, and the game will stall while loading up until it eventually crashes. We suggest a lot of RAM if you include this in a larger mod pack. Even by itself, this mod takes a long time to load, especially at the texture pack loading phase, which is often the longest. But if you allocate a lot of memory, the mod will eventually load up. However, it will take a while, especially on versions 1.16.5 and earlier, if you do not have a high-clock CPU. The resource pack is enormous (about as big as the mod itself), so we suggest keeping it off when not using the mod. When you enter the game, you are introduced to the dialogue about the resource pack (if you do not have it) and then an introduction to the keybinds. The V key only works in creative mode and shows the texture shape variant. You can do this in the traditional creative tab menu and see a circular representation of all the blocks combined with a zoom on mouse-one. Ctrl+Middle Mouse Button gives the shape of the item you are looking at to your hot bar; this also works on creative only.Note: Worlds made in 1.9.4 are incompadible with worlds in 1.10.2 and newer.


TImeless and Classics Guns

Timeless and Classics is an amazing weapons mod that adds a ton of new gun variants into your game. The mod adds all sorts of firearms, ranging from pistols to assault rifles to long range sniper rifles. The mod also adds attachments like scopes and magazines to go with the firearms. Theere is a special GUI for weapon attachments and this makes it easy to make your weapon work to your gameplay style. You can shoot enemies and kill mobs using the weapons added by this mod.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Medieval Siege Machines

The Medieval Siege Machines mod adds exactly what the name suggests. The mod adds several medieval themed war machines that you can use in your game. The mod introduces five siege machines. They are :MortarCatapultBallistaBattering RamTrebuchetThe mod also adds several items, like wheels, that are used while crafting these machines. And they come with realistic sounds and animations too. The machines are enormous and will take up a lot of space in your world.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this pack. This mod requires GeckoLib to work. Read the installation instructions carefully. Download links for the mod are given below.


Nef's Medieval Decoration

Nef's Medieval Decoration is an amazing mod that adds over 700 new blocks and items into Minecraft.  As the name suggests, the additions are medieval themed and can be used to heavily decorate your medieval themed builds. The new blocks vary all the way from food items to decoration to buiding blocks and even some redstone items. In short, this is a mod that has something for everyone. Builders will easily fall in love with this mod because of the vast number of decoration items. There are items that will help builders detail their builds even to a tiny level. There's a lot of vegetation added too. The mod also adds new ores, new armor types and even new biomes into the game.Take a look at the screenshots and the video to see what you can expect from this pack. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below.


Ye Gamol Chattels

Mod adds hundreds of items, blocks, decorations from medieval times. If you want to build the castle or medieval residence, this mod will help you to give it the medieval look.  Among new blocks and items you can find: Microblocks Statues Banners, Flags Gongs Weapon Racks, Item Shelves Clocks Snow Globes And much more Also I would recommend to install Ancient Warfare mod, which adds catapults, custom soldiers, automated farms, which also has medieval theme. With these two mods you will fall into complete medieval atmosphere.


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