Best Minecraft technical mods

In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft technical tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player

Dawn API

Dawn API is an API that is used to make various mods for Minecraft. It is a library mod for many of the mods of the Dawn team, adding utility classes and other typical APIs for constructing mods. It aims to be available for the latest version of Minecraft at a given time and focuses mainly on builder classes to make the creation of new features easier, as well as a bunch of data fixing tools and generation. For developers, the Dawn API can be added to the build.gradle of a Gradle project for Fabric, you need to add a few maven repositories as shown on the github, as well as some by other modders like terraformer’s and shedaniel for optional mods. You will also need to set dawn_version = [version] in the players, the Dawn API has its own features, which you can get just by having the mod installed. These include:Extra     NBT parameters for TNT TileEntityA     flying block entity that is similar to a flying falling block /export     command, which can be used to export information about a game’s     content./motion     command, which lets you control the motion and velocity of entities./foodbar     command lets you change the hunger and saturation of entities./health     command lets you control the health of entities.Most of the features are mostly about controlling various elements of blocks and entities, which could be useful for some modpacks and maps, mob battles, or just having fun. Dawn API also has a contributor’s guide on their GitHub for people who want to add their own stuff, which also explains how to get started with development. Dawn API necessitates the use of Fabric API or Quilted Fabric API.Dawn API is mostly for Fabric in general.The developers of Dawn API are also behind Promenade, Culinaire, Artisanat, Mubble, Universal Ores, and other primarily Fabric mods, some of their mods use Dawn API, so if you use them you may want to get Dawn API.Dawn API also has built in compatibility with Cloth Config, Mod Menu, and AppleSkin.


Engineer's Decor

Useful, simple to use and good looking, Engineer's Decor is an addon to Immersive Engineering that adds tons of decorative blocks and a few functional machines to the game.New bricks, new concrete variations, more slabs, and even a roof style block group. There's also tables, stools, window stills and modern metallic fencing. In terms of functional machinery, a new furnace type that can turn cobblestone and other rocky blocks into lava has been added, along with a machine that can freeze water into ice.Solar panels, machines that cut trees, and many other useful contraptions are also part of the mod, some can be powered optionally to make them faster, while others require power to run at all times.


Ad Astra!

Welcome to the space odyssey of your dreams! With Ad Astra, your world will be gifted with the means required to explore the deepest reaches of space and maybe even conquer them!To get started, be sure to craft the mod's manual and check its contents out, as it will give you some general tips regarding its progression and mechanics. Done? Good, now we can get started with the mod's actual contents.First of all, you'll want to acquire a Coal Generator and the Compressor, machines that you will use to make plates. Plates are a vital component in Ad Astra and you should get used to making tons of them. Cabling is made out of steel, which can be crafted by smelting Iron ingots.You will also need to make a machine that turns water into oxygen and another one that turns Oil, a fluid that can be found in the ocean, into Fuel. It is worth mentioning that fuel is NOT renewable and should be used with care.To go to the moon, the first cellestial body you can explore, you'll have to craft a landing pad and a rocket, which is made in the NASA workbench crafting station. Alongside that, please be sure to craft a Space Suit.It'll be expensive, and each trip will take tons of fuel, but the Lunar depths are the only place in which you can find Desh Ore, a mineral that is critical to this mod's progression. Of course, setting up a moon base is no easy feat, as it's an airless planet. You can actually mitigate this problem by setting up an oxygen production system with the Oxygen Distributor machine. 


Wireless Redstone

As a redstone engineer, I have to say that this mod absolutely blew my mind. As the name suggests, this mod adds Wireless Redstone into Minecraft. You can now transmit redstone signals without the use of redstone lines or any other means of physical connection. You have a trnasmitter that looks somewhat like a repeater, and a signal receiver that looks like a small satellite dish. You have to set frequencies for the transmitter and the receiver, so that your signal reaches it's required destination. Check out the video given below for an in depth explanation.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


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