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————— Storage of minecraft materials —————

Storage of minecraft materials

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Minecraft compass tagged materials

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Explorer's Compass

Explorer's Compass adds one new item into your game. This is a compass that you can craft using four cobwebs, four cracked stone bricks and a regular compass. This new compass, called the "Explorer's Compass", will help you locate s...

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Advanced Compass

Advanced Compass mod is one of the best mods when it comes to adding a compass to your game. Unlike other compass mods, this one comes with a pretty useful horizontal bar where you can see the distance at which a variety of mobs are located. You can ...

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Xaero's Minimap

If you are fed up with getting lost and having to spend hours to find the locations you have visited or find animals to breed, then Xaero's Minimap mod solves your problem!  This mod is among the best mods that add a map to the game, but in con...