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Terralith 2.0

Minecraft 1.18 terrain generation is cool. But the Terralith world generation is even cooler! Terralith is a mod that completely overhauls Minecraft's terrain generation to a level where a zoomed out screenshot looks just like real life. The mod adds 85 new biomes while also massively improving the existing vanilla biomes. And it does so without adding any new blocks into the game.You might have seen Minecraft builders design custom terrains with magnificent mountains and beautiful landscapes. That's the level of quality that you can expect from the Terralith mod. This mod easily outbeats every single world generation mod out there. You can expect canyons, shattered biomes, floating islands and many more features. This mod also overhauls caves. Caves are now larger and more detailed. Put in a shaderpack, and you can see the terrain generation in it's full glory.This mod offers versions for both Forge and Fabric. Along with that, you can also find a datapack version.


Timber Datapack

  After installing, the Timber Datapack allows you to instantly chop down a tree just by breaking one log with any axe. This is a really useful addition for those who don't want to spend expensive time on gathering resources!Optionally, you can adjust everything as you wish. To get descriptions and settings for this datapack use:/function timber:help  


Spawner Craft [Data Pack]

This data pack adds in new recipes to craft all types of the spawn blocks! Eggs are also now craftable. Use eggs to customize your mob spawner!the "Coins" are rotten flesh (part of my texture pack)Official Legopitstop Data pack website page: https://legopitstop.weebly.com/datapacks_all.htmlThis datapack should work in 1.13.2 and 1.14 keep in mind that only the 1.14 mob eggs will work in that versionWant to be able to break spawners? Download Ant_Redstone's Ultimate Silktouch Spawner 2 data pack for Minecraft 1.14 Java edition!Don't know what the recipes are?Go to Legopitstop's Recipe PageHow to Use1.Craft an spawner.2.Place spawner (should be a pig spawner Default)3.Craft any spawn egg of your choice.4.While holding the spawn egg right click onto spawner to tranceform the spawner to that mob spawner (Keep in mind that the mob needs the corresponding things to spawn example: zombie needs darkness to spawn, Fish needs water to spawn, pig needs grass to spawn, etc)


Lots More Food 1.14+ [datapack]

  This datapack and resource pack adds in 50+ new food to get the food use "/function give:morefood/all" survival capability will be coming soon. Texture artist: Sir_craftypantsThis pack relies on 2 other packs:-More Plants V1.0+-LPS Rcore V1.5+Download Sir_craftypants pack to get a custom'Golden tree' "Shoppers City Texture and datapack"


Homes and Spawn Revamped | 1.14 Datapack

This project was first made by Billy playz YT Then updated by:LegopitstopThis datapack adds in the ability to set your spawn and home locationLet me know of any bugs and they will be fixed- as long as it is thedata pack not Minecraft as a wholeOfficial Legopitstop Data pack website page: legopitstop.weebly.com/datapacks_all.htmlIssues/bugs? Submit Them HereSuggestions? Submit Your Idea Here How to Use:1 reload the world if not done yet.2.go to the place that you want the overworld spawn.3.then do /function homespawn:spawn/overworld/set4.for the nether do /function homespawn:spawn/nether/set5.for the end do /function homespawn:spawn/end/set6.to get the book sign do /function homespawn:menu/sign then place it (Make sure that you are in creative)7.You have successfully installed the datapack. if you want to uninstall do /function homespawn:uninstall.then it is safe to remove the datapack file.


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