Best Minecraft armor mods

In this page you will discover amazing Minecraft armor tagged mods. Flick through countless useful content dedicated for Minecraft game that includes mods, shaders, maps and textures. Only the best and most popular additions come into our list and they promise to give an fascinating experience to any minecraft player


Travel to a different planet? Fight new bosses? Discover new game mechanics? This is exactly what KingCraaft is about. Over 1000 new blocks, items, mobs, recipes, mechanics, tools, weapons and more!Alert: Use JEI or NEI for crafting recipes; Make sure you have the "Mod Resources" Resource Pack on the Top of Everything!A mod which contains things that don't even exist! Everything I get on mind will be here!New Biomes, Ores, Armor and Tools, of course!Amber is something known. But what about amberite? Amberite is a gem made from amber and diamonds but can be also found.Want some coke? Get caramel, bottle and drink!New dimension - Wasteland! Make a portal using portal shards you find and explore a new world!New mobs - Cursed Chicken (Very rare and hostile. But slow lol), Null (Rare, attacks you only when you attack it.) and Fly (Annoying and Useless)What about navine? That's something better and rarer than coal and also can be used to create lantern which is stronger than torches!Also Sancy - a great and also strong type of diamond... or steel... what to say.MANY NEW STRUCTURES PRESENTED WITH LOOT AND TRAPS!New swords, armor and advancements! - Something that every mod needs.New biome - Navarite Land (and also more of them). Now you may be asking - what's navarite? It's a new material which can spawn as diorite for example.Also oily plains and death world exists - oily death lolYou can also find biomes such as rubbery forest or desert forest in this mod!And that's only navarite tab!For example Galanite - rare crystal - can be found in this mod to use as a defense!Much more is hiding in this mod. Feel free to tell me, what do you want to see in this mod!Newly in 5.0:We have: SHOPS, UPGRADES and most importantly NEW STRUCTURES!Let's check all features one by one! THE MARKETPLACE and THE WANDERING MARKETEERBoth the marketplace block (which spawns in a special market structure) and the marketeer give you the access to the exchange and trading menu.Here you can exchange blocks for one another or simply sell blocks for money! Money can be then used to buy great stuff in the trading menu within the marketplace!Additionally, some villagers come with new trades! DEEPSLATE ORESAll ores that can spawn in deep caves now have their own variant in deepslate! 1.19.2!The mod is now available for 1.19.2 (MCreator does not support 1.19.3) that means you can enjoy bigger worlds and much more features from the most actual version of Minecraft! MORE EXPERIENCE!!!Experience Sword can now be upgraded to increase the Experience Control effect up to level 3! MORE POWER!!!The aluminum pickaxe and sword are now both available to be upgraded up to level 20!At level 20 you also unlock a new ability: STAR POWER!Using Star Power, you can upgrade your Level 20 Picks and Swords even more! But for that you need to upgrade them first with the...UPGRADING TABLE!With the same principe as the smithing table, except without using anything to upgrade! You can put your Level 20 Pick or Sword to the top tile and choose one of three power-ups to upgrade your tool with!Doing so will make your tool Tier I, making you able to upgrade them up to TIER III! To do this, you'll need to get Stars which you can get by fusing Star Shards which you get thanks to the Star Power ability. NO MORE BORING CAVES!With the edition of Mineral Ores, your cave adventures will no longer be boring! Instead of seeing granite randomly, why not to see a granite ore that blends in with the stoney texture of the cave system?Destroying mineral ores gives you Mineral Shards, that can be fused into the mineral they belong to! (4 Granite Shards = 1 Granite Block)Additionally, from now on, aluminum ores drop raw aluminum! BRING IN THE QUARTZ!Now you can find quartz in the overworld too, in the form of quartz crystals! HOTTER IRON MADE OF GOLD!Why to use your weak hot iron when you can upgrade it up to level 5? Or even better, make it golden? This way it deals more damage to your opponents as well as leaving them to burn for longer! CLAY: ENHANCED!Say a warm welcome to: YELLOW and RED CLAY! These two variants of clay work just as the original, except they bring a little more variety to the overworld! DID SOMEONE CUT THIS TREE?Now, you can find fallen trees and fallen logs randomly in your world! DANGEROUS DUNGEONS AWAIT: MEET THE DUNGEONITE!Last but not least we have the Dungeonite - a brand new structure that comes in 5 different variants, all containing great loot but also many traps and mobs to fight! Good luck with this one ;)ADDED SULPHUR!For even more complex experience I've added Sulphur!Sulphur Dust - Get from sulphur ore, used in crafting and you can exchange it in the marketplace for gunpowder (doesn't work the other way around)Sulphur Ore - find it in overworld and wasteland, drops multiple dusts on breakSulphur Block - craft from sulphur dusts, used in craftingSulphur Crystal - find it in overworld and wasteland, drops 4 sulphur dust, craftable, comes in two variants, nice little decoration ain't it?Also, there are MORE NEW STUFFS!Pyrite Ingot - craft by adding 4 sulphur dusts around an iron ingot - doesn't look like gold... unless...Pyrite Block - craft using 9 pyrite ingots. resembles a golden block - fool's goldMatches - You can craft the small pack (6 matches) using 3 sticks under 3 sulphur dusts or the big pack (32 matches) using 3 wooden planks under 3 sulphur blocksMatch - Click on a block to make it burn... Simple right?ENJOY! Peace \/


Dark Souls

A popular action role-playing game called Dark Souls has been transformed into a mod for Minecraft. This mod adds the challenging and immersive gameplay of Dark Souls to the blocky world of Minecraft. It also adds new content and features that make the experience better.The mod adds about 16 new types of armor, each of which looks and performs differently. There are also three pieces of armor that, when worn together, give the player special skills. There are also nearly 42 new weapons, like swords, axes, bows, and crossbows, that can be used to fight the tough new bosses that the mod adds.When it comes to bosses, the mod adds many new types that will test even the most experienced Minecraft players. These bosses are spread out across the new biomes, such as the spooky and dangerous Graveyard biome and the dark and dangerous Abyss biome.

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Zombie Extreme

Zombie Extreme is a mod for Minecraft that adds new, stronger zombies to the game to increase the difficulty. These zombies are much stronger and more intelligent than their vanilla counterparts. They also have special skills that make them much harder to beat.The mod adds new zombies, weapons, and armor to help players fight the hordes of the dead. Rare items found in the game are used to make these new items, which makes them even more valuable to the player.Zombie Extreme is a great mod if you want a challenge to see how good you are against more formiddable enemies.

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Exotelcraft Mod is a new mod that brings into the Minecraft world a new dimension. The new biomes, structures, and themes in this dimension makes it fun to explore. There are dark places, bushes that light up at night, and new ores that can be used to create new tools and armor. The mod also adds many buildings and villages to the new dimension, making it a fun place to explore and build.To get to the new world, you need to make a portal with a Black Stone block, just like you do to get to the Nether. Then you need to light the portal with the Exotel tool after you've built it. You'll find a new world to explore when you go through the door.There are many new types of biomes in the new dimension, such as forests, deserts, and mountains. Each biome has structures and features that you can find and learn about. In the new dimension, you'll also find new mobs and creatures, which adds to the fun of exploring this new world.

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Adventure Apparatus

This mod is simply AMAZING! The Adventure Apparatus mod adds several new items that will make your Minecraft life a lot more convenient. You will fall in love with this mod if you are the type of player that goes on different adventures within your Minecraft world. Here's a list of items added by this mod :Pick on a Stick : This is a tool that looks like a fishing rod with a pickaxe on it's end. You can simply right click to shoot out the pickaxe onto a block and the pickaxe will mine the ore and bring the dropped items back to you.Phantom Windbreakers : These are leggings that will help you deal less fall damage by smoothening out your descent if you crouch while mid-air.Shuttle Shoes : Shoes that gives you the ability to perform double or even triple jumps.This is a Forge mod and Download links are given below.


Immersive Engineering

A timeless classic, Immersive Engineering is a tech-industry mod that adds many multiblock machines, power sources, animated windmills and waterwheels and awesome weapons like the Railgun and the Revolver.It's a complex and difficult mod to understand and work with, but the challenge only makes it all the more interesting; To get started, craft an Engineer's Manual and keep it stored in your inventory when working on the mod's contents. Then make an Engineer's Hammer and build a Coke Oven and Alloy Kiln, both made of simple materials like clay, sandstone and bricks.With a Coke Oven, you can make Coke Coal and free charcoal out of logs. It's slow, but effective, be sure to make multiple. You'll also get Creosote Oil as a byproduct, so be sure to store it and use it to make Treated Wood. The Silo and Tank multiblocks allow for massive storage of items and fluids respectively, make good use of them. The Metal Press is also an incredibly useful tool, allowing you to make plates, cables and many more items in a cheaper and more effective way. You can connect it to conveyor belt lines to move items around automatically.Having an array of Blast Furnaces is also incredibly important, as the best content this mod has to offer is gated behind Steel and you can only make it in those.



The Mod Vampirism aims to add Magic to the Minecraft world. With this mod, you can find many new items and mobs added in the game related to dark/black magic. You can find custom blocks and biomes around the World. These Biomes are darker than typical Vanilla biomes, with black trees and dark-coloured Flowers.You can also find the hunters’ camps in the plains or between the forests, with the hunters nearby, that can kill you on sight. They can hunt the animals and the villagers and convert them to their cursed variant with bloody eyes. They can attack animals like cows, mules, donkeys, horses, etc.With the addition of the Vampires, the nights are no safer for players to go on adventures, as these mobs attack the players and are speedy. They are divided into different levels, like the trade villagers. With higher levels, their armor and specs increase. You can kill them to get powerful armor and tools.

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Wolf Armor and Storage

If you play Minecraft in your singleplayer world, you know how lonely it can get in the game. The only friends you will have are the wolves that you can tame and befriend. They will follow you wherever you go and is ready to fight alongside you even if it means putting their own lives at risk. Therefore, it is important that we protect them as much as we can. Unfortunately, vanilla Minecraft does not offer any sort of protection that can be used to keep your wolves safe. This is where the Wolf Armor and Storage mod will help you. This mod adds armors for wolves. And they come in different tiers, just like the player armors. These armor will reduce the damage your wolf will take upon getting hit and will help keep them safe.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



As the name suggests, the Environmental mod modifies the biomes to improve the environment of the Minecraft Overworld. This mod adds many new biomes, blocks, flowers, and mobs to the game. These mobs spawn in the specific biomes added by the mod.You can now find cherries and blossom trees in the cherry blossom biome, that randomly gernerates in the world. In addition, you can also find other colourful biomes, which contain coloured trees, including red, white, black, green and more.You can also find new friendly animals in the world with this mob. These mobs include Ducks, Foxes, and Dears. These mobs are friendly and don’t attack the players. With this mod, you can also find bush biomes, which adds hundreds of large bushes and mushrooms.

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Nourished End

As the name suggests, the Nourished End mod nourishes the End Dimension in your Minecraft World. The normal End Dimension in Minecraft has remained unchanged for years, making playing in the End boring. But with this mod, you can enjoy advanced gameplay with many new features added to the End world.The Nourished End mod modifies the End world spawn and adds many new blocks to the End, which includes the purple end block, which has many variants like the standard End block. You can also find crystal in the End world, which can be used to craft armor and tools and is more powerful than other items.The End dimension is dark and barely has any light source or block, but this mod adds a new light blocks and replaces the chorus flower with the Light emitting flowers, which makes the view very beautiful and fun to play.

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Tech Guns

The Tech Guns mod introduces battle royale to Minecraft. Minecraft is usually considered to be a survival game, where players must spend nights surviving the mobs, building, and keeping themselves safe. With this mod, you can have fun playing hide and seek and attacking bases with your friends.This mod adds battle and war items into Minecraft, including guns, launchers, helicopters, cars, saws, and many more fighting items. This mod also adds many new structures into the world, which include the bases and the crafts. You can find the underwater bases and the ships in the middle of the seas, that were captured by the armed forces equipped with powerful armor and machine guns.You can explore a lot more than what can be explained in words, as this mod adds hundreds of tools, armors, and other items into the game.

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Mystical World

Mystical World mod adds new mobs and structures in Minecraft world. With Mystical World, you can find abandoned homes in any biomes, randomly generated, and capture them to live in. You can also get some good items, including rare armor to protect yourself from predators.Mystical World adds new mobs, both tamable and scary. You can find the new ores in mines and make better armor and tools to make your survival easy.

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Dungeon Tactics

Dungeon Tactics is the mod inspired by the Minecraft­­ Dungeon version. This mod adds the new custom blocks to Minecraft. With these new blocks and materials, you can make more durable armor. You can also create custom weapons for yourself with these blocks, which include an axe, hammers, swords, etc.With Dungeon Tactics, you can find hidden dungeons to defeat the bosses and get good loot from them. Raiding Towers might help to give you a boost. You can now make good use of the new Redstone features and blocks with this mod. 

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Aquamirae Mod introduces a new Aqua experience in Minecraft. This mod adds many new Aqua mobs to Minecraft. These mobs can be both hostile and friendly. You can also get the beautiful and cute star mobs that will follow you at night, lighting your path. You can get poisonous chakrams that rotate around you, keeping the mobs away from you.You can also get cool armors that are fascinating to the eyes and give you more health than normal ones. You can also get swimming armor to keep you alive under depths. Some mobs also attack other mobs but not the player. You can also find frozen shipwrecks, having big loots. You can rule over other players with the Swords and staff added by the mod.

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Future MC

A huge chunk of the Minecraft playerbase stays in the 1.12 versions of the game. They simply fell in love with the older version that they have played for long and prefer those versions over the new ones. Many popular servers too still run on 1.12 versions of the game.The 1.16 update introduces Netherite tools and armors into the game. But for 1.12 players, these items are inaccessible. This is where the Future MC mod helps you. The mod brings many items from the latest versions of the game to the 1.12 versions.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


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