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Storage of minecraft materials

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Best Minecraft furniture mods

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Decoration and Furniture

Decoration and Furniture is a must have for builders who like to add more detail to their builds using mods. This mod adds over 500 new blocks that you can use to detail your builds even at a small level. This includes several brick variants, flower ...

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Camp Chair Mod

Ever tried to build a chair in Minecraft? You might've ended up using a stair block as a chair. Not only is it blocky and ugly, you cannot even sit on it. Here's where the CampChair mod will help you.The CampChair mod is a small furniture mod...

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MrCrayfish's Furniture

Mod adds 40+ furniture types into your minecraft world, including tables, chairs, oven, fridge, sofa, TV, lamp, washing machine, radio, printer, computer and even new year tree! So minecraft has got what it lacked for over years. Now you can add a hu...

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Furniture Mod

Want to decorate your house? want to have more detailed rooms? well it looks like Mr_Crayfish’s Furniture Mod will e a perfect fit for your needs! this mod adds more than 80 pieces of furniture to Minecraft that can be used to decorate your hom...