Best Minecraft utility mods

Mods adding tons of mobs into your Game

Zombie Extreme

Zombie Extreme is a mod for Minecraft that adds new, stronger zombies to the game to increase the difficulty. These zombies are much stronger and more intelligent than their vanilla counterparts. They also have special skills that make them much harder to beat.The mod adds new zombies, weapons, and armor to help players fight the hordes of the dead. Rare items found in the game are used to make these new items, which makes them even more valuable to the player.Zombie Extreme is a great mod if you want a challenge to see how good you are against more formiddable enemies.

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Adventure Apparatus

This mod is simply AMAZING! The Adventure Apparatus mod adds several new items that will make your Minecraft life a lot more convenient. You will fall in love with this mod if you are the type of player that goes on different adventures within your Minecraft world. Here's a list of items added by this mod :Pick on a Stick : This is a tool that looks like a fishing rod with a pickaxe on it's end. You can simply right click to shoot out the pickaxe onto a block and the pickaxe will mine the ore and bring the dropped items back to you.Phantom Windbreakers : These are leggings that will help you deal less fall damage by smoothening out your descent if you crouch while mid-air.Shuttle Shoes : Shoes that gives you the ability to perform double or even triple jumps.This is a Forge mod and Download links are given below.


Ring of the Enderchest

Light and straight to the point, this mod adds a ring that can be used to access your ender chest from a distance.This item is originally from the Gobber 2 mod, but the author has made a bunch of micromods that adds the multiple rings from Gobber 2 as standalone items for people who only want those specific ones.



Hwyla is an amzing utility mod that adds a small screen that shows the stats of an item, block or mob that you point your crosshair at. Pointing your crosshair at a mob displays information regarding the health level of that mob. Pointing at a block shows you the name and properties of that block. This feature will be very useful when fighting mobs, as you now will be able to see how much damage you have dealt and that will allow you to strategise your fighting technique.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Mouse Wheelie

Mouse Wheelie is a Fabric clientside utility mod that allows you to perform various inventory related operations using your scroll wheel. This mod will make inventory management much more easier. Features introduced by this mod includes :When hovering over items you can scroll up and down to send single items up and down.When holding shift alongside you may send whole stacks of items.When holding control alongside you can move all stacks of the same type of item.When you're in scrollable inventories you might want to press alt to prevent scrolling items.When you're sending items via shift-leftclick you can now hold both buttons to send all stacks you're hovering overHold alt-leftclick to drop items quickly.When you're in the creative inventory and hover over the tab icons you can scroll through all the creative tabs and pages.In your facourite recipe books you canhover over the recipe grid to scroll through the pages.hover over the recipe group tabs to scroll through them.Sort inventories by clicking with your mouse wheel (you can also define an own keybinding)sorts by raw id (will most likely group by mods and similar items)hold shift while clicking to sort by quantityhold control while clicking to sort by alphabetYou can customize which sort modes you preferPress the swap key in any inventory to swap with the offhandLet your slots be automagically refilled from your inventory!Pick the matching tools for blocks by either sneaking while picking the block or by holding a tool. (this is configurable)Right-click trades or recipes to directly apply the crafting. When holding shift it will craft/trade a full stackThis is a Fabric mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Open Glider

Open Gilder adds a new hang glider into Minecraft. This glider will allow you to easily glide through the air and makes long distance travel much more quicker and easier. The Glider is way more superior to the vanilla elytra in terms of speed and efficiency.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Wolf Armor and Storage

If you play Minecraft in your singleplayer world, you know how lonely it can get in the game. The only friends you will have are the wolves that you can tame and befriend. They will follow you wherever you go and is ready to fight alongside you even if it means putting their own lives at risk. Therefore, it is important that we protect them as much as we can. Unfortunately, vanilla Minecraft does not offer any sort of protection that can be used to keep your wolves safe. This is where the Wolf Armor and Storage mod will help you. This mod adds armors for wolves. And they come in different tiers, just like the player armors. These armor will reduce the damage your wolf will take upon getting hit and will help keep them safe.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



The Duckery mod adds a new mob, the Duck, into Minecraft. You can find many tameable mobs in Minecraft, which includes chickens, pigs, cows, and many more. But ducks are one of the most liked birds/animals that is not included in Minecraft. With this mod, you can find many variants of the duck.These ducks can be found in all biomes and dimensions in your Minecraft world. They spawn with the ability of the block or biome they spawn in. If a duck spaws in the Nether Fortress, it can be a Fortress Duck or a Blaze duck, customized with special abilities. Similarly, it spawns in the end city with the purpur or the Shulker texture.You can also spawn the ordinary duck using the duck egg, which all the ducks lay. You can also dye these ducks to any color to match your belongings, house designs, and farms. These ducks also drop the blocks they are made of. The enderman duck will drop ender pearls, and the shulker duck drops the shulker shell, which can be used to craft shulker boxes. But such ducks are rare and harder to find.

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The Naturalist mod introduces new animals to Minecraft. With this mod, you will find wild animals roaming Minecraft. This mod includes variants for most animals found in the jungles, like lions, snakes and more.Roaming freely in the jungle won’t be the same with this mod. Eventhough these animals don’t attack the players, hitting them might trigger them, and they can come in rage, attacking the player. Most of these animals are friendly and don’t attack the players.You might find different real life species with this mod, and that includes many birds, animals, and snakes. The animals include the Lion, Bear, Giraffe, Hippo, and Rhinoceros. There are different variants and colors of birds, and snakes, which can be found in other biomes.

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The Artifacts mod adds custom wears and tools to Minecraft. With this mod, you can have superpowers in Minecraft. This mod adds new suits and tools that gives the player different abilities. These suits and tools can be used alongside the vanilla armorsets and tools, making them more attractive.Many tools and pieces of equipment can be worn at the same time. They include:Hat/GogglesChainBeltLeft handRight HandFootEach piece of equipment has its own abilities and powers. Magnet belt, when worn, collects all the dropped entities within its radius. You can wear the breathing tube underwater to breathe without drowning. Or use night vision goggles in the caves and dark to make the vision clear. The regeneration chain helps players heal faster than usual.

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Biblio Craft

The BiblioCraft mod adds a variety of new storage based blocks into your game. These new blocks will allow you keep your items sorted and well organized. You will now be able to place books on bookshelves one-by-one. The new bookshelves added by this mod are functional and they are well designed with a 3D appearance. The mod gives you an option to customize books with colours and many other text functions, whereas Vanilla Minecraft would only allow you to add text content inside books.There are several feautures included in this mod that will help you decorate your builds, while having a functional storage system.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Chest Transporter

Chest Transporter is a simple light-weight mod that allows you to pick an entire chest into your inventory and then carry it to place it in a different location. In order to prevent this mod from being overpowered, the mod slows down your digging speed while you are carrying a chest. You also cannot jump over one block and will have more hunger while carrying a chest.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.


Swing Through Grass

Ever tried to attack a hostile mob, only for a tall grass to take the hit and break instead of hitting the mob? Events like this occur all the time in the game. This is where the Swing Through Grass mod helps you. As the mod suggests, you will now be able to swing your sword to attack your enemy, even if there is a grass obstructing your field of view.Take a look at the screenshots to see what you can expect from this mod. This is a Forge mod and download links are given below. Read the installation instructions carefully.



InControl is a mod that allows you to change multiple things in Minecraft with the help of a rule system. These rules are located in separate JSON files outside of Minecraft and have to be edited there. List of things you can change: spawn.json: with this file, you can block spawning of certain creatures under certain conditions. In addition, when a spawn is allowed you can also alter some of the properties of the mob like maximum health and otherspotentialspawn.json (1.12 only): with this file you can remove and add spawn rules under certain conditions. The rules in this file are used before the rules in spawn.json are fired so make sure that when you add a rule for new mobs here, the new mobs are allowed in spawn.jsonspawner.json (1.16 or later): with this file you can add spawn rules under certain conditionsloot.json: with this file you can control the loot that mobs drop when they are killed based on various criteriaexperience.json: with this file you can control how much experience you get from killing mobs based on various criteriaFor the showcase, I have used it to spawn mooshrooms that drop diamonds when killed with a stick in the desert. They also drop a lot more experience than before. Note: This mod does not do anything on its own. You have to create these rules yourself to make it do something.  



SwingThroughGrass is a simple mod that allows you to hit mobs behind most walkable blocks. Originally, these blocks are supposed to allow you to clip through them, but when you try and attack a target through grass, the grass gets in the way and ends up getting broken. This simple mod changes the game so that you will be able to hit your target instead of breaking the grass!


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